Another new update is now available for the CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class. This update adds an additional 15 hours of videos to the series, which includes the rest of IPsec, IPS, and AAA. All Access Pass subscribers and customers who purchased download access can login to the INE members site to see the new additions. ┬áThis brings the series up to about 40 hours of videos, which will be further increased with some minor updates I’ll be adding over the next few weeks. If there is a specific topic which is missing that you’d like to see feel free to comment here, or email me at bmcgahan@ine.com.

The outline for the series is now as follows:

  • Introduction – 0h 37m
  • CCIE Security Preparation Resources – 0h 50m
  • ASA Overview – 0h 37m
  • Basic ASA Initialization – 1h 02m
  • ASA Routing – 0h 37m
  • ASA Reliable Static Routing – 0h 20m
  • ASA Access Control Lists (ACLs) – 0h 41m
  • ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Overview – 0h 53m
  • ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Configuration – 0h 51m
  • ASA Advanced TCP Inspection with MPF – 0h 40m
  • ASA Advanced Application Inspection with MPF – 0h 36m
  • ASA Quality of Service (QoS) – 0h 30m
  • ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 1 – 0h 50m
  • ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 2 – 0h 30m
  • ASA Transparent Firewall Overview – 0h 25m
  • ASA Transparent Firewall Configuration – 0h 43m
  • ASA ARP Inspection with Transparent Firewall – 0h 21m
  • ASA Multiple Context Mode Overview – 0h 42m
  • ASA Multiple Context Mode Configuration – 0h 59m
  • ASA Redundant Interfaces – 0h 22m
  • ASA Failover Overview – 0h 19m
  • ASA Active/Standby Failover Routed Firewall Configuration – 0h 29m
  • ASA Active/Standby Failover Transparent Firewall Configuration – 0h 17m
  • ASA Active/Active Failover Routed Firewall Configuration – 0h 37m
  • ASA Multiple Context Transparent Firewall Configuration – 0h 29m
  • ASA Active/Active Failover Transparent Firewall Configuration – 0h 29m
  • IOS Access Control Lists (ACLs) – 0h 23m
  • IOS Time Based ACLs – 0h 13m
  • IOS Lock & Key Security with Dynamic ACLs – 0h 24m
  • IOS Reflexive ACLs – 0h 44m
  • IOS TCP Intercept and Content Based Access Control (CBAC) – 0h 39m
  • Zone Based Policy Firewall Overview – 0h 26m
  • Zone Based Policy Firewall Configuration – 0h 44m
  • ZBPF Self Zone & ZBPF Exceptions – 0h 48m
  • Port to Application Mapping (PAM) – 0h 32m
  • ZBPF Parameter Tuning – 0h 32m
  • ZBPF Application Inspection – 0h 27m
  • IOS Transparent Firewall – 0h 28m
  • IPsec Overview – 0h 37m
  • IOS IPsec LAN-to-LAN Configuration – 0h 58m
  • IPsec Troubleshooting – 0h 42m
  • GRE over IPsec, IPsec Profiles, & VTIs – 0h 51m
  • ASA IPsec Overview – 0h 24m
  • ASA IPsec LAN-to-LAN Configuration – 0h 20m
  • Certificate Authority (CA) Overview – 0h 16m
  • IOS & ASA LAN-to-LAN IPsec with Certificates – 0h 57m
  • Easy VPN Overview – 0h 12m
  • IOS Easy VPN Server – 1h 10m
  • IOS Easy VPN Client – 0h 30m
  • IOS Easy VPN with Dynamic VTIs, ISAKMP Profiles – 0h 49m
  • ASA Easy VPN Server – 0h 51m
  • ASA Easy VPN Server & IOS Easy VPN Client – 0h 17m
  • ASA Clientless & AnyConnect SSL VPN – 1h 04m
  • DMVPN – 1h 05m
  • IPS Overview, Promiscuous Mode & SPAN – 0h 43m
  • IPS Promiscuous Mode & RSPAN – 0h 28m
  • IPS Blocking Devices & Custom Signatures – 0h 50m
  • IPS Inline Mode, VLAN Pairing – 0h 15m
  • IPS Virtual Sensors and Signature Engines – 0h 16m
  • AAA Overview, Local AAA, & Role Based CLI – 0h 51m
  • RADIUS, TACACS+, & Cisco Secure ACS Configuration – 0h 51m
  • RADIUS & TACACS+ Exec Authorization & Accounting – 0h 39m
  • TACACS+ Command Accounting – 0h 30m
  • RADIUS & TACACS+ Enable Authentication – 0h 14m
  • IOS Authentication Proxy – 0h 33m
About Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13:

Brian McGahan was one of the youngest engineers in the world to obtain the CCIE, having achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching at the age of 20 in 2002. Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE training courses for over 10 years, and has assisted thousands of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification. When not teaching or developing new products Brian consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in the midwest region of the United States.

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19 Responses to “(Even More) CCIE Security ATC Updates!”

  1. Stefan says:

    What about the following topics:
    - GETVPN
    - L2TP
    - IPS Anomaly Detection
    - IOS IPS
    - NAC
    - LDAP
    - DOT1X
    - ASA CTP
    And many more topics from the folowing sections of the blueprint:
    - Control plane and management plane security
    - Advanced security
    - Identify and mitigate network attacks


  2. Nasser says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the list, Will you able to cover the Control Plane Topics in Security ATC.

  3. Ian says:

    These new videos are a huge improvement on the last ones and very detailed. There is a few topics missing though. Out of the 8 lab v3.0 blueprint details it only really covers Sections 1 – 4, most of 5 and none of 6,7 or 8.


    I would like to see ASA Cut Through Proxy, 802.1X, NAC Framework and LDAP Authorization Mapping added (section 5 topics) as well as the sections which aren’t covered – are these being planned or due?

    They videos up so far are very good.

    • More sections are still coming, mainly the layer 2 and layer 3 attack mitigation, and some other minor stuff like you mentioned. Some of sections 6 – 8 has already been covered in the videos currently posted, such as Telnet, HTTP, SSH, Privilege levels, Syslog, AAA, NTP, RADIUS, TACACS+, NAT, TCP Intercept, NBAR, etc. The ones that are left are mainly overlap between multiple blueprint sections. For example “Configure uRPF” and “Identify and protect against IP spoofing attacks” are listed in separate sections, but in the videos they’d be covered together. There will be another announcement once the rest of the material is posted. You may also want to reference the 5-day Bootcamp Class-on-Demand as these topics are covered there as well.

      • Ian says:

        Great, I look forward to the updates.

        The videos I’ve watched so far are excellent – you’ve done a great job of explaining the technologies.

  4. kenyonej says:

    Hi Brian,

    This sounds absolutely wonderful….however, I have a specific question that I’ve always battled with, I am absolutely apalled by Network Security, and I want to go this track, but doesn’t it seem like a better idea to master TCP/IP (R&S) before going into security, since this is what we are trying to protect in the first place? This is why I want to master TCP/IP through getting the CCIE R&S, then traveling down the road of Security. But i’ve started by getting a CCNA Security

    • I would say for CCIE Security you would need a CCNP level of understanding of Ethernet switching, WAN technologies, and IP routing. You don’t necessarily need an expert level understanding of all the R&S topics, like BGP or MPLS for example, but it can’t hurt. Most people who get CCIE Security already have CCIE R&S, but not all of them.

  5. John says:


    When I try to download the vods my browser will open the video instead of downloading it. I have tried different browsers on different operating systems. With the same browsers I am able to download the RnS vods for instance without the issue I am having with the sec vods.

    Thank you

  6. Crispy says:

    This stuff keeps gets better and better. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    Chris P

  7. Beshir ali says:

    Hi Brain

    I bough security bundle, but when i login the video, i tought your video will be there i got outdate video which showing 2009, so may question does your update video will be included in the security training bundle

  8. Ashraf Esmat Khalil 3x CCIE (R/S, SP, Sec) says:


    You are the best instructor worldwide.

  9. Joe says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for putting together this excellent video training, this package is perfect for CCIE Security candidates. I have been watching for weeks, again a brilliant work!

    Question – Where can we download the slides that you used in each section? These are very good sidles that summarized the key concepts and points of each section.


    • Hi Joe,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the class! You should see a tab next to the video list that says course files or similar. The diagrams, slides, and initial configs are there. If you have issues with it email me directly and I’ll get you the files.

      Good luck in your studies!

  10. jluintel says:

    Hi ,
    I purchased security bundle (self paced) about 2 months ago. I do not see these new vidoes. I I browsed thru the link provided above. I can only watch sample video.

    Do I have to pay additional for these new videos ?



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