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CVOICE-1: Cisco Unified Communications gateways support various VoIP signaling protocols. For each description below, provide the signaling protocol that is described:

A. This protocol specifies the commands and responses to set up and tear down calls. It also details features such as security, proxy, and transport control protocol (TCP or User Datagram Protocol [UDP]) services. It is a text-based protocol that borrows many elements of HTTP, using the same transaction request-and-response model and similar header and response codes.


B. This protocol definition controls VoIP gateways that are connected to external call control devices, referred to as call agents.


C. This standard specifies the components, protocols, and procedures that provide multimedia communication services—real-time audio, video, and data communications—over packet networks, including IP networks. The protocol is part of a family of ITU-T recommendations.


D. This Cisco proprietry protocol is used between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified IP phones.


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3 Responses to “CVOICE Exam Practice: VoIP Signaling Protocols”

  1. A. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    B. Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
    C. H.323
    D. Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP)

  2. SIP Trunking says:

    Well, I got the first one right! That might be the extent of my SIP Trunking knowledge!


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