I cannot stand reading on a computer screen, so I do not hold out much hope for the upcoming iPad from Apple. I went with a Kindle DX (thanks Brian Dennis :-) ) for my R&S studies and I 100% love the device. Incredible native PDF support makes for enjoyment of all the INE workbooks and Cisco DOC-CD segments.

The digital ink concept is truly what makes this device so perfect, and I cannot believe more people are not talking about it as they begin to predict the demise of the Kindle at the hands of the iPad – or the version with enhanced memory and disk space – the iMaxiPad.

If you are thinking about an e-reader for your studies and you have questions, let me know in the comments below….

The most important thing is to enjoy your studies folks, paper, or electronic ink-based!

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27 Responses to “Obtain your CCIE – and Save a Tree!”

  1. josephc says:


    Can you write your own notes the work book PDF’s? I make notes and high light in more than one color (mostly the solution section) on a printed work book.

    How well does the grey scale work with color diagrams (e.g. Vol 1 QOS section with explanations in color)?

    What about the smaller paperback-sized version?

    What about the Barnes and Noble Nook? Apparently you can borrow books from the library with it (where the publisher permits lending).

    • Hi Josephc

      Yeah – if you go the native PDF route – it looks perfect on your device, but you cannot do things like Make Notes and Highlight. You need to have Amazon convert the doc for that I believe. And when they convert – it will not look as good – like you might lose a diagram.

      I test drove the Nook at my local B&N…..yucky – I did not like the screen size for reading, and there were very few titles I was interested in available at the time.

      I would say the Kindle Generation 2 device @ approx $250 kicks its ass.

  2. Hassan says:

    Awesome , But you should wait for ipad it’s gonna rocks :D

  3. Gordon says:

    Ive been thinking about a e-book for my CCIE studies for a while. However I’m waiting for the Samsung E10 as its 10″ and supports making notes (plus other things such as WiFi).

    Good to hear that the Kindle is working out well for your studies though. I was wondering how usefull an e-book would be for it.



  4. Humphrey Cheung says:

    I’m currently using the DX for my CCIE studies. I previously purchased the two Routing TCP books and the CCIE certification paper books, but I got sick of carry around my studying material in a rolling cart.

    I’ve popped all my books and INE material onto the Kindle and it sure makes a difference.

    The bottom percentage gauge motivates me by showing how much I’ve read in a particular sitting. I’ll set a goal of 5% each time I read a book.

    There is one downside to the Kindle. There’s no freakin folders…. argh. You have to put all your books into a flat list.

  5. Rizzo says:


    Perfect timing. Last night I was reading your comments about Kindle DX in ieoc.com. I have same problem whenever I am reading from Monitor Screen.

    My Brother was recommending me Kindle since two months but I had high hopes for iPAD. It seems Kindle will be the best Companion for CCIE Lab preparations. Well, INE Sec workbooks also got many screen shots. I hope all will be fine in Kindle display. Would you mind to post some more pictures with complex diagrams and screen shots?

    Well, I don’t know anyone from UK using INE Workbooks on Kindle. So I am bit worried about Wireless connection because USA use different frequency then Europeans. Anyone from EU or UK using Kindle DX with Wireless Internet? I love to hear from them.


  6. Geoff says:

    I think the one thing that I can think of that stands out for the iPad over the Kindle is the one stop shop for INE items. Considering that you’d be able to put the audio series on as well as the PDF’s, that precludes having to have 2 devices.

    I’m not biased toward either device but the one that makes studying easier. I’m really having a hard time not picking up a device in general considering I have lots of books in PDF format. However considering the pros and cons for either I’m waiting for the iPad to see how it will work over the Kindle before making a decision. But as you stated, the price point makes it a tougher call in favor of the iPad.

  7. Eric says:


    I’ve been looking for the ultimate e-reader for a few months. Considering that I need it to display a full page of 8 1/2 x 11 pdf big enough to be readable, I ruled out all sub 10 inch screens. The last 3 contenders are KindleDX, the lesser know QUE Pro reader (http://www.que.com) and Apple Ipad. A coworker bought the DX last week and let me play with it for a bit. I liked it but not enough that I would just run out and buy one. I know it won’t provide e-ink technology but are there any other factor that made you decide against the Ipad?

  8. Tboy says:

    Becoming internet expert

  9. A' says:

    I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a Kindle for just this purpose. Besides your workbooks, I want to be able to get Safari books on it, and I have some PDFs created by scanned in pictures (so I assume these are PDF wraps around TIF images. Any experience with these?
    Your feedback (and the above note) is much appreciated.

  10. Kevin says:

    I use a Sony PRS-600 for my INE pdfs. They look great and I can highlight sections (which also creates bookmarks to these sections) and also write on the pdf using the stylus pen. I posted a few months back saying how great the Sony was. EBook readers are the way forward :-)

  11. adrian says:

    Kindle DX doesn’t have native pdf support. If you want to zoom pdf files the only option is to crop (without good results).
    I’m waiting too for the Que reader or for a 10″ pixelqi device.
    iPAD is a total flop. IPS screen for book reading?? come’on Apple you can do better then this….

  12. Mark says:

    Hi. Sorry, I killed a forest. Just ask Josh Finke.

  13. ospfv2 says:

    are you saying that this Kindle is more friendly to your eyes ? well i shall get one then. thx

  14. @Kevin Did you post a review concerning the Sony PRS-600? I’m interested to hear about the PDF support. Also I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews concerning glare on the PRS-600. Do you find this to be an issue?

  15. Rizzo says:


    I think you need GreenPeas for mark :P

  16. John Spaulding says:

    Dont care what you say. I want an IPAD

  17. Malick Ndiaye says:

    Hi, the big problem I see with Kindle is that it only works in US. It uses a 3G connection but the content is not available everywhere in the world. I had one but I had to take it back. It was working when I was in France with my 3G but when I went back home (Senegal), even though we have 3G it did not work. I was not able to download new e-books. I have high hopes for the iPAD, at least it has Wifi and 3G, and it uses the App Store!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on one.

  18. johnpgonz says:

    Is it possible to suscribe to the INE Blog w/ Kindle? (or only a predetermined group of blogs)

  19. Jochen Bartl says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. The Kindle DX is awesome. Delivery to Germany took only 4 days

  20. Good points. Bookmarking to check back for follow-ups later.

  21. Andy Boyd says:

    Has anyone tried the class on demand stuff to see if it will work with Ipad? I am considering an e-reader device as I procede forward in my cisco study but if I could have a device (ipad) that I could read e-books and veiw the INE training on it would hands down win my hard earned money. If I can only read i think the kindle will be my choice.

  22. Wendell says:

    No go with the COD for IPAD – no flash – I hope this is fixed somehow – An INE app maybe ???


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