Starting July 1st, we are introducing downloadable content for the CCSP and CCVP bootcamp class-on-demand courses.  This exciting new addition will come as a warm welcome to all those looking to have the world’s best training programs on the go.  These courses will be offered in .m4v video format and work seamlessly on the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices as well as on your desktop.  We will be providing a upgrade option for everyone who currently has these classes as well as a product add-on to those who have held out for this option.  The upgrade price will be just $49.95 and give you the freedom to watch Flash free content wherever you go.

There is even more good news! If you purchase either the CCSP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand or the CCVP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand between now and July 1st, you will receive this upgrade at no additional cost, and the downloadable version will be added to your account on July 1st.

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9 Responses to “CCSP and CCVP Class-on-Demand Downloadable Content!”

  1. Paul Cocker says:

    A good move no doubt – the web thingy (flash?) for watching the CCSP is a little weak.

    Wanting to pay more for it though? Not really….


  2. Edward maunders says:


    This is really good news. However do you plan to do it for the ccnp and ccie

  3. Amit Chopra says:

    really good move , I also suggest do the same thing for CCIE R&S class on demand / Open lecture etc. The reason is that not every part of world has greatest internet connection moreover downdable content give more freedom compare to Online.

    I hardly watch the new CCIE R&S class on demand due to this issue and move to your another provider because their offer all videos on CD or USB drive so even we pay we do not get full advantage which is suck sorry.

    I do not know you post/allow this comment here but this is help you for your product deveploment.

  4. Hello Richard, nice move. This is very welcomed and is needed. One question, will the Open Lecture Series and CCIE R&S material be available for download anytime soon ?

  5. Deepak says:

    Is there any plan to add same options for CCNP Bootcamp material ?

  6. Hello

    Richard.. it is really a gr8 news..! I m eagerly waiting for release.

    Nice move.. you guys are best !!!

  7. Ziad says:

    Amazing move, I’m watching the vids using iPad … great ! …
    when the CCSP will be released ?

  8. jon says:

    where do we purchase the upgrade for ccsp downloadable content? is there a link? thanks!


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