Thanks for all the feedback regarding this important chapter of our Volume 1 workbook. There is an updated chapter posted as of today. Enjoy your Tier 1 studies everyone!

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7 Responses to “Updated Multicast Chapter Posted for the Latest Volume 1 Workbook”

  1. Nadeem Rafi says:

    thanks man… i was waiting anxiously.

    Great work.

  2. Noel F says:

    Thanks, thats good timing. I’m looking at Multicast at the moment!

  3. adrian says:

    Thanks for updating this topic.

  4. Brad says:

    What sections got updated?

  5. Thanks for the news, and also thanks to whoever updating it!

    What’s the next batch and when? :-)

  6. Edward Lam says:

    Any idea when the QoS section will be updated for CCIE version 4.0 ?



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