As a follow up to today’s Cisco announcement, removing the Core Knowledge section from both CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Voice exams, INE is offering all our  customers a $99 credit that can be applied to any purchase over $500. Since the Core Knowledge section of the CCIE Exam was announced, we worked hard to deliver you a simulation that would give you the confidence to pass.  We would like to thank all those who used the Core Knowledge Simulator and we were thrilled to hear how it helped you pass.  With the Core Knowledge section being removed from the exam, we would like to use this time to give back to you.  Please, take this $99 credit as our way to say thank-you, and to celebrate this portion of the exam getting removed.  To redeem this credit, simply use promo code INE-OEQ . Remember, INE’s got you covered.  Act now, this offer expires soon.

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24 Responses to “We’ve got you covered! INE OEQ $99 Credit!”

  1. Alex says:

    But cisco added Troubleshooting Section in voice track too in May 10 or not?

  2. @Alex : The troubleshooting section was not added in the Voice track.

  3. You guys are best!!!! The Best training material and above all, the best customer service!!!!

  4. Antoin says:

    What about the $99 credit if i don’t make any new purchase, sine my exam is planned for july 2010.

  5. segun says:

    thats good news, but if i dont want to purchase any anyting now can i just redeem the $99 up until when i want to purchase some of your products because i just purchased the ine starter kit which includes the core knowledge simulator or just simply exchange it for extra lab time on graded labs?

  6. Peter says:

    How about the other tracks?, it seems pointless leaving it for the security track etc, isn’t this type of knowledge alreay tested in the written examinations?

  7. Suraj says:

    Redeeming should be kept until we actually think of buying another product. Is it possible to buy graded labs of it??…what are the options available?

    • Suraj, if you are choosing to wait a while to use this credit on your next purchase, you can contact sales through the live online chat or by phone and remind them about this credit and they will be happy to apply it to your order. We have contacted graded labs about your request and they are willing to honor this credit as well. I hope this helps.

  8. @Peter, we have not heard any news about the other CCIE tracks. Be sure that when we do we will announce it here on the bog.

  9. Suraj says:

    thanks so very much Richard, really appreciate it !!! :)

  10. Bas van Delft says:


    Great news and I’m enjoying the products so far. Good to hear about the promotion, but will there also be a promotion for those that purchased this now obsolete product without having attempted an exam even? It would mean a lot to us if you got us covered as well!

    Kind regards,


  11. Sorin says:

    great initiative :)

    What’s the procedure to apply the credit towards the graded labs ?

  12. Amanuel says:

    wow great stuff. It will definitely help me with my next purchase.Keep up the good work.

  13. Jeff says:


  14. Desmond says:

    I bought the Core Knowledge. It became obsolete before I had started using it. alway offers discounts. Can I use the INE-QEQ and the discount at the same time ?

    Thanks !

  15. Ozie says:

    Though i see this as a good gesture of refunding the money however, making a minimum limit of spending 500 bucks to get this refund is even not better than getting a 20% discount on 500 dollars shopping :) Calculate it and you would come to know about it. Hence i would say this is not a refund but a marketing strategy.

    • Hi Ozie!

      We never called it a REFUND, so I am not sure why you are focused on that.

      I know that many of my students are using it to purchase the QoS class at $750. They end up getting the 5 day bootcamp in 4 modalities for $651. Compare this to one of our competitors that offers the course in one form only for $3295.

  16. Sorin says:

    it was perfect timing as i was missing tokens for my graded labs
    Thanks again

  17. avinash says:

    i want the to use the credit for booking rack rental and would like to know if that can be done

  18. @Alex, Just to clarify, a separate troubleshooting section will not be added to Voice, however inherit troubleshooting (troubleshooting tasks that were introduced in the candidate’s lab prior to them beginning the lab) will still be present, and will be increased to some extent. So troubleshooting is something that is still quite important to know in relation to the Voice exam.


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