Just yesterday, after 13 days of live, online class, we finally reached the end of our new CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class. Weighing in at just over 62 hours, it truly was a great class, and I certainly thank all of the many students who attended the live version, and made it the huge success that it was. Thanks for all of your insightful questions during the recording!

All of the uncompressed original files have been shipped off to our professional video engineers for editing and mastering before we have all of the content professionally transcribed for full intra-video search functionality, and then uploaded onto our new CDN and delivery format.

For those who might not have seen this new delivery format yet, please see this preview page with samples from this new class:

New CCIE Voice ATC Class — Preview!

For those of you who cannot wait until this new Voice ATC makes its way up to the new CDN network (probably within a week or two), you can watch it immediately in our existing streaming format in the meantime. If you have already purchased this product in the past, then simply login to your INE Members account, and launch it from the Voice tab. If you have not yet purchased this product, you may certainly do so from here from its INE.com Voice ATC web page (please note that the table of contents has not yet been updated on that page, but will be later today or tomorrow, and that there is indeed now 62 hours).

However, better yet — to gain access to not only this new Voice ATC, but also to all 115 hours of the Voice Deep Dives, the 20+ hours of the live CCIE Voice Bootcamp that we just held in Seattle last month, all of the content I am about to release pertaining to all of the new features in CUCM 8.0/8.5, not to mention access to every other video INE has ever recorded (for any reference you might ever need or want), consider simply purchasing an
All Access Pass for a mere $159/month.

About Mark Snow, CCIE #14073:

Mark Snow has been actively working with data and traditional telephony as a Network Consulting Engineer since 1995, and has been working with Cisco Call Manager and voice-over technology since 1998. Mark has been actively teaching and developing content for the CCIE Voice track since 2005, and the Security track since 2007. Mark's story with both data and voice technology started out quite young, as he began learning around the age of five from his father who was a patented inventor and a research scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mark started out on Unix System V and basic analog telephony, and went on from there to large data networking projects with technologies such as Banyan Vines, IPX and of course IP, and large phone systems such as Nortel 61c, Tadiran Coral, Avaya Definity and of course Cisco Unified Communications Manager in both enterprise and 911 PSAP environments across the US and internationally. Mark is also an accomplished pilot and punched his ticket in 2001. When Mark isn't learning, labing, consulting or teaching, he can be found either piloting or possibly jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, hanging off a rock somewhere or else skiing out west. He also might just be enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his wife and two wonderful young kids, Ryleigh and Judah.

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11 Responses to “New CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class Now Complete!”

  1. ahmed says:

    Nice, I am sure the ATC and live bootcamp video recording will be a huge addition to those who are persuing ccie voice.
    Thank You Mark, your effort is noted and appreciated.


  2. Terry Vinson says:

    Awesome! Gratz!

  3. This will help insanely. Not I IE chaser, but I use the knowledge everyday in my job. Thanks much!!!!!!!!

  4. John says:

    This doesn’t hold for the R&S. I know that it is a tremendous amount of work and that to produce high quality takes it’s time.. so can we get a realistic estimate as to when the below will be true for the new R&S ATCOD material?

    “For those of you who cannot wait until this new Voice ATC makes its way up to the new CDN network (probably within a week or two), you can watch it immediately in our existing streaming format in the meantime”

    • Hi John,

      Your members account has been updated with all 17 days of the new R&S ATC curriculum. It is currently in the older Adobe classroom format, however either by the end of the day today, or else tomorrow morning at the latest, you should notice that there will either be a new link or that the existing link for the ATC class will take you to the new AAP UI, and by morning we expect to have up to 80 of the 115 modules rendered out and uploaded to our new CDN.

  5. Yemi says:

    Does it mean we can view these CDN videos using Apple iPADs? That will be awesome!

  6. Larry H. says:

    Great stuff. Can’t wait to see it in the iPad!!! Now I have NO excuse not to study.

  7. Reza AminZaboli says:



  8. vaibhav says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just noticed we don’t have the demo video for Unified CM Express


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