After working with the December 2010 London Bootcamp on Multicast for the better part of Day 4 in our 12-day bootcamp, I returned to the hotel to find the following post on my Facebook page – “Multicast is EVIL!”

Why do so many students feel this way about this particular technology? I think one of the biggest challenges is that troubleshooting Multicast definitely reminds us of just what an “art” solving network issues can become. And speaking of troubleshooting, in the Version 4 Routing and Switching exam, we may have to contend with fixing problems beyond the scope of our own “self-induced” variety. This is, of course, thanks to the initial 2 hour Troubleshooting section which may indeed include Multicast-related Trouble Tickets.

Your very best defense against any issues in the lab exam regarding this technology – the new 3-Day Multicast technology bootcamp. Also, be sure to enjoy the latest free vSeminar from Brian McGahan – Troubleshooting IP Multicast Routing.

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8 Responses to “Is Multicast Evil?”

  1. John Batty says:

    I’m currently redesigning a multicast network that used for primarily for Audio Sources speaking to MUX’s that goes onto distribution. Whilst I agree Multicast is not evil, it certainly presents a number of tricky issues when considering traffic that is destined for broadcast – its about 500 groups and over a 1000 mroutes.
    There are all the timers to consider for IGMP/PIM, backup and primary paths, is ECMP a consideration, how do we make it work etc etc.
    Its very challanging stuff. Certainly having been studying for my CCIE now for a little over a year (Hopefully make the date in April next year), its really helped me as I’m presented with an environment that poses very tricky problems, (a number due to the old router platforms and ring topology).
    So planing the upgrade plus all the study has helped me out loads!

  2. I used to think the same until I was tasked in deploying multicast. I took the time to actually learn the protocol, how to configure, verify, and troubleshoot it. All from one Cisco document!

    Before any engineer curses multicast, I would suggest they do as I did.

  3. I forgot to add. I also attended INE’s 3-day multicast bootcamp which helped tremendously!

  4. Muhammad Adeel says:

    Thanks, evil … ?
    only if you’re scared of it ;)

  5. Roger Perkin says:

    I am yet to fully discover the Multi Cast! It is on my study schedule for about Mid January.

    Joshua – what was that one Cisco Document you read?

    I will be purchasing most of the 3 day bootcamps I think as seem to be getting some good feedback.


  6. ananth says:

    I bought it without any second thought as soon as I saw Brian’s name.

    Super super stuff.

    Great Brian.

    Please come up with more materials like this.


  7. Abdullah says:

    Yes i do believe Multicast is very Evil..
    Troubleshooting Multicast is really not something to enjoy


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