People just do not like reading Marketing copy about products. Hey, I cannot blame them – I do not like it either! I love the Apple store because I can play with the device or the software before I buy, for example. But with all this said, it is pretty surprising when students show up in our 12 day and they have very little idea of what they are in for…

With this post, I am going to take you through the remarkable¬†event in a simple “play by play” “no-Marketing” fashion. Notice that overall – it follows about 30% lecture and 70% Hands On with lectures biased towards passing strategies. Ideally the candidate should be 30 to 60 days away from passing the lab exam when they attend this course. Some students do attend it very early in their preparation, however, with the intent to retake all, or a portion, of the event.

I would love your questions in the comments area of course.

Monday (Day 1)

  • Introductions
  • Lecture on overall lab and study strategy
  • Lecture on Layer 2 Technologies
  • Graded Labs rack prep
  • Layer 2 Technologies Lab

Tuesday (Day 2)

  • Layer 2 Technologies Troubleshooting Lab
  • Layer 2 Technologies Lab review
  • Lecture on IGPs
  • IGP Lab

Wednesday (Day 3)

  • IGP Troubleshooting Lab
  • IGP Lab review
  • Lecture on BGP
  • BGP Lab

Thursday (Day 4)

  • BGP Lab review
  • Lecture on Multicast
  • Mulitcast Lab
  • Mutlicast Lab review
  • Lecture on IPv6
  • IPv6 Lab
  • IPv6 Lab review

Friday (Day 5)

  • Lecture on QoS
  • QoS Lab
  • QoS Lab review
  • Lecture on Security
  • Security Lab
  • Security Lab review
  • Lecture on Services
  • Services Lab

Saturday (Day 6)

  • Services Lab review
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Lab
  • Lecture on MPLS
  • MPLS Lab
  • Class Social Event

Sunday (Day 7)

  • Introductions
  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 8

Monday (Day 8 )

  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 8 Instructor Walk-through

Tuesday (Day 9)

  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 9

Wednesday (Day 10)

  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 9 Instructor Walk-through

Thursday (Day 11)

  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 10

Friday (Day 12)

  • Version 4.0 Mock Lab 10 Instructor Walk-through
  • Class Social Event

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7 Responses to “What REALLY Happens in a 12-Day R&S Bootcamp!”

  1. MadProf says:

    I was there for v3 and one better come prepared.
    Some of the questions and answers during the bootcamp will definitely test one’s level of knowledge.In my opinion, one better show up after completing Volume I and having completed most of Volume II.This bootcamp will definitely prepare one to pass the exam if you meet the prerequisites.
    The students who where prepared passed CCIE lab within a month or two of completing this bootcamp.
    I intend to reattend in August because the training provided is invaluable.

  2. ananth says:


    Great :)

    When will the 5 days COD be updated ?

    Love to see the new topics.


  3. Malick Ndiaye says:


    I cannot wait to attend the 12-day bootcamp in London next month. I will sure post a detailed feedback at IEOC. ;)


  4. Jeff says:


    I was originally planning to take the bootcamp and then immediately fly out to take the lab exam. I thought that way I’d have everything fresh in my mind, and I’ll have just sat through 4 mock labs, so it would be prime time to do it. What are your thoughts on that? You say 30-60 days out, so is the bootcamp not intended to be taken so late in preparation?


    • @ Jeff

      The only issue with your plan is the fact that if we were to discover you have some deficiencies in Technology Knowledge, Strategy, and/or Psychology – we might not have adequate time to fix the issues. The 30 to 60 day buffer is designed for that.

  5. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the quick response! I might have to rethink my strategy then :)

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