Coming June 7th, 2010 – CCIE Voice Deep Dive

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14 Responses to “CCIE Voice “Deep Dive” Trailer”

  1. David Santos says:

    I have to agree that this trailer rocks ;D

  2. jo says:

    i liked it!

  3. Malick Ndiaye says:

    Ok guys j’ai l’eau a la bouche. I Am impressed!!!!! Is this Avatar or Matrix? Looking forward to June 7th for the grand opening.

  4. Hassan B. says:

    wow , i loved it :D
    by the way , who mada it ? ;)

  5. dirkw2002 says:

    INE: You are completely aware that we all now totally expect VOD products from you which feature Bruce Willis, space travel, sea-monsters, epic natural disasters, Aliens, Zombies,Terminators + Dinosaurs and these only as warm-up cast in the first chapter?

  6. orochi_y says:

    Awesome!!! Does it come with “3D”? or does it has the minimum entry requirement with “3D” spectacles?

  7. When I saw it… I said… Ohh my goodness!!! I`m studying on Hollywood!! :) That’s great. Networking everywhere and for everyone!!! That was amazing guys!!! Excellent!!!

  8. Amit Chopra says:

    This has X factor no doubt , hopefully movie will super hit when it is release :)

  9. HD is soooo, last year. We aren’t only HD, but also 3D!

  10. Net_OG says:

    I had to post.. Great job with the graphics and the music.

  11. Rizzo says:


    Pop Corn please! ;)

  12. Dayo says:



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