Many students are getting excited for the new CCNP here at INE – and these students are not just those interested in pursuing their CCNP certification. The new TSHOOT course is certainly going to compliment our best-selling Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp for those students pursuing their CCIE R&S.

Here is the list of specific technologies this new course will aid us in troubleshooting:

  • OSPF
  • eBGP
  • Redistribution
  • DHCP Client and Server
  • NAT
  • IPv6 Routing
  • IPv6 Transition Techniques
  • L2 Trunking
  • L2 STP
  • L2 DTP
  • Private VLANs
  • Port Security
  • Switch Security
  • L2 SVIs
  • Supervisor Redundancy
  • Switch Support of Wireless, VOIP, and Video
  • Router Security
  • ACLs
  • AAA
  • IOS Service Security
    Troubleshoot EIGRP
    Troubleshoot OSPF
    Troubleshoot eBGP
    Troubleshoot routing redistribution solution
    Troubleshoot a DHCP client and server solution
    Troubleshoot NAT
    Troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols
    Troubleshoot IPv6 routing
    Troubleshoot IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability
    Troubleshoot switch-to-switch connectivity for the VLAN based solution
    Troubleshoot loop prevention for the VLAN based solution
    Troubleshoot Access Ports for the VLAN based solution
    Troubleshoot private VLANS
    Troubleshoot port security
    Troubleshoot general switch security
    Troubleshoot VACL and PACL
    Troubleshoot switch virtual interfaces (SVIs)
    Troubleshoot switch supervisor redundancy
    Troubleshoot switch support of advanced services (i.e., Wireless, VOIP and Video)
    Troubleshoot a VoIP support solution
    Troubleshoot a video support solution
    Troubleshoot Layer 3 Security
    Troubleshoot issues related to ACLs used to secure access to Cisco routers
    Troubleshoot configuration issues related to accessing the AAA server for authentication purposes
    Troubleshoot security issues related to IOS services (i.e.,finger, NTP, HTTP, FTP, RCP etc.)

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15 Responses to “Coming Soon: CCNP TSHOOT”

  1. Manish says:

    This is really a great news..!!

  2. khaleel says:

    INE Team,

    I guess INE has nothing for Wireless not even Assoicate level.


  3. Tmo says:

    I dont really understand what is with all this troubleshooting stuff all of sudden first in CCIE and now in CCNP.
    Obviously every net eng should know how to troubleshoot but why now? Did cisco just found out that people need to know this ? ;-)
    I’m glad they removed ISCW and ONT from CCNP those were completely useless exams if you ask me.

  4. Deepak says:

    Can you please share what will be the timeline for New TS Exam COD and Workbook.

    Also are there any plans to come up with CCIP Series ?

  5. Hassan B. says:

    great news..!!

  6. Jeff says:

    I took the beta for this, and thought it was a pretty cool exam! Besides a smaller topology, I’m curious how similar it is to the troubleshooting section on the actual CCIE R&S lab today. Anyone know (without breaking NDA)…?

  7. Gideon says:

    To answer Tmo: This is a way that Cisco found to fight for braindump.

  8. Shai says:

    i do not get it. is this a new course , or this is still part of the CCNP COD and will be available to all to have bought the CCNP COD from before ?

    • Like one of our main competitors – we will charge $3395 USD for the new course.

      While that price is real, I am kidding about our policy of course. I am sure Sales will work something out for everyone that is more than fair for all, but I have not heard anything yet….


  9. DarrellEscola says:

    @Tmo – One of the exams I passed in 2003 to attain CCNP certification was #640-606 Support – another version of this exam called Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting.

    So this really isn’t something new for CCNP.

  10. Deepak says:

    I don’t think thats going to be fair if existing CCNP COD/WB customers have to pay extra for Troubleshoot because CCNP CODs were launched recently and INE claimed at that time that CCNP ver 6 updates will be free for current customers.

  11. giorgio says:

    there is a beta exam going for TShoot that ends the 26th of March.Any hope that the material will be available earlier ?
    Also I hope that there will be no surprise for the ones who own the CCNP course and they will have this update included free of charge.
    Please confirm
    Thank you !

  12. There will be no additional charges for current CCNP customers to get the new updates for this. I will let everyone know shortly what the timeframe for updates is.

  13. Rajinder Rathore says:

    I had cleared the CCNP beta exam,,, Its very simple,, Cisco added this exam for those candidates who is preparing for CCIE labs.. Its good practice exam,, and the test of your knowledge…Any how some CCIE material is alos in it.. Like IP SLA,, Fcaps etc…

    Rajinder Rathore

  14. anurag says:

    W8ing For full bundle CCNP v6 when that wil be out???


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