Our student and friend Deepak Arora was kind enough to share these sample TSHOOT exam questions in the IEOC.Thanks again, Deepak!

Enjoy everyone. The interface is pretty self explanatory, and as you can see, Cisco is combining several previous flash-based, written exam elements into one here. If you do need assistance with it, I copied the instructions link here as well.

We are working hard on the exciting new TSHOOT course, and yes, it will be made available free of charge to all of our existing CCNP students as part of our Investment Protection Program.

TSHOOT Exam Demo

TSHOOT Exam Instructions

Also, we will be announcing a date of release soon.

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16 Responses to “TSHOOT Sample Exam Questions”

  1. Deepak Arora says:

    You are very much Welcome :)

  2. GungaJim says:

    Good work Deepak!!
    These are top notch – i had fun looking at these. I flew through the first one in about 3 minutes :D

    Gonna have a look at the rest now – you know these kind of questions bring you up just to knock you down when you’re flying. Keep it up team.

    As a side point, i think that this kind of format would be excellent for the CCIE troubleshooting portion…. a lot of hard work, i know – but just an idea.

  3. Rodney Treadvance says:


    These are great, Does the CCIE follow this similar format for the troubleshooting portion , I have not idea of the format.

  4. Deepak Arora says:

    Here is the topology shared by Cisco. Entire Exam will be based on this only so they advised to go through this topology very well before attempting exam.

    I just uploaded it on 4shared for people who don’t have Cisco Learning Network Account Yet.

    Are there any plans to come up with CCIP Series ? As I feel that create more pain for the students because of in depth BGP and QOS coverage…

  5. Jeff says:

    I took the beta a couple weeks ago and thought it was pretty cool…wish I had seen these examples prior to! :)

    I know from reading the forums that the size of the topology in the troubleshooting section of the RS lab is much larger. But is the layout/delivery of the tickets and diagrams otherwise similar between the CCNP TSHOOT exam and the troubleshooting section in the RS lab? can anyone speak on this, without breaking NDA?


  6. GungaJim says:

    The second one took me 16 minutes…
    I reset the questions – it looks like they change every time as well. Brilliant! I’m really, really impressed with that….

  7. @Deepak

    Thanks to your excellent suggestions – we are now talking about CCIP! I completely agree with you – students would love it for the intense BGP and QoS that it contains. Perfect for R&S and SP tracks…

  8. Yasir Ashfaque says:

    Trouble tickets were very easy at the level of CCNP, may be they were beta…or i have gone through all Vol4 :P

  9. Gstefanick says:

    @Deepak — Will the INE topology be updated to reflect the new CCNP topology ?

  10. Jitender says:

    If it is possible please mail me few routing problems.

  11. Gstefanick says:

    Any update on the topology change to support the new CCNP? looking to build out my lab to match …

  12. practice sim is buggy says:

    I think the practice SIM is messed up. One of the TT questions said that the problem was client 1 cannot ping Yet, when I go to client one, I CAN ping WTF? Tracert, (issued from cleints) and traceroute, (issued from routers) does not seem give accurate results, either – meaning that I can ping the server from anyhwere in the topology but traceroute fails from the same routers. Wow, I really hope they get all of this worked out on the REAL exam – the point of the new format is to be life-like, right? This one was anything but.

    the other part about this that is not life-like is that rather than entering in commands to fix the problem in the TT and then test your solution, you still are forced into MC questions. It seems the point of the exam was simply to defeated brain-dumpers, (which is good), but not really to simulate a REAL environment, e.g., buggy computer sims and a non-life-like MC question format after the SIM?

  13. ciscoguides says:

    i build Video Mentor Labs in GNS3 with trouble ticket so download that

  14. ginobot1 says:

    These are AWSUM, no bugs when I went through them, the TT’s are pretty easy to an extent, got all 4 without any issues & at the end able to ping web server successfully.(finished my CCNP Cert on the 30 July, so everything’s still fresh). I want to be a sucker for punishment and do the TSHOOT exam anyways. :P

    I agree with ‘practice sim is buggy’ to the extent of it not being life-like to the extent where the answer is still given to you and you are not allowed to edit the configuration yourself as in the original exam LabSims. I did not find it buggy though.

    Only problem I really have is the space limitations, you are given a work area to work in and cannot expand to the full screen at all which would allow one to have multiple router interfaces alongside each other for ease of reference. I hope the exam itself is not exactly like this as far as the space constraints are concerned. I found this somewhat limiting in the previous exam LabSims as well, somewhat irritating & frustrating. Anyway one can raise this with Cisco?

    Otherwise, I’m excited about this exam as it will allow me to put into practice all the studying done to get my CCNP in the first place :) CANT WAIT!!!

  15. Alessio says:

    Thanks Dep.
    clearer than Cisco itself!!!


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