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I know many of you are anxious to get your hands on the newest version of the CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class on-Demand Videos, and I just wanted to give everyone a short status update.

So far I have delivered the first two weeks of class, in which I’ve covered roughly about 40% of the total content of the series.  The resulting video recordings are somewhere around 35 hours give or take.  I originally had planned for the whole class to be two weeks long, but since I haven’t delivered this class in a few years I always forget how large the scope of topics actually is :)  My current estimate is that it will take me another three weeks of class to complete the series, with the end result being somewhere around 90 hours of videos or so.

Up to this point the following topics have been covered:

  • Ethernet Switching
  • Frame Relay
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • IP Routing
  • RIPv2
  • OSPF

This means that the topics that are left for the next three class weeks are as follows:

  • Redistribution
  • BGP
  • MPLS
  • Multicast
  • IPv6
  • QoS
  • Security
  • Network Management
  • IP Services

There are still a few remaining seats available in the upcoming class days if you are interested in attending.  Note that all customers with an All Access Pass can attend the class for FREE!  Subscriptions to the All Access Pass are only $159 per month, and come with the first two months free if you purchase a year’s subscription.  This allows you to get access to the 800+ hours of on-demand videos that we already have available, to attend any of our upcoming online classes for FREE, plus get access to all new content that is released in the future.

Space is limited for this class so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact sales ASAP.

The streaming videos for this class will be posted ASAP, and I will make another announcement when they start to become available.


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CCIE Routing & Switching 12 Day Bootcamp August 1st - 10th 2011

Join us in beautiful Seattle, Washington on August 1st – 12th, 2011 for the CCIE Routing & Switching 12 Day Bootcamp and prepare yourself for the CCIE Lab Exam. Our bootcamps are the perfect place to learn the technologies such as IGP Routing, IPv6, IP Services, IP Multicast, MPLS VPN, BGP, IP Multicast and many more as well as strategies for passing the lab exam. You will be trained by our top CCIE instructors, Brian McGahan CCIE #8593 and Petr Lapukhov CCIE #16379 while enjoying a luxurious classroom setting.

Enroll now and receive a FREE one year subscription to INE’s All Access PassA savings of $1,599! With access to over 800 hours of training, streamed online 24/7 and presented by the industry’s most highly respected CCIE instructors, there’s never been a better way to gain marketability and confidence and earn your Cisco Certification.


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Congratulations go to Sinan Yilmaz for recently passing the CCIE R&S Lab Exam! Here’s what Sinan had to say about his preparation:

Finally, I passed the CCIE Lab exam on 22 April. It took 15 months to overcome this hard challenge. I used the INE Vol I and Vol II to prepare myself to exam. This documents are incredible. These books certainly complate all missing points in your mind about the technologies. I also followed the blogs that have been written by the especially Brian Dennis and Petr Lapukhov. Both of them are great instructors that can explain easily all kind of complex technologies principles. I used some tokens to practise about TS section of the lab. TS questions are very well planned and good questions, at least when I managed to solve some tough TS questions I felt that I can pass this Lab exam. Thank you very much to all INE instructors who prepare this perfect documents and the blog that you can easily find every kind of technologies and essentials about these technologies. I also want to thank to my great mentor who lead us to the target Bulent MORTEN. I must certainly thank to my family who support me to the end of the journey and of course Thanks to Allah who gives this success to me.

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Congratulations to Nikolay Skachkov, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam this past week! Here’s what he had to say about his preparation:

Dear INE team, today i was informed, that i have finally passed my CCIE Voice test at Cisco facility in Brussels, Belgium. My dream become true, i am CCIE engineer now. Most of 20 month preparation time – was realy hard time for me and my family. I would like to thank all INE team members for the excellent training stuff and especially Mr. Mark Snow, who gave me all necessary knowledge base during my CCIE Voice Bootcamp last summer in the US. Also CCIE Deep Dive Modules are brilliant, and are a key of success of passing this probably most difficult test in the world. Again, thank you so much and keep a good work of developing excellent training stuff. You are the best in this industry.

Nikolay Skachkov, CCIE#28641 (Voice)

We want yours to be the next success story we post here on our blog, so why not sign up now for our upcoming online 10-Day CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class?

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Last week wrapped up the first week of our new CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class, where I focused on Layer 2 Technologies such as Ethernet, Frame Relay, HCLC, and PPP.  Next week I will be running week 2 of the class, focusing on Layer 3 Technologies such as RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IPv6, and Multicast.

Also we are now offering monthly subscriptions to the All Access Pass at just $159 a month!  This gives you access to all of our video training, over 800 hours, plus any new videos we release in the future.  This includes the new CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class.  If you have an All Access Pass subscription or purchased the live version of the R&S ATC in the past you can attend next week’s class free of charge by contacting sales. Space is limited so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact sales ASAP.

Additionally we are migrating all of our video content to a new HTML5 based streaming solution, which will allow all of our videos to be viewed on any platform and at multiple bandwidth & quality levels.  Below is a sample of last week’s class in this new format.  Try the medium or low bandwidth versions on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, the high or medium versions on your iPad or Android tablet, and the full HD version on your laptop or desktop.  When the solution is fully deployed you’ll be able to choose which format you want to view depending on your connection speed and device, plus have the option to download videos all the way up to the full HD versions.

Low Bandwidth Sample

Medium Bandwidth Sample

High Bandwidth Sample

HD Sample

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Congratulations to Jim Moore, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam this past week! Here’s what he had to say about his preparation:

I passed my CCIE Voice Lab on April 8th. I would have never gotten my number if it wasn’t for the Voice Deep Dive Modules taught by Mark Snow. This Class on Demand goes into great detail on each of the technologies needed to pass the exam. In addition to these modules, I used Workbook Volume 1 and Volume 2 and rented rack time (350+ hours) through INE (GradedLabs). For reading, I read the UC SRND 7.0 and knew the CUCM Admin Guide, CUCME Admin Guide and QoS SRND well. I want to thank INE, Mark Snow for their material. I also wanted to thank my girlfriend for putting up with this insanity for the last 10 months.

James Moore, CCIE 28605

We want yours to be the next success story we post here on our blog, so why not sign up now for our upcoming online 10-Day CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class?

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Congratulations to Ali Jaber, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam on his first attempt!

Hi Mark,

I’ve cleared my ccie voice last month it was first attempt, many thx for u r help :)

Am so happy that I can share you my story as one of the expert voice people – really its a nice felling to clear such thing from first attempt, now has some time for reset and enjoying the life :p

My CCIE journey started after I have cleared my CCIE written exam on 6th of September, 2010. Nobody was known that am planning for such thing even my mom. We have Wisdom says: help yourself to clear things by making it secret I used to dedicate 4-6 hours per day for studying and making the Thursday for rest, I was focusing on INE material not cause INE is the best, actually I dont have any idea about other materials but I know INE is one of the good reputation in the market, the reason was to make myself focusing in one material and prevent my mind from desperations. I started with class on demand videos repeating it twice, first time understanding next time summarized it in notepad and practicing the scenario which the instructor did. After that I went through the workbooks doing the scenarios, two weeks before the exam I have practiced on time management taking one scenario and trying to finalize each section at committed time. 3 days before the exam I didnt do anything I was going with my IT friends for playing cards and having some fun..!!!!!! This is make me more relax. All of them were shocked when they saw my facebook status CCIE # 28326 I have cleared my CCIE on 7th of march, 2011 it was my first attempt and dont have such experience to advise you but Ill tell you some tips that I see it may can help: – Regardless the material you are using, master it and dont try to look at others. – Make thing secret so less stress less mistakes. – Practicing for time management is one of the most important things, for CCIE voice there some common sections (infrastructure, phone registration, GW PSTN integration) you have to make it as fast as you can. – Having last couple of days for relaxations and fun. Hope you all the best and hope I have add something to you.

Best regards

We want yours to be the next success story we post here on our blog, so why not sign up now for our upcoming online 10-Day CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class?

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Congratulations to Tamer Ismail, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam on his first attempt!

I passed my Voice Lab on 30th Mar in Dubai at first attempt. After 7 years Network & Voice experiences, 6 months studying and 1000 hours labbing. Many thanks for INE.

We want yours to be the next success story we post here on our blog, so why not sign up now for our upcoming online 10-Day CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class?

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Congratulations to Hemanth Raj, who passed the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam on his first attempt! Here’s what Hemanth had to say about his preparation.

First of all I would like to thank Brian Mcgahan and Petr Lapukhov for their inspiration and also their constant support and encouragement helped me in clearing my CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam in my First Attempt

I am proud to say that i became a CCIE. CCIE#28593

I have used Internetwork Expert Vol 1 ,Vol 2 and Vol 3 labs and also used Video on Demand from Brian Mcgahan which is absolutely brilliant which refreshed all my concepts agian.

Volume 1 Technology Labs helped me to get much more in-depth logics in each concepts and with the excellent solutions provided with it

Volume 2 Full SuperLabs provided a excellent platform to improve my speed and accuracy in doing full length labs.

Volume 3 Labs is the most challenging labs of the two and it will really test your in-depth knowledge of your understanding of each and every protocol and also it tests your Troubleshooting skills to a large extent.It is a must-do before your exams

Volume 4 Labs will test your entire troubleshooting skills and also the steps with respect to troubleshooting each technology

Brian Mcgahan’s Video on Demand helped me to recollect all the concepts before going to the exam and it is a must before the exam. I really appreciate Brian for his good work.Thank you Brian for that excellent Video On Demand

I dedicate my success to the entire INE team for their quality products and also their excellency in every product their deliver.

Thanks a lot guys

Yours Friendly,
CCIE#28593 (R&S)
Cisco Systems

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As you may know, I will be the lead instructor for our New CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class.

The main purpose of this post is to outline the class duration and format as well as to announce that I am taking student submitted topic requests for the class.  If there is something that you’re having trouble understanding during your studies, or have found something that is not covered in enough depth in other classes or products, submit your requests below as a comment, or directly to me via email at

The class will run 10 days, beginning on Monday 25 April and ending on Friday 6 May (sans Sat & Sun), and will begin each day at 07:00 PDT (GMT -7) and run roughly 8 hours, though some days could may very likely run longer.

The format of the class will consist of:

  • Lecture
  • Some Slides
  • Live Hands-On Demos
  • Testing
  • Intense Debugging and Trace Troubleshooting

Just as Brian McGahan stated in his post – I too have *so much* content that I am going to be covering in this 10 day class, that I don’t want to rush through any topics or skip any key points just to make the class fit into a normal template.  Therefore class length will depend largely on your topic requests as well as how many questions I get from students during the class.

As we noted previously, if you have an All Access Pass subscription (either yearly or monthly) or you previously purchased either the self-paced or live version of the Voice ATC in the past you can attend the live class free of charge by contacting sales. We can only seat 50 people in this particular online course, and last I talked with our bootcamp coordinator, more than 60% of those seats were filling up – so if you want a seat, you had better not hesitate and book it now by getting in contact with sales. Even if you end up not being able to attend part or all of the online version, the recorded class-on-demand version will still be available in your members area. Obviously the nice thing about attending the live version is being able to interact in real-time with me and other peers.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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