INE wants to thank IEOC member Ray Aragon (NET_OG) for his awesome contributions to our Cisco forums. Thanks so much Ray and enjoy 100 complimentary GradedLabs Rack Rental Tokens.

Ray's IEOC Avatar!

Ray's IEOC Avatar!

I am sure many of you would love to know more about Ray – here it is:

Ray Aragon is an SE in the Networking World and after 10 Plus years working with State/Local government and Major Carriers around the world he decided to get his CCIE using INE products as his primary study aide. Here were some facts Ray shared with me:

• I think I try to be helpful to others, and identify “pitfalls” and my “ahhh-haa” moments

• I like it when I run into a stumbling block and there is already a good discussion on IEOC

• Much thanks to Routing and Switching (networking)…

◦ I lived in London for two years

◦ I lived in Stockholm for two years

◦ I met my wife in Chile

◦ I have travelled to over 25 countries from Egypt to Indonesia

◦ I have over 1 Million Airplane miles flown

• I have an immense respect for anyone that has put in the time to become a CCIE in any track; it demonstrates a commitment that only after my pursuit I can appreciate.

• My Top 10 favorite cities: Madrid/Rome/London/Santiago, Chile/Rio de Janeiro/Santa Barbara/Miami/Lima/Cancun/Mexico City D.F

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5 Responses to “The INE Online Community Thanks – Ray Aragon (NET_OG)”

  1. Congrats Ray!!! Thanks for all your time and effort you’ve put to participate and make IEOC a better place to ask questions without being ashamed. Hope to celebrate your CCIE number soon.

    It’s your time, enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

  2. DarrellEscola says:

    Congratz Ray! Thanks to you and others like you we can all learn from this forum. Best of luck on your Lab Exam!

  3. NET_OG says:


    I am just chugging on and on trying to get to the finish line soon. I really appreciate the INE BLOG and the most friendly and efficient Community. We minimize the junk in our community and leave the egos and flames for groupstudy.

    thanks INE for the tokens.

    NET_OG /Ray

  4. Angel Aragon says:

    Ray thanks for the inspiration.


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