The following video from Cisco provides us with a tour of the new, “paperless” format of the CCIE R&S Version 4 Lab Exam.

Version 4 Lab Exam Interface

Update: Link corrected, thanks.

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11 Responses to “Master the CCIE R&S Version 4 Lab Exam Interface”

  1. Edwinrg00 says:

    What is the username and password?

  2. Nic says:

    If it’s not broken, definitely fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos GENIUS!!!!!!!! (Sarcasm alert for our humor challenged friends)

  3. Mustafa Shadab says:

    Its really great and helpful for the candidates preparing for RS V4 Lab exam.

    # 25589

  4. Hemanth Raj says:

    Hey links r not working buddy
    i tried it shows waiitng for the video for a long time

  5. Erdem Haki says:

    still asking user/pass.

  6. Jay McMickle says:

    Works for me! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nikhil says:

    Good video, Much like GNS interface.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. Minty says:

    Another tip, get used to the European Keyboard, | (pipe) is above the half size return key. Not where it should be on a uk keyb.



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