If you have spent any time in the R&S forums in the IEOC, you have seen the username Deepak Arora. Deepak has achieved Elite status in the forum and is always challenging and helping his peers with his excellent posts.

Thank you so much Deepak, and we look forward to celebrating your number soon. We are placing 100 GradedLabs rack rental tokens in your account as a small gesture of our appreciation.

I am sure many are interested in Deepak’s story…here it is:

Deepak at a Cisco event in South Africa.

Deepak at a Cisco event in South Africa.

I started my career in mid 2003 as a System Support Engineer after passing my 3 Year regular Diploma in Electronics (Microprocessor). During the last semester of my study in college I got this opportunity in a campus interview session. Could you believe I was just a 19 year old kid at that point with no idea how things worked in the real world ?…hehe

In 2005, I came to know about CCNA from a pretty close friend, Sushail Sharda, who suggested to me to move into the Networking Industry. I cannot thank him enough for his suggestion because that suggestion changed my life. So finally I started saving money for my CCNA exam and around June 2005 I started preparing for the CCNA exam. By the end of 2005, I passed the exam with a good score. Though it was not an easy one because it was not easy to find training classes and stuff. Of course, INE’s CCNA COD and workbooks were not around at that point in time :-)

A few months after passing my CCNA, I moved to another company where I started working as a L1 support engineer and also as a part time CCNA instructor. So after getting quite a bit of experience I decided to go for CCNP. But there were a few major constraints like working on my Graduation through distance learning in parallel to my job and also finding time and equipment to prepare for CCNP. As the time passed by I was able to pass the CCNP BSCI and BCMSN exams. But ONT and ISCW looked always kind of hard for me to pass. But after over a year of hard work,  I finally got my CCNP. After that, the list of certification exams I passed keeps on growing with no stop till now.

It was the beginning of this year when I thought it’s time to go for CCIE seriously.  I was thinking about it for quite some time. So I started buying INE R&S products in chunks. Soon I realized that I made my investments on the right material. I spent tons of time watching INE ATC from Brian and I must say the guy is a genius. On the other side there were so many interesting posts on blueprint topics at INE blog which really helped for a better understanding about how things work. Cannot give thanks enough to the entire INE team for such excellent content. Also I found so many bright people at the IEOC support forum like Darrell Escole , Jakub, Able etc …they were/are helpful and some became close friends later :-)

Finally, I am going to attempt the lab in the end of April. No matter if I pass or fail in my attempt, but I know the INE stuff and all the hard work I put so far in this made me a better Engineer. Sooner or later I know I’ll get my Number.

Finally… I hope to pass my lab and after getting my number I’ll see if I can work for INE :-) .. hehe … Every week I still check requirement for R&S Technical Development Engineer job requirement they list on the INE website.

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21 Responses to “The INE Online Community Thanks – Deepak Arora”

  1. Muhammad Adeel says:

    Appreciate your dedication Deepak, you’ll get the number soon. Keep us posted of your success.

  2. Combatant101 says:

    Well done Deepak!

    I’m always grateful for your replies and the effort you put in to the forum / mailing list!

    Keep it up!

  3. Abel Mateo says:

    Congrats dude, keep the hard work, at the end we would get our number, twice!!

  4. DarrellEscola says:

    Congratulations Deepak!
    Best of luck for your April Lab Exam.
    Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded with your number.

  5. Harish says:

    Cool ..Dude..All the best for your CCIE#xxxx

  6. Amirishetti Nagaraju says:

    Hi Depak,
    I wish you all the best!,

  7. Michael Miller says:

    Deepak, it is always a pleasure to study with you!

  8. Umesh Chowdhary says:

    Hey Deepak !

    Good Speed ! Keep working hard and you will definitely get the no in April for sure.

    Best Wishes !

  9. pratik kr singh says:

    Will wait for the celebration of ur CCIE number :)

  10. Mohan Jeerankalagi says:

    You are amazing Deepak, after I visited your site, I am following all your posts regularly and have made you a good friend of mine. Well, my side best wishes….you will definitely get the CCIE # Number.

  11. Avii says:

    Salute to your dedication…surely you’ll get ur magic number .

  12. AJN says:

    Keep up your enthusiasm and perseverence Deepak, we all looking for your number!

  13. Deepak says:


    Tons of congrats…its great pleasure to read about you here…

    Best luck for lab

    Deepak :)

  14. Mohsin says:

    Success is born out of Sacrifices my Friend…

  15. sachin says:

    deepak you are amazing you are so helpfull . you are very good in networks and a good in behaviour also ,many times i read your blog and it’a really great ,
    ….you will definitely get the CCIE # Number very soon

  16. timaz says:

    Congratulations. I wish I had a chance to be allowed to take my exams. but i can’t. keep going on because losing your hope is the end of your life. i will keep my hope so maybe i can can grasp my rights.

  17. Rakesh Rangadal says:

    Hay i would like to Thanks for Help and you are so Kind also, one thing i have decided that i will also purchase the study Material from INE for CCIE (r/s) written and Lab Exam Thank you so much for you suggestion and support

  18. Net_OG says:

    Thanks for all of your great posts Deepak. Best of luck, and finish strong!


  19. Jet says:

    If I’m not mistaken, he is the guy who won INE scholarship last time?

  20. Dear Deepak,

    Cool dude.. i appreciate ur dedication….

  21. Dear Deepak,

    cool.. i really appreicate your dedication…


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