If you recall from a past article I wrote about “Which Phone Should I Use?” – A Comparison of Models, you may remember from the graphic that support for remotely controlling SIP & SCCP IP phones in CME or SRST was coming approximately around Feb 14. Well, I now have a new graphic to replace that old one (after the jump):

CCIE Voice Self-Study Phone Model Comparison - Click to Enlarge

That’s right, the very talented and kind folks at Variphy, have just updated their Variphy Insight Remote Phone Control software to include support for SIP and SCCP phones connected to both CME and SRST (either traditional SRST or CME-as-SRST). So now there are literally no phones in our racks that cannot be controlled via our web-based remote phone control client!

Watch the new instructional video here!

Also, I am including just below, the small bit of additional configuration needed to make the Variphy Insight software work with CME for both SIP & SCCP phones. Please note that there is no additional configuration needed to make Variphy Insight work in controlling phones that have fallen back into traditional SRST or CME-as-SRST, due to the fact that they keep their Authentication URL string during fallback, and continue to authenticate via the CUCM (I speak to how exactly this works with INE’s racks in the instructional video). Please also note from the below that there is no need for any “ixi” configuration, and I only threw it in below (in shutdown state), to reinforce that principal. In fact, this is what makes it possible to control SIP phones in SRST and CME, since the IXI subsystem currently only supports control over the SCCP CME server and its endpoints.

voice register global
   url authentication
username variphy privilege 15 password cisco
ip http server
ip http authentication local
ip http path flash:gui
ixi transport http
ixi application cme
   url authentication variphy cisco

We are in the process of updating all the voice racks in our data center to include this latest version of the client, so be patient as it may take a couple of days to get every rack updated with the new software.

Also stay tuned for some exciting news coming up in the very near future regarding the ability to use all of our Voice rack functionality with NO VPN connection!

Happy Labbing!


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  3. Mike says:

    Thanks Mark and Variphy. I love the Remote Phone Control feature. Great way to troubleshoot and train my end-users remotely!

  4. John says:

    Thank you for the great information and recommendation. So far I’ve been very impressed with Variphy Phone Control. It’s probably the Remote Phone tool I’ve tested.



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