The best-selling Volume 2 practice lab workbook from INE has been updated with new, 2-hour Troubleshooting sections that mirror the actual Cisco Lab Exam. Labs 1 through 3 are published now to member accounts. More are on the way!

Do you want to watch  Lab 1 TS section solved? Check out the updated Interactive Video Companion! I will be demonstrating my approach to Lab 2 in that product next week.

Enjoy the updates everyone, and as always, thank you so much for choosing INE.

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14 Responses to “Are You Ready for the R&S Troubleshooting Section?”

  1. Edwinrg00 says:

    You guys are awesome!

  2. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Thanks! i enjoyed those TS videos. Those are great.

  3. Roland says:

    Will Vol2 dynamips edition be updated too?

    since troubleshooting section contains only routers, getting it ready for Dyn edition should be possible.

    Thank you.

  4. shashank says:

    Hello Antony,
    Any updates on Audio bootcamps..its not complete still

  5. Sokabi Moses says:

    You guys are the Bomb!!!

  6. Suraj says:

    This is good. Also appreciate the solutions update on certain labs like lab 20….questions and answers were not matching, i guess somebody should look into these Vol -2 configuration labs where we have some solutions not relating to the tasks being asked. I started vol 2 from Lab 20, that is backwards….the hardest, the first. Also if possible add some comments whereever necessary, regular expressions is one where i felt we could have few….am making my own notes for them….just not able to find a way to get them into my head.

  7. Harry says:

    No Updates on:

    1. INE Audio Bootcamp
    2. Lab meetup series
    3. CCNP ver 6 workbook

  8. Roland says:

    Thanks! I’m confident the update will come quickly!

  9. Vin says:

    So is the plan to do away with Vol 4 workbook and have the troubleshooting labs in Vol 2?

  10. 1 – we are deciding how to proceed with the audio bc this week, and we will announce here.

    2 – we just did several lab meetups and recorded them – I will find out if they were published yet

    3 – I heard the CCNP workbook does not requie revisions for the new CCNP – but I will double check that

  11. Mario Ruiz says:

    Will the dynamips work books mirror this update?

  12. NET_OG says:

    The troubleshooting labs and the videos are helping to revvie my studies. I like the TroubleShooting angle. Also I just started going thought the Class on Demand trouble-shooting Boot Camp… I like that too.

    One thing that I would like: some of the Trouble Shooting Bootcamp videos would make decent MP3s (audio only). I want to have Brian McGahan explain to me how to be an expert Trouble shooter versus a novice engineer while on the treadmill.

    Since you are going to make an update on the Audio Bootcamp, I think you might want to consider if doing some editing of the TS Bootcamp could make some compelling content. I think it would.

  13. Roland says:

    Hello, any news about the troubleshooting on vol2 Dynamips edition WorkBook? thanks


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