With the recent advent of the new 2.0 version CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Wireless certifications, as well as the (probably more notable) CCIE Data Center being announced this week (something that we reported to you first 8 months ago), INE is proud to announce that we are developing training for both of these prestigious Cisco certification tracks. We should have CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Wireless products all covering the new 2.0 version by this summer, and we will be purchasing at least one complete Data Center rack and develop courseware surrounding that new CCIE as well. We will evaluate the market, and our costs to asses if it is feasible to procure more CCIE Data Center racks for rental at that time.

Also we should note that we have just finished up 62 hours of a brand new CCNP Voice v8 bootcamp that will be available for stream or download next week, and that our new CCNP Security bootcamp is being filmed beginning on Monday, April 30, and should be available for stream or download the following week. Also that we will be adding 2 new CCIE Voice labs to our Volume II workbook here in the next month (one in about a week and one in about 3 weeks), and lastly (but by no means even close to least) that we are on track to release the new CCIE SPv3 workbook by the end of next week.

We look forward to working with all of you in your certification endeavors!


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    Mark Snow has been actively working with data and traditional telephony as a Network Consulting Engineer since 1995, and has been working with Cisco Call Manager and voice-over technology since 1998. Mark has been actively teaching and developing content for the CCIE Voice track since 2005, and the Security track since 2007. Mark's story with both data and voice technology started out quite young, as he began learning around the age of five from his father who was a patented inventor and a research scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mark started out on Unix System V and basic analog telephony, and went on from there to large data networking projects with technologies such as Banyan Vines, IPX and of course IP, and large phone systems such as Nortel 61c, Tadiran Coral, Avaya Definity and of course Cisco Unified Communications Manager in both enterprise and 911 PSAP environments across the US and internationally. Mark is also an accomplished pilot and punched his ticket in 2001. When Mark isn't learning, labing, consulting or teaching, he can be found either piloting or possibly jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, hanging off a rock somewhere or else skiing out west. He also might just be enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his wife and two wonderful young kids, Ryleigh and Judah.

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    31 Responses to “INE to Debut Cisco Wireless and Data Center Certifications This Year”

    1. Nicola says:


      This is really exciting news. Any timeline for INE training for the CCIE DC for both Written/Lab portion?will there be any material before September,2012? Any news on upcoming publications (Cisco Press or other) covering the CCIE DC?


      • We hope to get material out before then, but no promises on an exact date just yet. As the time draws closer, we will have more targeted guidance. Last thing we would want to do is mislead you on an exact release date, so until we know for certain, we will just give more general timeframes.
        As for Cisco Press? Haven’t heard anything official yet, but I am thinking that we will hear more at the specific CCIE DC Breakout session at Networkers (BRKCCIE-1001). Brian Dennis and I will be there and I believe Brian McGahan as well.
        Look forward to seeing you all there! IE DC is an exciting and long awaited for event.

    2. Ahmed Muhi says:

      I really admire all of your work, whenever I search for something and your blog url appears in the results, I read it first, best wishes for you in your new courses.

    3. Robert says:

      Beautiful! Sign me up as the first customer for anything CCIE DC related.

    4. Nutsy says:


      Will INE need beta testers for their CCIE DC track? Please let me know if so.

    5. Deepak Arora says:

      Few quick questions :

      1. The New CCNP Sec COD will be covering new 2.0 blueprint ?
      2. Any plans about newly introduced CCNA-SP ?
      3. While We are talking about upcoming DC track, few things which looks missing are WAAS, ASA v1k. I wish you guys will be covering those as well since Data Center Engineers got to deal with those as well ?

      4. Any plans to go with some Juniper Trainings in near future ?

      5. CCDE bootcamp COD never made it to AAP, Any update on that ?

      • Hi Deepak,

        I’ll try to answer in order as best I can:

        1. Yes
        2. Possibly soon, yes
        3. WAAS is terrible. I’ve never talked to anyone who uses it (and likes it). DC guys deal with Riverbed. ASA v1K? Although not on the exam, I really cannot see why we would not add it in there. It doesn’t take much extra time or resources – but no promises just yet.
        4. Plans? Always plans. :)
        5. We had some technical problems with the audio in the original recording, and so we are looking to redo and have this available sometime soon. No date yet.

        Keep up your 12 CCIE’s in 3 years plan – and we’ll keep putting products out to help you achieve them! ;-)

        Take care,

    6. Marc La Porte says:

      Hey guys,

      Looking forward seeing the DC tracks (A, P, E) developed by INE. Will any of you do this track yourselves as part of setting it up?


    7. Sergio Lima says:

      I think that my next target should be CCIE DC. Mark, do you have any idea about how much expensive are the bootcamp for DC?

      • We don’t have costs worked out just yet for a bootcamp. The hardware alone for a single rack will range anywhere from $750K to $1.3MM (albeit list price) according to our calculations. So to workout the numbers on the bootcamp, before we have finalized our BOM and procured the hardware, is just a tad premature. I wouldn’t imagine that it would be too far out of line from the rest of our price points for bootcamps, but can’t say for sure just yet.

    8. Al says:

      Expressions of interest accepted? Being a subscriber to RS,security and SP I have come to appreciate how much they have helped with my daily activities.

      So, sign me up for DC!!!!

    9. Deepak Arora says:

      You are right , WAAS is not much popular but I thought It should have make it to DC track since it’s a Cisco Baby. But so is story of ACE, since as far I have seen I found F5 load balancers are much more popular.

      Or may be you can propose Riverbed/F5 training ? :-)

    10. Sham says:

      Awesone!!!! :-)

    11. Hudson says:

      Once you release the SPv3 workbooks, I am purchasing 300 tokens to my current 300. I am sure the racks will also be ready this week right?

    12. abx says:

      Great news on the Wireless. If your ready to release in the summer then you clearly have someone working on course content now.

      Will INE be in a position to offer Wireless Racks also in the summer?

      Will INE again be using the vol1 – technologies vol2 – labs model ?


    13. timaz says:

      I wish and hope that INE could debut the Juniper courses too. for example, you can start with JNCIA videos, WBs and even racks and then go for JNCIP. It will be very prestigious for INE. you can do it, because you did great up to now.

    14. JT says:

      Really looking forward to the CCNP & CCIE Wireless track training…I’ve been asking for this for some time :) Related rental racks & workbooks will also be very much appreciated (if possible it would be helpful to have both CCNP and CCIE level workbooks…or have the CCIE be a “superset” workbook for both). I would also appreciate it if you could write the CCNP & CCIE courses (or have related Wireless Deep Dives) where the focus is on Cisco’s design guides & best practices…toward real-world design, implementation & hardening of Wireless networks.

      • Hi JT,

        Look for all of this to debut very soon. CCNA Wireless should be available in just the next few weeks, followed up quickly by CCNP Wireless. And BTW, that’s probably what we will do – release a CCIE “superset” WB – as you called it – apropos.

    15. Ismail Elshalh says:


    16. Russell says:

      The datacenter CCIE is probably the most interesting to me since I deal with the technology pretty much daily.

      Had a bunch of questions for when you have time (and can answer):

      Was curious if it would be possible to participate in any sort of “beta bootcamp” or something along those lines?

      Will you be releasing workbooks concurrent with the bootcamps?

      How long until it hits the all access pass after its released?

      I assume you’ll be getting some Nexus 7009′s for the rack? This is pretty much the only piece of gear I can’t get my hands on directly.

      Will the datacener gear end up costing more tokens for time?

      Any chance for a summer release?


    17. Bill says:

      When will the CCNP Wireless be available?

    18. Vincent says:

      can’t wait to get my hand on that CCNP wireless material :)

    19. Hroyd says:

      Hello Mark

      Any news on the CCNP/CCIE wireless course release dates?


    20. Will says:

      Mark, any word on the CCNP Wireless training? Last we hard was Dec 2nd 2012 as soon :)

    21. Lovett says:

      Hi Mark,

      Have gone thru your ccna wireless and the presentation was excellent.
      Pl let me know when your ccnp / ccie wieless will be released. Love you clear diction.

    22. Ram Jha says:

      nice blog…
      IF you want to know more about CCNP Security or want to do Course of CCNA Security in BAngalore …


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