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Here is another small sampling those of you who have written in to tell us how our products helped you succeed, after having passed your CCIE Lab in the past couple of months.

Don’t look, but there is an unprecedented Buy-One, Get-One FREE Bootcamp Seat offer here. But it’s only around until Dec 31. These are the same Route/Switch, Voice and Security bootcamps that many of these successful people below used in helping them to attain their CCIE number.

The road to both my CCIE Security (Passed on Oct. 8, 2009) & Voice (Passed on Sept. 26, 2011) were the greatest hurdles but at the same time the topmost achievements of my life so far but I didn’t do it alone. I have partnered with the expert and the best study mate that every CCIE aspirants should meet, the INE.
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We have added some new US and International CCIE Voice bootcamps to our schedule!

With every 10-Day Bootcamp purchase, INE gives you your choice of either:

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We are finished with our L2VPN beta testing, and are very happy to report that all 38 of our beta testers reported back not only no issues with connecting to us, but also an incredible experience overall with phones that appear directly connected to their rack switchports, and that behave and function exactly as they did when any of them have previously sat for the CCIE Voice lab exam. We are happy to announce that every one of our Voice racks now fully supports SIX Layer 2 VPN connections – one for each phone.

At INE, we are all about putting as much knowledge in your mind as it can hold, as many tools in your hands as possible, and doing it all for far less than anyone. We offer so many ways of connecting to our Voice racks and often I get asked which method is the best and which they should use. So I thought I would take this time to quickly outline all of the ways we offer to connect to our racks, and then break them down by most-to-least desirable methods for doing so after the break.

Outline of Connection Methods

  1. Layer 2 Hardware VPN – Use Your Own Hardware Cisco IP Phones
    • (This option is the only true way to experience the CCIE Voice lab)
  2. Layer 3 Hardware VPN – Use Your Own Hardware Cisco IP Phones
  3. SSL AnyConnect VPN – Use Our Rack-Connected Phones with FREE Web-Based Remote Control
  4. IPSec (EzVPN) VPN – Use Our Rack-Connected Phones with FREE Web-Based Remote Control
  5. NO VPN AT ALL – Use Our Rack-Connected Phones with FREE Web-Based Remote Control

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A new update to INE’s CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam Bootcamp is now available in streaming format for All Access Pass subscribers, and available for purchase as a download.  This completely new video series, taught by me – Brian McGahan, 3 x CCIE #8593 (Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider) – is specifically designed for students looking to focus on the topics and technologies covered in the CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam version 4 blueprint.

As a precursor to our CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class and our CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1, the Written Exam Bootcamp helps to create a solid foundation of the concepts covered in the CCIE Routing & Switching version 4 Written Exam, as well to give students the knowledge they need to continue straight into their hands-on CCIE Lab Exam preparation. This bootcamp will also benefit current CCIEs who need to re-affirm their knowledge from a theoretical standpoint in order to recertify on the various technologies covered on the CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam blueprint.

Samples of the class can be found here.

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Here is a small sampling of those of you who have worked extremely hard and passed the CCIE Lab in the past couple of months, and written in to tell us how our products helped you succeed:

My journey to the magic number started 18 months ago. I used two
other vender products to study for my first attempt in December 2010,
which turned out to be a disaster. After taking a few weeks off from
my epic failure, I started my studying again, continuing to use the
other vender’s products. No matter how much time I put in, I wasn’t
learning the technology. In June I decided to switch to INE. I
scheduled the two week bootcamp for about 6 weeks before my lab
attempt. I then started using your workbooks and watching the ATC
VODS using the All-Access pass. Things finally started clicking.
The ATC VODS really explained the technology, Workbooks 1 and 2
allowed me to skip over the easy stuff and really focus on the harder
technologies, and Workbook 3 helped me build speed. Attending the
bootcamp solidified BGP and a few other technologies that I was
struggling with. Going into my second lab attempt on December 6th,
2011 I can’t say I was 100% certain I was going to pass but I felt I
had a chance. I am happy to say, thanks to INE, and a lot of hours
of studying I finally achieved my CCIE R&S. CCIE# 32500 belongs to
me! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Paul Bard, CCIE#: 32500

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With so many requests for these classes, but also with so many telling us of their limited travel budgets, we made the decision to change our previously Seattle-based courses for CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice to online courses. They will still be packed with all of the same material to fully prepare you for all your exams. We have also reduced the price of the course to only $499, and once the course is over, you will have the ability to download this course at no additional charge. These will be live classes taught by CCIEx2 #14073 Mark Snow.

You may get more information, as well as register for the courses here.

Also, for our existing All Access Pass subscribers, you will be given access to this online streaming class. You will still need to register with sales, but no additional cost will be necessary.

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A Proctor from RTP called me up on Friday, as he often does, and wanted me to disseminate some information. The word this time is that RTP is opening it’s doors on Saturday 12/10 and Saturday 12/17 for lab attempts. This is mainly due to the fact that they are closing RTP on 12/20 for the remainder of the year (opening back up in Jan), and they wanted to allow people a few extra days to get their attempts in before the close of the year. So if you happened to be waiting until the last minute to book, and couldn’t find a date – now you have two!



I mentioned a few weeks back in bullet #3 in my post titled “SO Many Voice Updates!” that we would be adding Layer 2 VPN support for our Voice racks. Well, our hardware is in place and tested (by us), and now it is ready to be tested by you!

To start out, we are going to select a few beta customers to try out the service, and work out any kinks that may be there. I will work personally with all beta customers, and any issues will be resolved very quickly. I just want to make sure that we get everything documented properly.

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