Updated with 18 Month Plan!

Not only have I updated the post below quite a bit, but I have also now put together a spreadsheet that you are free to download and customize to your liking. It includes both a 12-month plan that closely resembles what is listed below, but it also includes an 18-month plan on the 2nd tab that can be used by those who simply cannot devote as much time as I propose in the below post. Simply change the start date and the rest will cascade. Use this spreadsheet to be able to propose a very comprehensive plan to your boss if you are getting corporate-backing.

Download the 12 and 18-month plan spreadsheet


I often get questions in class or via email that go something like “I am just beginning my studies for CCNA Voice – do I really need a two year AAP subscription?” or “How can I best utilize INE’s products to attain the CCIE Voice exam”, or simply “Where should I start?”.

This document seeks to provide you with a detailed guideline to using each of the products that compliment INE’s complete Voice training program. This program structure has been designed under the realistic assumption that you may be able to dedicate roughly 4 days a week, with approximately 4 hours a day (16 hours a week) to some form of study (be it watching our lecture and demo-based VoDs, reading Cisco documentation and books found in our Recommended Voice Reading Book List, or practicing on lab equipment), and be able to span a total duration of roughly 55 weeks from the start of studying for your CCNA Voice exam, and progressing through the CCNP Voice exam, and finally onto being ready to sit for your first CCIE Voice Lab exam attempt. This works out to just around one year of studying, with around 4 weeks off. This could (and probably will) vary, depending on your schedule, as you will undoubtedly need to custom tailor this program a bit to your life. All-in-all, you are going to spend almost 900 hours. I realize that this is a very committed study schedule, and I also wholeheartedly realize the sacrifice involved to commit fully to such an undertaking, however know now that these are hours that you, later in life, will look back on and attribute to some of the most beneficial that you have ever spent in your professional career. So buckle-up, and prepare yourself for the ride.

Note: It is assumed that before beginning this regiment, that the candidate has already studied for and obtained the necessary CCNA (Routing and Switching) exam. If you have not yet completed this Cisco-prerequisite exam yet, we strongly recommend that you take our CCNA Associate Course – 640-802 first, and pass that required exam.

Products Used in Study Plan

Before we start by referencing how to use the structured program, we will start by listing all of the products included, as well as links to those products on our site. We’ll reference these products as we progress through the guide, and we recommend you clicking on each of the product names below see samples of each, so that  you may get to know them and their layout a bit better for a more thorough understanding how and where they fit into this program as you continue reading this guide.

Detailed Structured Approach

Phase 1 – CCNA Voice :: Weeks 1 – 2 (32 hours)

Here in the first 2 week phase you will develop the basic skills and concepts that will stay with you for the rest of your Voice studies. It is very important that you take copious notes while you watch these videos, and review them often. By completion of this phase, you should be ready to take and pass your CCNA Voice exam.

  • We break the CCNA Voice Videos down into halves
    • Week 01 :: Watch 1st half of CCNA Voice videos and take notes
    • Week 02 :: Watch 2nd half of CCNA Voice videos and take notes, review notes and Bookmarks*, and take CCNA Voice exam
Phase 2 – CCNP Voice :: Weeks 3 – 10 (128 hours)

In this next 8 week phase you will upgrade your skills quite a bit more, focusing intensely on the technologies you were introduced to during the CCNA Voice study phase, to get the thorough understanding you will need to take and pass each of the five CCNP Voice exams. This phase will begin to solidify a strong technical acumen which is extremely important for the rest of your CCIE Voice studies. All of the lessons in this phase will be repeated. This is by design and completely necessary to fully comprehending these concepts at a true professional level. Also, while the CCNP Voice exams are not practical, hands-on lab-based exams, they do have some simulations in them that have to be solved by the candidate. That, along with the fact that we believe firmly that you learn best by doing, and have therefore included a number of hours set aside for you to simply experiment in any fashion you choose using either lab hardware of your own or else that which you rent from us. It is still very important that you take copious notes while you watch these videos as well as while you spend practice time on lab equipment, and again – review them often. By completion of this phase, you should be ready to take and pass all 5 of your CCNP Voice exams.

  • We begin by breaking down the CCNP Voice Videos down into thirds
    • Week 03 :: Watch 1st third of CCNP Voice videos and take notes
    • Week 04 :: Watch 2nd third of CCNP Voice videos and take notes
    • Week 05 :: Watch final third of CCNP Voice videos and take notes
  • We follow that up by breaking down the CCNP Videos down into fifths, and mixing in lab practice, along with exam taking
    • Week 06 :: Watch 1st fifth of CCNP Voice videos and take notes while practicing on lab equipment what you have learned here, and take the CVOICE exam
    • Week 07 :: Watch 2nd fifth of CCNP Voice videos and take notes while practicing on lab equipment what you have learned here, and take the CIPT1 exam
    • Week 08 :: Watch 3rd fifth of CCNP Voice videos and take notes while practicing on lab equipment what you have learned here, and take the CIPT2 exam
    • Week 09 :: Watch 4th fifth of CCNP Voice videos and take notes while practicing on lab equipment what you have learned here, and take the CAPPS exam
    • Week 10 :: Watch final fifth of CCNP Voice videos and review notes and Bookmarks* while practicing on lab equipment what you have learned here, and take the TVOICE exam

Take a single week of rest, possibly two, but no more, as you are already primed to move directly into CCIE Voice studies.

Phase 3 – CCIE Voice:: Weeks 12 – 55 (704 hours)

This 44 week phase is where you will obviously spend the bulk of your time practicing what you’ve learned over the past 10 weeks – over and over and over and over and over and over and over again – on lab gear. And that’s no joke, either. If you thought it was tedious to read that word “over” repeated 7 times, just wait until you begin actually repeating what you’ve done more than that many times. And if you’re one of those who didn’t read that whole thing, and skipped to the end of it, maybe you need to re-think whether you’re ready to commit to this undertaking of studying for this certification. Now while whether you actually read all seve ‘overs’ or not doesn’t necessarily determine your readiness or ability to commit to such a repetitious regiment of study, I do believe that it demonstrates a point – namely that this phase is going to test your resolve. You will be repeating the same or similar tasks over and over in order to build both accuracy and speed — finger ‘muscle memory’, really — things that will be absolutely crucial to being able to take and pass the CCIE Voice lab exam. We recommend that even if we don’t specifically list a given video or lab to be repeated in the syllabus, but you find yourself lacking a thorough and complete understanding in any single topic, that you self-police and choose to go back and re-watch that technology section in any of the video-based lecture-and-demo products, along with reading Cisco documentation on the topic, to gain proficiency before moving on. At the end of this phase, you will be ready to sit for your first attempt at the CCIE Voice lab exam at a Cisco facility.

  • We begin by working with the Deep Dive video series, and accompanying Deep Dive Technology-Focused Workbook (Volume I)
    • Week 12 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 1 :: Network Infrastructure and QoS
    • Week 13 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 2 & 3 :: CUOS & CLI and CUCM System & Phone Basics
    • Week 14 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 4 & 5 :: Users & LDAP and Phone & Calling Features
    • Week 15 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 6 :: Media Resources
    • Week 16 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 7 :: Gateways and Trunks
    • Week 17 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 8 :: Gatekeeper
    • Week 18 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 9 :: Dial Plan Part I (Basics)
    • Week 19 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 10 :: Dial Plan Part II (Globalization, Localization)
    • Week 20 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 11 :: Dial Plan Part III (More Practice)
    • Week 21 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 12 :: Dial Plan Part IV (CUBE)
    • Week 22 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 13 & 14 :: Unified, Device & Extension Mobility
    • Week 23 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 15 :: CUCM Express (CME) System and Phone Basics
    • Week 24 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 16 & 17 :: CME Dialplans, Class of Restrictions, & Media Resources and CME Advanced Call Features
    • Week 25 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 18 :: CME Call Coverage and CME-as-SRST
    • Week 26 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 19 :: Unified Contact Center Express & Scripting
    • Week 27 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 20 :: Unity Connection Mailboxes & AA Trees
    • Week 28 – Watch and Lab: Workbook Volume I :: Module 21 :: CUCM Presence & CUPS with CUPC & IPPM

Take a single week of rest, possibly two, but no more.

  • We follow that up with watching the Advanced Technologies Class (ATC) videos, broken up into thirds
    • Week 29 :: Watch 1st third of CCIE Voice ATC videos and take notes
    • Week 30 :: Watch 2nd third of CCIE Voice ATC videos and take notes
    • Week 31 :: Watch 3rd third of CCIE Voice ATC videos and take notes
  • Next it’s time to move on to practicing heavily with Mock Labs! For this phase we will utilize the Mock Lab Workbook (Volume II)
  • This is also the perfect time to go ahead and schedule your CCIE Voice Lab Exam. This is to set a hard deadline for yourself, and to push you towards that goal. Schedule it for week 55.
    • Week 32 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 1 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 33 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 2 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 34 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 3 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 35 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 4 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 36 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 5 (repeat this lab during the week)

Take a single week of rest.

  • Now you should be ready to attend a 10 Day CCIE Voice Bootcamp. We highly encourage the live classes, however if you cannot manage one, then substitute for the recorded version of Week 1
    • Week 37 & 38 – Attend: CCIE Voice 10-Day Bootcamp (Live Class)
  • Now it is time to go back home, and begin practicing harder on the labs you’ve already been through, but with the newfound knowledege of your recently-discovered weak areas.
    • Week 42 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 5 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 43 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 4 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 44 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 3 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 45 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 2 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 46 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 5 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 47 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 1 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 48 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 3 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 49 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 4 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 50 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 5 (repeat this lab during the week)
    • Week 51 – Labs: Workbook Volume II :: Lab 3 (repeat this lab during the week)

Take a single week of rest.

  • Finally it is time to see what you are made of!
    • Week 52 – Take your first CCIE Voice Lab Attempt

*Transcripts and Bookmarks only available through All Access Pass streaming playlists, not available via downloaded videos.

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    159 Responses to “From CCNA Voice to CCIE Voice in One Year – A Detailed Study Plan”

    1. VoiceInsider says:

      Hi Mark

      INE is definitively the best path for CCIE Voice.


    2. VoiceInsider says:

      Oh ye.

      Really amazing, I am start up.

      Thank you

    3. Evin HIll says:

      Will you be offering something similar for say R&S or the Security tracks? I would be extremely interested if a similar track was offered for Security.

      • Hi Evin,

        A similar (if not better) outline has been prepared for the R&S track. You can find it here.

        Kind Regards,

        • hayol says:

          The write up “How to pass the CCIE R&S with INE’s 4.0 Training Program” is absolutely brilliant, no doubt but this does not reflect the CCNA and CCNP R&S as it was done here. It will be very kind of you if this can be updated to reflect these trainings. Thanks

    4. AnestiS Koukis says:

      Hello Mark,

      this a great document thanks a lot. Although I have a couple of questions.

      First, for someone how already have sit on the lab attempt the suggestion path is to start from week 16 or is more affectively to start from week 07?

      And second one I can not see the new CCNP Voice (VoD) even I’ am an existing customer of the old CCVP bootcamp.

      Best Regards

      Anestis Koukis

      • Hi Anestis,

        Good question. That really depends on where you might have any weaknesses. I would say that if you have already sat for the lab, you probably have a fairly good idea of any areas that you might be needing some remedial help in, and I would go back and watch any/all related videos in either/both of the CCNA Voice / CCNP Voice playlists. Not necessarily to start at any particular week, but instead to fill in any knowledge gaps, and use sporadic videos where needed as remedial learning.

        As for the second question, I would contact sales@ine.com and ask them to check into that situation and they should be able to assist and get your account properly provisioned. I apologize but I don’t have access to that DB.

        Kind Regards,

    5. Michael Curtis says:

      This is really inspirational, but what also strikes me as scary is the amount of knowledge that comes with the CCIE territory. And I’m still pursuing the CCNA path…

      • Hi Michael,

        Choose not to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of hours of video and hands-on training that we offer, nor by that which is required to truly be an expert and therefore eventually pass the CCIE Voice lab exam. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book “Outliers”, it seems that 10,000 is the ‘magic number’ that appears necessary to become an expert in any one field, however we’re giving you just around 1,000 hours here to be ready to take, and soon after pass the CCIE Voice lab exam.

        Instead, choose to think of it like any other mountain that you might wish to climb, which first of all takes the most important step – the mental commitment – and afterward simply takes putting one foot in front of the other – small steps – until you eventually reach your goal. Just keep focusing on the ‘next step’, and you will reach the top – I promise. No first-time marathoner ever ‘wins’ the race in terms of being the fastest and first to the finish line — but indeed everyone that finishes is truly a winner indeed. Keep taking the next step, and you will finish a winner, indeed!

        Sorry for all of the analogies lumped into a single response post – but I wouldn’t say them unless I truly believed them – and I do!

        Kind Regards,

    6. AKM says:

      This seems to be the most complete CCIE Voice product on the market today. The path has been well defined and amazing amount of information put together.
      Can’t thank you (Mark Snow) and wider INE team enough for the effort that must have gone in making this possible.
      And, special thanks for putting together this study plan (though I may tweak it to suit my time commitments) ;-)

      • Hi AKM,

        We fully expect, and encourage you to tweak the program to your specific needs. No one program could ever possibly fit every single person’s needs, and so we fully expect that every person will need to use the knowledge and resources at their disposal to tweak the program to their situation. In fact, I fully believe that being resourceful is one of the most key aspects to becoming a CCIE.


    7. Vishnuvardan says:

      Hi Mark,

      I will follow the same procedure to start for Voice Program.

    8. Nadeem Rafir says:

      I am highly interested in seeing something like this for CCIE Security Track.

    9. Deepak Arora says:

      Any suggestions on how to practice CCNA and CCNP stuff ?

    10. kim says:

      if i go with CCNA and CCNP voice . can i skip DD. ?

      I Wil go with the following
      5 Day bootcamp

      one quick question : how many labs are their in vol 2 ?

    11. Viki says:

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks alot for the excellent post. It really impressed and made me to order CCNA Voice VOD and of course it got credited to my account in 5mins of time. Though I ordered those VODs without a second thought, I have a question regarding the preparation. I do not have any voice background (not even 1%) and I was purely into Data stream with CCNA R&S/CCNP R&S certifications. Please let me know if I will be able to scale up to CCIE Voice level if i start from CCNA Voice.


      • Hi Viki,

        Great question, and the answer is: “Absolutely”. That is the purpose of the CCNA Voice, then moving into the CCNP Voice – namely starting with no Voice experience whatsoever and moving up to an eventual Expert level knowledge.

        Kind Regards,

    12. Delano says:


      Can you do a version of this for R&S please?
      That’s the track I’d like to take and purchase from INE!

      • Hi Delano,

        A similar (if not better) outline has been prepared for the R&S track. You can find it here.

        Kind Regards,

        • Delano says:


          I looked through Petr plan as you suggested and it doesn’t specifically incorporate the CCNA to CCNP modules in the plan as yours does. Am I to assume the ATC Petr references are equivalent to the CCNP series? or he assumes you have CCNP prior in which case is it really CCNA to CCIE as your article points out?

          • Hi Delano,

            Yes, that is true. Petr’s plan was geared much more specifically to just CCIE-level study for the RS exam. Sorry for the confusion in my reply.

            Kind Regards,

            • Delano says:


              I’ll take your Voice outline and customize for r&s. I’d imagine Voice to take longer than r&s, so a similar plan doesn’t seem far fetched.

    13. Crispy says:


      I’ll be honest, i’ve always been fascinated and excited by the voice side of things – As long as you have the willpower and motivation (and more importantly a plan), you can achieve anything.

      After completing my CCNP R&S my focus is on the CCIE R&S – perhaps after it I may taken on the Mark Snow challenge of CCNA Voice to CCIE voice after :-) (Unless of course you also to a Security version of this two – then it would be a flip of a coin ;-) )

      Seriously, the quality of the material and the delivery of it is outstanding and you should be proud :-)

      Chris P

    14. Roy says:

      What lab equipment do you need to buy for these studies? I’m just wondering for budgetary reasons.

      • Hi Roy,

        A list of the equipment that we have installed in each of our Voice racks can be found here and all of the connections found here, and is adequate for studying for your exams. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that if you choose to buy everything yourself, and if you were able to find really great deals on eBay or elsewhere, you would still be looking at somewhere between $5,000 to $7,000 USD for all of the gear, whereas rental from us for all of the hours needed for the entire CCNA Voice to CCIE Voice span — even if you rounded that number up to 800 hours, divide it by 6 hour blocks of rental time (133.333333333333) and multiply it by (currently) $15 per 6 hour rental block — you come out to $2,000 USD, a cost significantly less than purchasing all of your own gear. Not to mention that renting removes the risk of hardware depreciation from you as the Voice lab hardware potentially changes with any upgrades driven by Cisco in the upcoming future.

        Just food for thought.

        Kind Regards,

    15. Viki says:

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks for the encouragement. As I said earlier, I have purchased CCNA Voice download but the problem is if there is a single packet drop or some ISP link issue, the entire download fails. To state a real issue, I was trying to download a video which is of 1.5GB, the total hrs to download it showed 4 hrs of time but after 45 mins because of ISP Link flap my entire download was spoiled. Is there a better way like DVDs which has all of these 124 videos to be purchased. Please suggest.


      • Hi Vignesh,

        I am not aware of any other delivery method at the moment aside from our Amazon S3 cloud download service, which is what is used when you try to download the software currently. However, if you do experience any more issues in downloading some of the larger files, please contact our customer service department, and they will assist you in making sure that you are able to successfully download everything you are entitled to.

        Kind Regards,

    16. Asif says:


      Thanks for the detailed structured approach. I am new with INE and little experience with Voice. I got two questions for you.

      Is it possible to practice voice labs for CCNA + CCNP using simulator similar to GNS3 for R&S.

      For clearing doubts on CCNA / CCNP Voice starter Kit where do we look out for ?

      Kind Regards,

      • Hi Asif,

        You can begin to practice a few of the Voice specific tasks using GNS3/Dynamips (things that are IOS software based only and do not require any voice hardware installed in the routers). However anything that requires voice-specific hardware installed in the router (things such as voice ports or PVDMs / DSPs) cannot be practiced using GNS3/Dynamips, and must be practiced using actual hardware.

        For a good idea of hardware as well as costs involved, please take a look back at this comment I made earlier in this post.

        Kind Regards,

    17. AKM says:

      Hi Mark,

      Any update on release date for Deep Dives + workbook solution videos in the new HD format?


    18. timaz says:

      wooow! every time i see your site i really get surprised. you are amazing. how can i explain worthiness of you? … tnx

    19. timaz says:

      very structured! .. i wish you had a time to write such a complete and structured 1-year (more or less) study approach for other tracks too, such R/S, SP (on new blueprint). i know you have a topic like that in R/S, but it does not start from CCNP to CCIE. anyway, you poke me to learn voice. congratulations :D

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    21. Sheraz says:

      Hi Mark,
      you are really great and doing great work for all of us may GOD bless you with high reward really have no words to say any thing in your honor.my question is this that INE had any training which covers UCCX IP IVR in detail? please can you guide me what to do to become expert in UCCX and in IP IVR
      with regards

    22. Roy says:

      What training method do you recommend for taking 350-030, the written exam for the CCIE Voice?

    23. Greg Gotcher says:

      This is an awesome blueprint on how to go about studying for the CCIE Voice exam. I just have one question, at what point do you recommend taking the written portion of the CCIE Voice exam? Thanks for all the time you put into this.

      • Hi Greg,

        Great question. End of Week 15 is the time to be taking the CCIE Voice Written. Right after you come off studying from your CCNP, take some time to read through the 1000 pp. CUCM SRND, and then go and take the written.

        Kind Regards,
        Mark Snow

    24. CJ says:

      Hello. Im studying for CCNP Voice do you recommend completeing all the videos before you take any exams or , are you prepare for a certain exam after you complete the related videos ? for exams if the first 25 videos are focused on cvoice , after i complete those videos and would i be prepared to take the cvoice exam ?

      • Hi CJ,

        Great question.

        I would recommend watching videos 1-43 + 81-87 then taking the CVOICE exam, then watching 44-114 and taking CIPT1 & CIPT2, then watching 115-129 before taking CAPPS, then watching 130 plus going back through your bookmarks and reviewing all the troubleshooting included within the other videos before taking TVOICE.

        Kind Regards,

    25. Reidee says:

      This looks great!..Do you have something similar for the R&S track?

    26. Roy says:

      Are there any recommended labs from the workbooks we should use for preparing for our CCNP Voice?

      • Hi Roy,

        Really everything in the CCIE Voice Volume I WB could be used to aid you for your CCNP Voice preparation. As I was mentioning to another student just today, Cisco really expects you to know all of this material at a conceptual and base-practical level at the CCNA/CCNP Voice levels, and then expects you to be ready to begin with labs that combine all of these technologies and protocols into timed, multi-protocol labs (our Volume II workbooks) at the CCIE level.

        HTH some,

    27. John says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m looking at doing the R&S or the Voice CCIE path, from an additional expense point of view, which is less expensive?

      Would it be the R&S as you can use the GNS3 for the kit replacement?

      I would love to see a comparison of the associated costs relating to what additional hardware/software would be needed before I sign up for your training program.

      Looking foward to getting started :)


      • Hi John,

        Hmmm, that’s an interesting question. Don’t think I’ve seen it posed in that way before :) .
        I would say that you are probably correct, that R&S is most likely less expensive from the purely theoretical standpoint that you should be able to do most of your studies on the GNS3/Dynamips platform(s).

        That being said, I would imagine that the choice should probably also take into consideration which you have more experience with. Either way you go, I would most definitely start at the CCNA level (either CCNA RS or CCNA Voice), then work my way up through the CCNP level and finally onto CCIE. There is crucial information at those levels that will greatly aid you in understanding what we dive into fairly heavily in lab complex multiprotocol scenarios at the CCIE level. So if you already have a CCNA/CCNP at one of those levels, I would say you may want to consider that path.


    28. Mohamed says:

      Dear Mark
      Thank you so much for all these wonderful explanations and help
      please to start study my CCNA Voice, can you please tell me what will i need? only watch the CCNA Voice, or should i have any other materials, also will i need to rent labs? or just watching the videos
      please give me a detailed plan on the way to start study my CCNA VOICE
      with my best regards

    29. Abebe says:

      I have CCNP in both R&S and Voice but currently I am working more on the voice side and want to take the CCIE voice. I dont have fast Internet connection to use online Labs. What do you recommend the best way to prepare for the CCIE voice?


      • Hi Abebe,

        If you can’t rent rack time based on a slow internet speed, then you really will have to purchase the lab gear yourself, or else find a friend or colleague that will let you borrow time on their gear. But you have to have gear to practice on. Unfortunately for Voice, there isn’t very much that you can do in Dynamips/GNS3 except for practicing CME and maybe some GK and CUBE.

    30. Razieh says:

      Dear sir

      i’ve passed ccna and i tend to study ccna voice. would you plz inform me how the lab is accessed ? is your plan watching the videos only? how do you prepare a lab for trainees to test what they have learned?

    31. Razieh says:

      Dear sir
      Do I need any lab in ccna voice level or watching video and reading resources is sufficient?

    32. Wickm says:

      when is the best time to do the CCIE Written exam, which week ?

    33. Don says:

      Thank you Mark for the great post. A couple additional questions: The INE rack rental outline says, “Software/Hardware VPN support for your 7940/60/70, 7941/61/71, 7942/62/72, 7945/65/75 IP Phones for PSTN and any/all Sites”

      Does this mean I will need to load software on my machine?

      Will I need to purchase hardware i.e. IP phones?

      What is the minimum internet speed you think is needed for the rack rental?

      I ask these questions for the following reasons. At work, I use a government machine and cannot load any unapproved software on it. I presumed I would not have to purchase equipment because the rack rental provided everything I needed, but is the wording above saying I will need to purchase hardware? I do have a slow internet connection in my room where I could possible use if the requirements are not great.

      Thanks again,

      • Hi Don,

        You should not need to load software onto your machine, no. A T1 or equivalent speed should suffice. We do provide a web-based remote control for hardware phones attached to our racks, however at some point you will need to purchase hardware phones to properly study for the CCIE Voice lab exam.

    34. Asif says:

      Hi Mark
      I see CCNP Video starts from Week 7 to Week 15
      can you tell us which week covers CIPT1 , CIPT2 , Cvoice, Tshoot and CAPPS

      For now I am enjoying your CCNA Videos, its great :-)

      Kind Regards

      • Hi Asif,

        Great question.

        I would recommend watching videos 1-43 + 81-87 then taking the CVOICE exam, then watching 44-114 and taking CIPT1 & CIPT2, then watching 115-129 before taking CAPPS, then watching 130 plus going back through your bookmarks and reviewing all the troubleshooting included within the other videos before taking TVOICE.

        Kind Regards,

    35. Asif says:

      Thanks. Very Helpful Input

      Kind Regards,

    36. Maqsood says:

      Hi Mark.. I have bought INE videos.. But Iam having few doubts which I hope you will clear..

      1. Do you think 2 weeks are sufficient to watch all videos and practice all the labs ?

      2. I have bought INE CCNA voice videos, CCNP voice videos etc.. Can you tell me that along with watching ine videos, should I read any particular books ?? I want to gain knowledge, not just pass the exam.. If yes then which books do you prefer me to read ???

      3. After completing ccnp voice, should I directly go for ccie voice or first work in a company and gain real time experience and then go for ccie voice ??? Which is the better way to do ccie voice ?? I am in two minds what to do after ccnp voice.. What do you suggest ?

      • Hi Maqsood,

        1. I think that two weeks can be sufficient if you put in the 16 hours per week I prescribe. Somewhere between 32-40 dedicated hours should be enough study time to go for your CCNA Voice exam, yes.

        2. I do think that not only watching our videos, but also reading Cisco documentation is quite important. In fact, upon your question, I have modified my post above to include our Recommended Voice Reading Book List.

        3. There is no substitute for real world experience – in the real world. However, the CCIE Voice lab exam is not the real world. Once you are fresh off of studying for the CCNP Voice (and passing all five exams), I think you are perfectly primed to go into studies for your CCIE Voice written and lab exams. This would be a perfect time to also go into a job where you are applying these technologies. Either way (and make no mistake, many people will opt for different paths in their studies), I think you are ready to begin studying for CCIE at this point, yes.

    37. Matt says:

      “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?”

      I cannot wait to start this insanity. Appreciate the detailed breakdown, Mark.

    38. Vishal Rane says:

      Hello Mark

      I got a question on CCNP Voice, referring to this link

      CCNP Voice Course – $299.00

      On CIPT1 do you cover installation of CUCM not just theoretical but videos displaying the actual installation. Are all other topics mentioned in the above URL cover theory and practical demonstration video

      When I say Theory == ( Its like a white board explanation )

      when i say practical == ( logging to CUCM GUI Interface or Soft-phone Phone and showing the actual configuration and troubleshooting steps )

      • Hi Vishal,

        That entire CCNP Voice product is being re-recorded over the next two weeks (you’re welcome to join in the live broadcast of it as well).
        I always do many, many hands-on demonstrations, however, due to the sheer amount of just waiting time – I don’t cover the installation of any of the server products. Since all of them are based on RHEL, then if you have ever performed pretty much any linux distro install, then you’ve basically installed any of the Cisco UC OS installations. Maybe I will provide a screen capture in a future blog post. It’s drop-dead simple. It’s a wizard, and all you must do is answer basic questions like IP address, DNS server, NTP server, and provide some basic passwords.

    39. Mike says:


      I really like the outline you have presented here, I was really hoping you or someone else at your company has put something similar together for CCIE Security, which is what I have an interest in. Please let me know, thanks much!

    40. Fahad Ahmed says:

      Hi Mark,

      can you please let me know what tool have you used in you CCIE voice lectures to telnet into your router

      i am also using a mac and not finding any tool which is as amazing as the one you used in your CCIE lecture


    41. Ben says:


      I am finding my self more and more interested in a career in the voice side of things. I currently have zero voice experience. I do currently have a valid CCNA. My question is can I start your voice plan (which by the way is just about the most helpful thing that I have seen in 11 years in I.T.) or do I need to continue on to CCNP R&S prior. I realize it is not a prereq but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

      thank you

    42. Mauricio says:

      Hi Mark,

      I just purchased the ultimate bundle for the R&S track, could it be possible for you guys to provide us with a REVISED version of the document that Petr created for this track back in 2010 with the new products that comprise the bundle?

      Thanks in advance!

    43. Arian says:

      Hi Mark,
      Excellent method. lets say if I start next week, dont you think that the ccie voice blue print will change by the time ???

      • Hi Arian,

        It’s difficult to say exactly when it will change, but at any rate everything we have in our material will be utilized and needed training in the new blueprint, and we already have many more hours of training covering the new changes that would be announced, and will continue to create new material and will be up-to-date long before any new lab versions go into actual testing phase.

    44. Michael says:


      You wrote that the CCNA should be covered in two weeks – “Phase 1 – CCNA Voice :: Weeks 1 – 2 (32 hours)” but the actual length of the videos is about twice that length. Which videos do you suggest we skip, or is there a revision to this plan expected?

      Thank you,


      • Michael says:


        I see where the difference is – I have the downloadable course. It seems to be much longer than the streaming coures. Could you outline a similar plan for the downloadable materials?

        Thank you,


        • Hi Michael,

          The brand new version of the CCNA Voice course and has just been updated about 2 months ago, and the brand new version of the CCNP Voice course should be posted on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

      • Hi Michael,

        The brand new version of the CCNA Voice course and has just been updated about 2 months ago, and the brand new version of the CCNP Voice course should be posted on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
        The newest version of the CCNA Voice is only 25 hours, compared to the much longer course that many reported was too long and too in-depth (thus the reason I re-recorded the course), and is what I based the new 1-Year plan on. Also, the newest version of the CCNP Voice is only 62 hours, compared to the previous 83 hours (again, something everyone reported they thought was too long).

    45. Michael says:


      Thanks for your feedback! I e-mailed you and support to see if I can get my video access sorted out.

      Could you explain why module 15 of the deep dive series is not used in your plan?



      • Thanks for the email Michael, we have you taken care of.
        As for Module 15? Typo on my part. I have just updated the post to reflect Mod 15 being used as well, as it certainly should be!
        Thanks for the catch.

    46. Bill says:

      I’ve already completed my CCVP (GK version) certification 2 years ago. I’m working with UC products for the last three and a half years. I believe that I have a deep knowledge for 60-70% of the CCIE Voice lab subjects.

      What is a realistic study plan using the INE material, if I can study 8 (or more after work) hours each day for 3 workdays (Mon-Wed) and Saturday?

      How long do you believe it will take to have my first try?

      Thank you,

      • Hi Bill,

        Your background sounds great. I would begin with Phase 3, which still will involve quite a bit of work – to be sure. So given my estimate of 704 hours for Phase 3 (and it is just that – and estimate based on average time to study – bearing in mind that some learn quicker and some slower than others), with 32 hours of studying a week (based on your four 8-hour days) then you are looking at around 22 weeks.

        • Bill says:

          Thank you for replying.

          OK and one last thing. I’m not sure that I’ve completely understood what exactly I need for workbook 1 . Do I need a lab? Because I see from the sample that there are tasks that must be completed. So I watch the videos for each section and then I do the tasks described in the workbook 1 in the lab? This way I must do labs from day one right?

          • Hi Bill,

            The Deep Dive Volume I workbook is full of the technology-focused labs, and the Deep Dive videos walk you through how to accomplish each task. You can watch them before or after you work through the tasks, but understanding the level you are at already, you should most probably attempt the tasks at least once before watching the associated videos. You will work through these scenarios many times each.

    47. Muhammad Anas says:

      Great Work Mark

      I wish , INE will come Up with CCNA Security to CCIE Security Detailed Study Plan in one year :)

    48. Andrew says:

      Hi Mark,
      It’s a really interesting and inspiration post ever. Thanks for this!
      I passed CVoice and CCNP RnS. Now, I’m really excited to get one year ccie voice plan with INE.

      Before that I’d like to get a career advise from you. I’ve pretty much good experiences with CME (voice) in the past. But right now, I don’t have any voice related in my current job.

      Is it a good idea to study which is different from what you are doing at work? or Since I’m already doing security and Rns, should I go for other CCIE tracks (like CCIE Rns/ Sec)?


    49. Mark H says:

      Hi Mark,

      I am in a similar position as Andrew. Currently I’m employed as a data engineer, focusing on router and switch support. Although I have had previous experience deploying CUCM and CUC (circa 2007), I do very little voice work now.

      In your opinion, should I move ahead with CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice, or work towards CCIE Routing and Switching? I already have the CCNP R&S cert as well as a CCNA Voice cert. What are my job prospects with a CCIE Voice cert and lab-only experience?

      Thanks…Mark H

      • I would say that if you have had Voice experience in the past, then you probably know what a lucrative field it can be. I really don’t know which way to recommend that you go (R&S or Voice), however what I would ask you is – which do you prefer working on more? That is the direction I would go for the CCIE exam. When it comes to actually putting your CCIE into practice after passing the exam, I probably don’t have to tell you that in today’s multi-facetted work environment, most people end up touching and working on many different aspects of every network they come across – so I don’t think that choosing one or the other will in any way pigeon-hole you into any one category. In fact, if anything it will simply open the door wider to your future. Take care and unicast me an email letting me know which direction you choose!

    50. David Boston says:

      I am currently studying for my CCNP Voice but have been using Cisco press and CBTNuggets materials. I am very interested in INE’s CCIE Voice course and am excited to get my IE. Which brings me to my question, do I need to get the CCNP voice videos from INE if I pass all my CCNP Voice test with the materials I’m using or could I just get away with the CCIE material. I only ask because your course seems to tie everything together and don’t want to miss out on any topics, but wouldn’t mind saving $300 if possible.


      • Hi David,

        Good question. Since I am not very familiar with CBT’s content, I don’t know if I can speak to their thoroughness very well. As far as Cisco Press is concerned, while having recently reviewed their latest NP Voice books, and believing that they cover most of what is needed to be known for the NP exams, I can tell you that there have still been quite a few people who have recently publicly stated that they are using both Cisco Press books and INE CCNP Voice material, and that the Press books are good, but that INE’s material is really helping them to understand the concepts more thoroughly, especially because we are doing hands-on demonstrations of absolutely everything vs static text in a book (albeit a good book indeed). (No attempt to diss CP in any way, they have great books). So here is my thought – since the CCIE portion of the journey is going to be the biggest part of time devoted to studying, why not simply elect to join our All Access Pass, where you can gain access to not only all of our CCIE Voice material, but also have access to all of the CCNP Voice material if for any reason you need or simply want to go back and review the procedure for any other tasks. Better yet, why not consider our CCIE Voice 10-Day Bootcamp, where you automatically get a 2 year subscription to our All Access Pass, but also get 1500 IE Voice Rack Tokens, all of our IE Voice workbooks (it really comes with absolutely everything we offer), and get to attend our newly formatted and recently discounted 10-Day live bootcamp with me (the best part ;-) )?

        Just a thought.
        Hope it helps some,

    51. mfon mbatt says:

      how can i apply for this

      • How can you apply for this one year program?
        Easy, click on the product links above, purchase, and begin working on them in the above prescribed order.
        Post any questions about the technology to IEOC.com in the Voice forums. We have 3 CCIE Voice instructors there actively answering questions in 24 hour support!

    52. Jeff says:

      Is a thorough understanding of the SRND all that’s needed for the written, or should we use other sources too?

    53. Benedict Agyemang says:

      Hi Mr. Snow you have been my source of inspiration. I had already purchase my lab equipment for ccie routing and switching but after i have just gone through the introductory videos of your ccna voice i was so amazed that i have switched from the routing lab to building a new voice lab. However, i will like to pursue your one year plan in attaining ccna voice to ccie voice but i will like to ask you this question. my question is can i only concentrate on your entire videos without any books from ciscopress and if yes is it advisable. The reason is sometimes i found it difficult to read through the whole book than learning the video training. In wrapping up i will like to thank you once again for making my journey to voice easy by following this awesome strategy you have published thank you from Benedict Agyemang CCNA routing and switching.

    54. DMow says:

      I have my CCNA Voice but not much voice experience. I am now in our company’s voice group and find myself faltering, so I got the boss to order me the CCNP Voice download. I would love to have a number, but I’m worried about my lack of experience and feel like it’s important to first gear up to do my job, but the IE is a definite goal, hopefully in a year to 18 months. So would you recommend using this to go all the way up the voice track and then pursue CCIE Voice or simply jump on the CCIE Voice without worrying about NA/NP?

      • I would. Skipping the CCNA/NP level for any track can be a common mistake. There are many things taught at the NA/NP level that are then ‘assumed knowledge’ at the CCIE level.
        Also, I will soon be revising this plan for an alternate 18 month plan, as some have mentioned that one year may be too aggressive with their work/home life. I’ll also be including a downloadable spreadsheet with both plans – where you can simply fill in your start date and it will auto-populate all of your milestones for you to present to your boss. This has been a much requested feature.

    55. Michael says:

      I would be interested to find out how many people have followed the plan, how they are getting along, what their thoughts are, etc etc.
      I would like to start the voice one year plan early next year, once I complete the CCDP.

      Thanks Mark for the blog :)

      All the best.

    56. Darren says:

      tip for watching videos.. considering the physical time needed to watch all of these videos, try watching them at x1.5 or x2.0 speed – presuming your player allows it and your tolerance level for chipmunk voices :) Seriously though, this will save you considerable time in front of your screen.

    57. BENEDICT says:

      I will like to experience my sincere gratitude to the entire ine community especially our uber-geek Mr.Mark Snow. On December 3 2012 i took my ccna voice test and pass very well. I am currently on the run for my ccnp-voice. Last but not the least i will like to ask Mr. Snow to address some installation problems in regards to running cucm publisher and subscriber in the vmware environment thank you.

    58. BENEDICT says:

      I will like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire ine community especially our uber-geek Mr.Mark Snow. On December 3 2012 i took my ccna voice test and pass very well. I am currently on the run for my ccnp-voice. Last but not the least i will like to ask Mr. Snow to address some installation problems in regards to running cucm publisher and subscriber in the vmware environment thank you.

    59. Shawn says:

      Ive been doing voice for 7 years now. My networking gets me by, and i got my CCNP-VOice in 2007, renewed it twice (Just passed the CCIE Written). What do you recommend i do next?

      • Begin on phase 3. You’re certainly ready for this stage at this point, and I’d spend plenty of time on the racks at this point as well. This is where you will spend the bulk of your time in all preparedness for any certification – in this final learning and labbing phase. No shortcuts here, but it’s time well spent that will stay with you for a lifetime.

    60. Shawn says:

      Also, do you recommend a CCIE Voice guy do the CCNPR&S first or is it not required?

    61. John says:

      Hi Mark,
      is there any update on the 18 month plan? In terms of time comittment I am curious how much it will differ from the 1 year plan ie I am one of those busy family guys :)

      I think the spreadsheet is a great idea, I can really sell this to my boss and get some support on that.

    62. Gunjan Jain says:

      Hi Mark,
      I have done my engineering in Electronics and Communication and worked on Oracle databases for 2 years. I want to take up CCIE Voice. Can I start with it right away? Will the 2 years in Oracle affect my career in networking?
      Thanks & regards,
      Gunjan Jain

      • Hi Gunjan Jain,

        Only you could really know what you remember or don’t from your engineering degree. However what I can tell you is that I start at a fairly fundamental level. I do recommend that you have completed the CCNA (R&S path) before you start on the CCNA Voice, as I don’t cover basic static and dynamic routing or switching in those CCNA Voice lessons. I think you will do well. Good luck and have fun in your studies! Post any questions that you may have at http://ieoc.com.

    63. Ckeendy says:

      Hello, am not an engineering student nor science student, but i am very much interested in IT (cisco networking, precisely Security). so, how do i go about dis?

    64. Mahir says:

      Awesome post, is there a similar spreadsheet for CCIE Routing and Switching. That will be double awesome :)

    65. tahir says:

      Hey Mark, this looks good. i am very interested in voice track. i have done CCIE RS. my job does not allow me to have hands on with voice stuff. so is it possible to get CCIE Voice without real world experience?

      • Possible without real-world experience? Yes. Possible without any hands-on experience? No. As long as you have enough time in the lab working with these technologies, you will have developed plenty of hands-on experience, even if it’s not in a production network.

    66. bumi akin says:

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks so much for this brilliant post. INE has indeed done it again! I have a friend pursuing the Voice track and I have quickly sent the link for this post to him :-)
      My question (a request, really) is that would the amazing instructors at INE be able to develop a similar updated study spreadsheet for those following the Security and Route/Switch tracks?
      Thanks for your time and attention.

    67. Berkan says:

      Hi Mark,

      I have no previous experience in Voice communications, I have been working with Data Networking and got basic video Communications knowledge. I am interested in learning Voice and achieve the number in voice. For my preparation the recommended reading materials for Voice, I saw a reply on the August 10th 2012 you mentioned it is good idea to mix both video and reading in the learning plan.

      So its mandatory that I finish reading this materials before I step into CCIE Voice Written Exam or before the 10 day boot camp. If so do I have to plan my reading material in a particular way that when I watch a video that I have to read the same title from the books? or the books are additional resources only

      CCNA Voice
      Voice over IP Fundamentals
      Cisco Unified Communications Manager – Solution Reference Network Design Guide

      CCNP Voice
      Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers;
      SIP Trunking;
      Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS (Cvoice) Foundation Learning Guide
      CCNP Voice :: CVOICE 642-437 :: Quick Reference

      Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 1 (CIPT1) Foundation Learning Guide
      CCNP Voice :: CIPT1 642-447 :: Quick Reference

      Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 (CIPT2) Foundation Learning Guide
      CCNP Voice :: CIPT2 642-457 :: Quick Reference

      Cisco Unity Connection;
      Cisco Unified Presence Fundamentals
      Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection: A Step-by-Step Guide

      CCNP Voice :: TVOICE 642-427 :: Quick Reference

      Thank you
      & Best Regards

    68. John Marshal RS/SP says:

      I had confusion, how to start voice lab, you gave great procedure….
      thanks lot…….

    69. Shay says:

      Hi I am planning to do CCNP voice then CCIE voice with INE and at the momenet I am trying to build my simple voice lab… I have a CCME router 2851…
      now I am trying to install CUCM 8.6.1 on an hp proliant G5, 3.0 GHz server with dual quard xeon 5450 with 8 GB ram and with 73 + 146 GB sata drives physically installed.
      I had a problem with CUCM 8.6.1 installation on this specifications.. and the error message was ” your hardware is not supporting this software installation “.

      So I looked at few cheaper servers and which support CUCM 8.6.1 or 8.0.3 verson… the only feasible server with my budget I found is MCS-7825-H3 with the following specifications

      MCS-7825-H3-CCE1/ECS1/IPC1 – 2.13GHz, 8GB memory, 2x160GB sata

      my question is can this specified MCS server be used for CUCM 8.6.1a or CUCM 8.0.3 installations ?

      Please give me an advice on this

      Many Thanks

      Kind regards

      • You should be able to install 8.x on any vmware ESXi installation, even if it does not support it. (support isn’t necessary when studying, because you can just reboot if/when you hit a bug/issue in the lab).

        • Shay says:

          Thanks Mark for your reply, I did try on HP prolient with EXSi 5 and that gave me the error message while installing it on the vm, installation was checking for the hardware and finally returned with an error message of ” your hardware is not support this software installation” then i thought the processor is not supporting CUCM 8.6.1

          • It does have to be an x86 intel. AMD won’t work.

            • Shay says:

              Thank aganin Mark, it is x86 intel; may be I think the hard disk space didnt support because 8.6 needs atleast 4 G ram and 146 or more hdd… I’ll check with these and share my exp.

              Many thanks

            • Yes, it does look for the proper RAM and HDD space. Also make sure you that you have a NTP server reachable that is stratum 4 or better. Just throw a router up on the same segment and do a quick set clock from exec, then clock timezone and then a ntp master 2 and you’ll be set.

            • Shay says:

              The processor I am using with this installation is intel xeon E5450 with dual quard core, 3 GHz with 12Mb L2 cache and I believe it is Intel x86

              Many Thanks

    70. [...] about a month ago, I went to http://www.ine.com and saw their claim to turn me into a CCIE Voice in 18 months.  Well, why not?  I have tons of [...]

    71. Benjamin Wright says:

      I’ve started the CCNP Voice video series also and was wondering about lab books also. I have just completed the CVoice video’s and was wondering if there’s a configuration list so I could go over all commands and set up as a watch the video. I have obtained a full Voice lab that mirrors INE rack rental lab with no real idea how to set it up. (I’m new to Voice) I also purchase the CCIE Voice Boot camp Voucher so I could attend sometime next year.

      I guess my question is what would be your advice to study and pass CCNP Voice? I can watch the videos and read the Cisco press books but how do I implement the equipment I have with CCNP Voice? Or do I do the CCIE Labs with my equipment? Where can I get information to integrate the server with the rest of my equipment?

      Lastly, this is the setup I have for the servers ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/1TB-HDD-Cisco-CCIE-CCVP-Voice-VMWare-5-1-CUCM-CUPS-UCCX-8-6-for-Dell-1950-Server-/230960210124?pt=Phone_Switching_Systems&hash=item35c64d20cc) is this sufficient for the CCIE Voice?

      Benjamin Wright

    72. Bobby R says:

      With the CCIE Voice going to CCIE Collaboration, will you provide a Study Plan similar to this one? I’m wrapping up my CCNP Voice and planned on diving right into the CCIE, but there’s no way I’ll meet the deadlines on the CCIE Voice track.

    73. Jonathan says:

      Awesome plan Mark. I’m resolved to take this 12-month program but I have a few questions and was wondering if you can assist.

      1.) I currently passed the CCNA and was thinking in specializing. I want to pursue the voice specialization track (I’m torn between the R&S & Voice CCIE but I believe voice is the way to go for me). At any rate I’ve heard from many other Cisco experts that it’s best to pursue the CCNP first to get a better foundation of the core routing & switching before specializing; be it voice or security or any other. Do you recommend that as well?

      2.) I wanted to start this 12-month program as of this month of June. But with the new CCIE collaboration suite will you guys have your videos updated for that new Collaboration version in time for me to follow this schedule & not lose momentum?

      3.) For someone who’s torn on seeking the base CCIE track of R&S or specializing like CCIE Voice (err, I mean collaboration) what suggestions do you have for them to decide? Many have told me just go with what attracts you more. But Since I’m not totally sure what the day to day job functionality will look like for a person with each track both are equally attractive. Any wisdom of experience for someone in that position?

      Thanks for your help! I’m new to INE and am surprised of the sheer level of support & enthusiasm here.

      • Paul Chan says:

        1) I am a new starter to INE. I have CCNP in both R&S, Security and Voice. In my opinion, if you want to pass CCIE Voice, the concept for CCNA Routing is enough if you thoughly understand it.

        2) I will try my best to take CCIE Voice before expire in Feb, try our best, Cheers!

    74. Rob Riker says:

      I have to say, no matter which track one chooses to go down, R&S personally. That INE seems to have not only the material that covers the topics at an in-depth level (I purchased the CCIE R&S workbooks). You also have a guideline and a breakdown in the guideline to keep the candidate (myself) on track. I have only dealt with INE for my Cisco training, being the only vendor you specialize in. I am amazed at the amount of effort that goes into development. Additionally INE offers free resources and an online community for achieving the desired “PASS” everyone is going for. I have taken an interest in Security/Voice and now Data Center, your enthusiasm alone towards the technology was enough to peak my interest. I hope one with enough studies to have 5 CCIEs like Brian Dennis. It’s simply amazing what you guys do for the IT industry. INE Rocks!! CCIE 2014!!!

    75. Paul Chan says:

      Hi Mark!

      I am a new comer to your course.
      I found topics 14.1 and 14.2 Device mobility which I cannot find in CCIE Voice LAB syllabus. Can I skip those two and go directly to 14.3 extension mobility?

    76. Shane P. says:

      I’m interested in CCIE Voice (soon to be collaboration). I want to wait to take the new collaboraiton exam but I would like to start studying now. Will you be updating the CCIE Voice Study Plan to include new topics on the Collaboration exam?

    77. Paul Chan says:

      Hi Mark,

      In Video 1.9, there is a frame relay shaping command,

      config# shape average 729600 7600 0

      Could you please advice how 7600 come from?

      Thanks very much!

    78. Nick D says:

      1. If I am to purchase the workbook volume 1, and 2 will I be grandfathered in to the CCIE Collaboration workbooks 1, and 2 ?

      2. I have access to the required lab equipment at work, will the workbooks provide sufficient documentation on how to set the lab up ? Do you ever go over how to setup an esxi server for the various servers ?

      3. I am CCNA Voice, and have experience at work, my plan is to get all the hardware ready then purchase the workbook volume 1, and 2. At that point I will build the lab using the workbooks as a referance (hopefully, not sure if they provide that info). Once I lab front, back, and side to side I will then attend a live bootcamp. Do you forsee any issues with this approach ? Personally I have every intention on becoming CCIE voice, I really dont see the point in getting CCVP certified as its another $1200. I would rather spend that money on your products in pursuit to the end goal of CCIE. We all know that anyone can become a paper CCVP, I personally think the cert hold little value when compared to CCIE.

    79. Artur says:

      Is it enough ONLY INE video to pass cisco certs?

    80. john says:

      Hi Mark,

      very2 good article, i’m on the way to get ccna R&S (really2 hope this not required for ccna voice) and want to follow voice path for cisco certification

      can you suggest me the new ccna voice, ccnp voice and ccie voice voice?

      i have experience in VoIP (not cisco device :) ) but the protocol still same i think :)


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