On October 19, 2011 I finally passed my CCIE lab at RTP becoming CCIE
#31014. I have taken the exam twice before this, both times coming
extremely close but not quite making it. I started studying about a
year ago using mainly INE products as well as reading blogs and group
study. I went through Vol 1 to get started and then jumped right into
Vol 2 where I spent the majority of my study time. I went through Vol
2 probably close to 3 times over the year I spent studying. I would
go through each lab carefully, referencing the DocCD and Vol 1 for
any technologies I was unsure of. The one thing I neglected to spend
a lot of time on was troubleshooting. I kept telling myself “I know
the technologies so well I can figure out the troubleshooting section
when I get there”…this is the wrong answer. Yes, I knew the
technologies inside and out but the first two times I failed the exam
was due to the fact that I did not have a solid troubleshooting
strategy. For all the other candidates out there, make sure you
practice troubleshooting, have a solid strategy, read the guidelines
carefully and you will do fine. I want to thank everyone at INE,
especially Petr who taught the bootcamp I attended in Tampa this past
spring. The bootcamp, along with all the other INE products are
top-notch and I wouldn’t be where I’m at without them.

Josiah Chonko
CCIE# 31014

Our sincere congratulations go out to Josiah on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don’t you get started with our CCIE Routing and Switching products today?

About Mark Snow, CCIE #14073:

Mark Snow has been actively working with data and traditional telephony as a Network Consulting Engineer since 1995, and has been working with Cisco Call Manager and voice-over technology since 1998. Mark has been actively teaching and developing content for the CCIE Voice track since 2005, and the Security track since 2007. Mark's story with both data and voice technology started out quite young, as he began learning around the age of five from his father who was a patented inventor and a research scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mark started out on Unix System V and basic analog telephony, and went on from there to large data networking projects with technologies such as Banyan Vines, IPX and of course IP, and large phone systems such as Nortel 61c, Tadiran Coral, Avaya Definity and of course Cisco Unified Communications Manager in both enterprise and 911 PSAP environments across the US and internationally. Mark is also an accomplished pilot and punched his ticket in 2001. When Mark isn't learning, labing, consulting or teaching, he can be found either piloting or possibly jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, hanging off a rock somewhere or else skiing out west. He also might just be enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his wife and two wonderful young kids, Ryleigh and Judah.

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  1. AJN says:

    Congratulation Josiah! Perseverence ALWAYS pays.


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