Beginning January 17th, 2011, Cisco will add Layer 2 Switch Troubleshooting to the 2 hour Troubleshooting section of the lab exam. Like the Layer 3 Troubleshooting that you will perform, these switches are emulated devices using Cisco’s IOU product – that stands for IOS on UNIX and is a similar approach to the popular Dynamips platforms. Cisco calls the ability to emulate switches on UNIX – L2IOU.

As you know, INE has been addressing Layer 2 Troubleshooting in all of our CCIE R&S products for a long time – so there will be few modifications that need to be made. I realize that change does cause some level of fear among students studying hard for this exam. I will be sure to schedule a free vSeminar next week to chat about this latest exam format and answer your questions. Watch the blog for the date and time of that vSeminar.

By the way, Cisco announced this changeĀ on the Cisco Learning Network this week. Here is the original post.

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4 Responses to “Layer 2 Switch Troubleshooting Arrives in CCIE R&S TS Section”

  1. Ziad says:

    Very Interesting …

    Will be there any L2 troubleshooting faults in the config parts after this announcement ?

  2. AJN says:

    Good News ! that’s in the continuation of the Lab.
    By the way is there any additional inf. whether there will be a constant number of Layer2 tickets? will they replace some layer 3 tickets? or may be more tickets altogether?


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