Friday, March 5, 2 PM EST US

Join our instructors in the Lab Meet-Up for Lab 4 of Volume 2 for the Version 4.0 exam.

You should not miss the valuable technology and strategy insights shared in this session using Lab 4 as a backdrop.

In this session, we will be giving away 100 Graded Labs Rack Rental Tokens for one lucky individual that submits a question about the lab via the live chat or email. Email your questions to labmeetup@ine.com.

Like Open Lectures, these sessions tend not to run over 2 hours in length. And also like Open Lectures, they are made available for On-Demand viewing immediately following the event.


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3 Responses to “Lab Meet-Up Announced – Volume 2 for 4.0 – Lab 4”

  1. bitje says:

    Although off topic.. this new version 4.0 COD is nice!. I have seen your NMC VODs and these are the best I have seen from every vendors VOD!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Marlon says:

    I think this is what many of us need.
    My request is that could you go a little bit deeper on these meet ups and actually draw more the scenario or talk more a little more about the steps which can lead to the lab solution?

    • @Marlon

      Yes indeed – you got it! We have been fighting with the software a bit and getting used to everything and now we are getting ready to kick ass in them. One thing I know we need to do is gloss over what are obviously simple tasks – and the blatantly HARD tasks – we need to really drill into.


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