Are you a CCNP or CCIE student looking to challenge your perfect knowledge of Catalyst switchport commands?

Take the latest SWITCH Command Recall exam by clicking the link below. Good luck – and let us know how you scored in the comments area of this post.

Remember to read, AND TYPE, very carefully! I failed my first attempt due to just plain sloppiness. :-(

SWITCH Command Recall Exam – L2/L3 Ports

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14 Responses to “SWITCH Command Recall Exam – L2/L3 Ports”

  1. Nice work Jay! That is a passing score. Had you forgotten the exact syntax of some of those – or was it just “fat finger” issues?

  2. Brendan S. says:

    Sweet 100%. Studying is paying off!

  3. Crownd says:

    70% :-( . No good excuse! In any case, many thanks as was a good refresher!

  4. Deepak Arora says:


  5. jalon says:

    80%…helps I’m doing the CCNP CoD workbook right now for switching ;)

  6. Kalpesh says:

    Got 90%, but with did not accept show int f0/0 switchport, told to be specific with writing show interface fa0/0 switchport

  7. wayne says:

    70% because of typos (90% knowing that the abbreviated commands and tab would have corrected it) :-(

  8. Will says:

    80% – Didn’t read the full question on two of them. Got to remember to slow down.


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