One of our CCNA students requested some command practice for ICND2 – here is one I put together for him. Please give me feedback in the comments if you find practice tools like this helpful.

ICND2 Command Recall Practice Tool 1

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6 Responses to “ICND2 Command Recall Practice Tool 1”

  1. Jay Taylor says:

    80% here… read the UP/UP question as how to verify that the interface is UP/UP (not how to ensure that it is) so I answered “show ip interface brief”

  2. Feargal Ledwidge says:

    These types of practice tools are immensely useful

  3. Oleg Albegov says:

    Not a good Practice tool. Some questions have multiple answers, for ex:
    What command should you use to ensure the interface status is up/up. I would use show int status command, but the correct answer is “no shut”

  4. @ Oleg – I will update that question now – thanks for the feedback!

  5. Steve says:

    Very helpful. Thanks for the practice questions.

  6. ahmaddastaviz says:

    70% !o!
    tanQ for Design


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