One of the most important technical protocols on the planet is Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). This highly tunable and very scalable Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) was designed as the replacement technology for the very problematic Routing Information Protocol (RIP). As such, it has become the IGP chosen by many corporate enterprises.

OSPF’s design, operation, implementation and maintenance can be extremely complex. The 3-Day INE bootcamp dedicated to this protocol will be the most in-depth coverage in the history of INE videos.

This course will be developed by Brian McGahan, and Petr Lapukhov. It will be delivered online in a Self-Paced format. The course will be available for purchase soon for $295.

Here is a preliminary outline:

Day 1 OSPF Operations

●      Dijkstra Algorithm

●      Neighbors and Adjacencies

○   OSPF Packet Formats

○   OSPF Authentication

○   Link-State information Flooding

●      Concept of Areas

○   Notion of ABR

○   Notion of ASBR

●      Network Types

○   Flooding on P2P Links

○   Flooding with DR

○   Topologic Representation

●      The Link State Database

○   LSA Format (Checksum, Seq#, etc)

○   LSA Types

○   LSA Purging

●      The Routing Table

○   How is RIB computed from LSDB

●      Flooding Reduction

○   DNA bit

○   DC Circuits

○   Database Filter

Day 2 Configuring OSPF

●      Basic Configurations

○   Setting Router IDs

○   OSPF and Secondary Addresses

●      NBMA Networks

○   Selecting Network Type

○   Ensuring peer reachability

●      Special Areas

○   Stub Area Types

○   Routing in NSSA Areas

●      OSPF Summarization

○   Internal vs External

●      Virtual Links

○   Transit Capability

○   Summarization and Virtual Links

Day 3 Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting

●      OSPF Fast Convergence

○   L3 and L2 interaction

○   SPF and LSA Throttling

●      OSPF Tuning

○   LSA Pacing

○   Hello Timer Tuning

○   Max-Metric LSA

●      OSPF in MPLS Layer 3 VPNs

○   Superbackbone

○   MP-BGP extensions for OSPF

○   Loop-Prevention Concepts

○   Sham-Link

●      Inter-Area Loop Prevention Caveats

●      Key OSPF Verifications

●      OSPF Troubleshooting Process

○   Adjacency Problems (e.g. MTU issues)

○   Intra-area reachability (e.g. network types mismatch)

○   Inter-area reachability (e.g. summary LSA blocking)

○   Troubleshooting VLs and SLs

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5 Responses to “Mark your Calendar – The OSPF 3-Day Bootcamp”

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  2. Darby Weaver says:

    Where’s redistribution? JK – I did see the “preliminary” description listing above. I’d also expect to see some very specific troubleshooting techniques for this type of session and even demand circuit issues (even if not exactly covered by the current lab since it would permit a very complete coverage of the protocol).

    The content looks great, kinda mirrors the OSPF portions of Routing for the CCNP. However, 3+ hours versus 3+ days is awesome!!!

    Add in Troubleshooting.

    Add in IP Routing in general and route recursion.

    Add in generous metric, summarization, and issue spotting techniques and we got the winner everyone has been looking for.

    I’m working over OSPF right now and this timeframe is great.

    Please send me more information on pricing and I’ll check my iteneary ad see if I can take the days off to attend.

    Love what you guys are doing with the break-out sections.

    Nothing like complete and total mastery.

    I didn’t see authentication and troubleshooting for it – just saying.

    Also little tweaks to OSPF and current features ftom the latest OSPF best practices and items brought out form Networkers OSPF updates would be cool.

    How many times would ospf name lookup be useful for example. Small things.

    Let’s see… I don’t think there is enough emphasis on lab restrictions where the router-id command is not allowed.

    Also another issue is total command and demonstration of OSPF and BGP and the fun stuff with and without BGP synchronization not to mention just redistribution by itself.

    No fault to INE, you guys have worked some miracles – most of why some of this stuff comes to my mind off the top of my head by now.

    Good luck!

    Waiting for pricing.


  3. null0 says:

    Nice work Darby,

    Another option for OSPF that would make it complete is sham links, OSPF and MPLS interaction.

    Just saying :-) I too would be interested in the pricing and would this also be available for VOD purchasing?

  4. David says:

    When will it be available for purchase?

    • @David

      Hello! This got pushed back a bit because we need to get a Layer 2 Troubleshooting Video Series out first per the exam change.

      These OSPF titles should be available for viewing the last week of Feb or the first week of March, 2011


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