We’re pleased to announce that our recently released, highly acclaimed Routing and Switching CCIE Advanced Technologies Class is available for download. The RS ATC consists of 156 videos totaling over 80 hours of hands down the best CCIE training on the market today. You can download it now for just $299 or as an All Access Pass subscriber you can download it for only $149. For All Access Pass subscriber the online streaming version is included free of charge.

Each of the 156 videos can be individually downloaded without the need to download the whole class. This will enable you to selectively load them onto any computer or mobile device and watch them at your leisure. Although we do not place any DRM on the files themselves we do limit each purchase to two downloads. You can purchase an additional download for $29.95 in the future if needed under our Investment Protection Program.

Android customers should note that these are .mov files and you will need to download a player for them. We tested several freely available .mov players and didn’t run across any issues playing the downloaded videos. Additionally we’re going to upload a new version of the streaming videos next week to help with any compatibility issues regarding streaming to these devices. Update – June 11th 2100 GMT – All of the streaming videos are now working on Android enabled devices using the default browser.

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately here at INE well you can now see that we’re once again changing the CCIE training industry. You can watch hundreds of hours of the best CCIE training for just $159 a month and download our newest courses for just $149 as an AAP subscriber.    We’ve just wrapped post-production on our brand new CCIE Voice ATC class and have made some sample videos available now and are releasing the full product next week.   This weekend you can pre-order the $299 downloadable version for $249 with the coupon code VATC50.

Also in the pipeline are completely redone CCNA, CCNA Voice and CCNA Security courses as well as CCNP Voice and CCNP Security courses.  All Access Pass subscribers will be able to stream them for free and download them for only $149.  These are scheduled for release in July.


About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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26 Responses to “RS CCIE Advanced Technologies Class Downloads Released!”

  1. 2beone says:

    This is how the cisco360 videos should be.
    This in unbelievable, the best material at the price lower than a single cisco360 VOD.

  2. Awesome, the ablity to watch your videos whilst on the move is brilliant, been waiting a long time for this – there is nothing stopping me now! Just watching on on my iphone now!



  3. Anna says:

    Brian’s are the best.

    Do not want to comment on others but according to me

    Brian’s are best and Petr’s blog are better than RFC’s


  4. sinhara says:


    i can see some of the video yet to be published for R&SATC.
    example: “33 Coming Soon… IP Routing Overview, Switching Paths, Static Routing”

    when will it be completed ?


  5. Quisher says:


    when I logged in and i can see its showing 0 download available for you, i cannot download,


  6. ccieanna says:

    Hi Brian

    Are videos 90 and 91 same?

    90 BGP Local AS, BGP Peer Groups, BGP Next-Hop Self, BGP Next-Hop Processing 0h 57m
    91 Coming Soon… BGP Local AS, BGP Peer Groups, BGP Next-Hop Self, BGP Next-Hop Processing


  7. ccieanna says:

    Thanks Brian

  8. vaibhav says:

    Hi Brian,

    Have we got the entire videos of the new CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class available for All access pass, also can you tell if the mode of delivery for the voice deep dives is via adobe captiva or like the sample of the new cod

    • Hi Vaibhav,

      Yes, the entire CCIE Voice ATC is now available here. Also, the Voice Deep Dives are being released on the CDN within the next few weeks, and will be re-positioned under the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice playlists (along with a lot of new material for those certs as well), as that specific detail of knowledge is exactly all of what is being tested at those two certification levels currently. That’s not to say that the material won’t still be completely relevant to the CCIE Voice candidate — it most certainly is — only that CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice students have to know everything that is currently in the Voice Deep Dives (sans the 5 hours on UCCX), plus a good deal more, to be ready to take and pass those certifications. Whether one has an All Access Pass or has previously purchased all of the Voice Deep Dives, they will still have access to everything through our new CDN here in the next few weeks. Until it does go live on our CDN, the content is all available today via Adobe Connect via Flash.


  9. vaibhav says:

    Hi Brian,

    Please let me know if the entire videos of the new CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class are available for the all access pass and if the mode of delivery for the voice deep dive is via adobe captiva or like the new cod

    • @vaibhav – The new Voice ATC that we are releasing later this week will be in the new format. We will never release new products in the Adobe Classroom format only going forward. In fact the Voice Deep Dives are being exported now and will be available soon in the new format.

  10. kennyken says:

    i have an interview with at&t next week. I am looking at bgp and ospf, and i have such a clear understanding now, even though i did in the past, but now, it’s so clear i understand it down to the detail. man this is absolutely wonderful…i thank you guys…also looking forward to ccnp security as i have already purchased, plus i want ccna voice, and then ccnp voice, then ccie voice…or as far as ccie voice, should i skip from ccna voice to ie voice? thanks again guys.

  11. Steve says:

    I can not find this class on the All Access Pass, what title is it under in the VOD list?

  12. Jon says:

    Hey Brian

    I have purchased these and so far really love them. You do a great job of explaining the technologies. One question, what is your suggestion for using this with the workbooks (which I have also purchased)? I am wondering if I should watch all 80 hours at once, then start on the workbooks, or take another approach. I have looked through the blogs and haven’t seen this talked about.

    Thanks very much

  13. Ernesto says:

    Hello Brian, thank you very much for this ATC release.
    I have a question, I think that in you previous ATC release for the RS ATC you had a video called CCIE Lab Strategies. Do you have one just like that now? Or it is a included in some other product? Thank you.


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