As many of you already know I’ve been teaching our brand new Routing and Switching CCIE bootcamps for the past couple months. I’ve recently restructured the bootcamp in that mock labs are not done during the second week to allow for expanded coverage of the CCIE blueprint topics. The mock labs are now done after the bootcamp and I give every student 1500 tokens to schedule them. The new structure allows for roughly 100+ hours of hands-on demonstration using my own rack over the course of the two weeks. I start at 9am and go until roughly 8pm each night (Friday’s included). After 8pm the students usually go for dinner and start working on the labs and/or review for the next day. Every topic is covered hands-on by me during the two weeks. Students are given the R&S CCIE ATC Videos free of charge when scheduling the bootcamp because even with 100+ hours we do not have time to cover the basics.

As far as my teaching style goes I do not use PowerPoint slides or just draw on a whiteboard. I break the technologies down, explain how they work and then do everything hands-on. Students learn by actually seeing me configure, verify, and troubleshoot the topics in the CCIE Lab Exam Blueprint. Most students follow along with me using their own dedicated rack that we of course provide. That is the differentiating factor of my style. I do not just tell you how something works using a PowerPoint slide or whiteboard, I show you on the routers and switches. My logic is that if your CCIE instructor can’t do everything hands-on from the CCIE Lab Exam Blueprint right there in the bootcamp, then they shouldn’t be your CCIE instructor. If you walk in Monday morning and they throw you labs to do while they sit there checking their email or browsing the web, then they shouldn’t be your CCIE instructor. If your CCIE instructor wants to waste your time talking about meditation, exercise or what fruits to eat when preparing for your exam, then they shouldn’t be your CCIE instructor. These people may be nice guys but they’re wasting your time and money. At the end of the day you’re in the bootcamp to learn so before buying any CCIE bootcamp make sure you know what exactly will be covered and how much time the instructor will spend teaching. I literally stand up for 10 to 12 hours a day covering the topics not because I like to be hard on my feet but there is so much that I want to cover in the two weeks. In fact I’ve recently added a R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp to spend an additional week focusing purely on the troubleshooting portion of the CCIE Lab Exam. You even get to use the same awful desktop like you will have in the real lab during the Troubleshooting Bootcamp. As you can tell I’m deeply passionate about teaching networking and Cisco in general plus I really enjoy helping people.

Here are a couple reviews from a student in my last London bootcamp to get an idea of my style: (review 1 and review 2).

In addition to the new structure I’ve built 24 new R&S CCIE racks for the bootcamps. These racks are identical to the Cisco 360 topology. The racks all have 4 x 3560′s and a mix of 1841s, 2811s & 3825s. I of course do not use the Cisco 360 course materials as I have a totally different teaching methodology as mentioned above. During the bootcamp I VPN into my rack to use tools like Wireshark along with EEM Packet Capture to help students get a better understanding of how technologies like PIM, DHCP Relay, etc work in addition to show and debugging commands. I’ve also just added in virtual machines to my rack to generate traffic for the testing and verification of topics like QoS, WCCP, AAA, etc. Just talking about these technologies isn’t enough to truly understand them. Seeing a topic like WCCP implemented (filter and/or caching webpages) helps students get a better understanding of not only how to configure, verify and troubleshoot it but how the technology is used in the real world.

We’ve had a lot of growth recently here at INE. In addition to making Inc 5000’s list of fastest growing education companies (we’ll also make the list next year) we’ve built new classrooms in Bellevue, WA (greater Seattle area). Our new offices and classrooms are on the same floor in the Bellevue City Center building as Cisco. The Cisco employees in my last bootcamp liked being located next to the Cisco office. We’ve added a whole new video production department here in Bellevue and the quality of our new videos really shows.

If anyone has attended an INE R&S CCIE Bootcamp in the past that wasn’t taught by me, I highly recommend that you comeback and sit one of my bootcamps. It’s no cost to you of course to resit the bootcamp. All you need to do is contact sales to get your seat reserved. I would also like to encourage potential students to come audit one of my bootcamps before purchasing. I will be in Dubai, Washington DC, RTP, NYC, London, Seattle and Amsterdam.

Lastly I would like to give back by starting up the CCIE Scholarship Program again for 2012. I will personally select one person from each of the following regions to receive everything they need to pass the CCIE Lab Exam (bootcamp, tokens, workbooks, videos, etc) including paying for their lab exam fee. The regions are Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania as defined by Wikipedia. The details about the Scholarship Program will be posted next week.

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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57 Responses to “INE’s R&S CCIE Bootcamp Update – New Racks, New Structure, Reseats and Scholarships for 2012”

  1. Marc Edwards says:

    Well said, Brian. You are an inspiration to many of us. Keep up the great work!


  2. Bridges26 says:

    I must say Brian, I have been using the VOD’s & Forum a little over a year now and I must say that before INE I was somewhat lost in preparation, where to start, & retaining the information. I was a engineer that went through the motions of copying & pasting templates doing configurations and not knowing the details of what I really was doing. When it came down to troubleshooting I would always apply the Microsoft fix (reboot) and hope for the best. I have learned so much from watching the videos and I have really develop a foundation for networking. It’s not all about the CCIE # it’s more so learning the different technologies and I soon plan on getting my number as well. I have a goal set. Keep up the good work…an INE Disciple!

  3. Terrence says:

    This actually makes me not want to peruse the Voice IE and work on this one as this seems more interesting at this point.

    • Terrence,

      INE approaches each of its products in the same fashion, so whether you choose to pursue the R&S or the Voice IE, know that you will receive the same type of instruction in the classroom – only Voice will come from me :) . I have a full set of phones live on my desk and a full rack of equipment that I use to demonstrate all of the topics on the exam. I also try to go out of my way to apply this knowledge to real life applications, which I am very able to do based on my almost 20 years of actual consulting experience. Whichever one you choose to pursue first, you should ultimately go after both of them – and both with INE!

  4. Deepak Sharma says:

    Awesome!! I think attending this BootCamp is not just CCIE preparation but far beyond it. You teach every technology in depth and CCIE is just one of the outcome.

  5. ananth says:


    Please announce the India dates as soon as possible.

    Waiting to be part of it.


  6. Manouchehr says:

    WoooW, that is really amazing. my dream will come true attending Brian Dennis bootcamp.. :)

  7. ananth says:

    Hi Brian

    Thanks a lot.

    I always like the way you teach.

    Please consider conducting CCIE TS bootcamp in India.


  8. Robert says:

    Do you have any plans to run the bootcamp in Australia? If not, can I please have the scholarship? :)

  9. AKM says:

    This looks great.
    Any plans to do the same with Voice bootcamps? I’d be very interested.

    • Hey AKM,

      Our Voice bootcamps are very much the same way, and migrating more toward that complete no-slide approach with every class. The very, very few slides that I do use are simply animation used to illustrate complex topics such as call-flow or gatekeeper before I then go and actually perform all of the tasks live. In fact our next class in Seattle in April is our first complete 10-day teaching course in the very same format as Brian has described above, and every course from here on out utilizes this same highly acclaimed format. I go into multiple variations of each implementation so that students do not only see a single way of approaching a given topic, since that would in no way pertain to the real world or to the CCIE lab for that matter. One of the areas that students report back liking the most is the way I go into detailed discussions about troubleshooting while taking a live broken configuration and parsing through all of the IOS debugs and UCM traces – something other instructors cannot be bothered to do in their class. This is the reason that a course cannot simply be covered in a single week. Please audit one of our Voice courses as well! An audit typically consists of one or two days out of the ten, and of course doesn’t include equipment, but if you like the audit, you may certainly choose to contact sales and stay for the remainder of the class.

  10. mhonsky says:

    Hi Brian!

    Does INE have any plans conducting bootcamp in Singapore? Also, is there any chance to reseat into your bootcamp even though you are the instructor of the previous bootcamp? :)


    • We don’t have Singapore scheduled but there does seem to be a demand for that region. I bet Australia and Singapore would be a good break from Seattle weather this fall ;) I do recommend even resitting my bootcamp as it’s very dynamic due to the input from students and no two bootcamps are ever the same.

  11. Diogo says:

    Is there any plans to run bootcamp in Brazil? There are lots of people interested on this. It would be great!

  12. hudson says:

    Hi Brian.
    I have been using your SP products and you guys are great…no sweat about the other punks out there. I just wish you could schedule an SP bootcamp around the EMEA region. Getting a visa to the States is a hassle

  13. Mud says:


    Do you know if you will be running the R&S bootcamps in 1st quarter 2013 (in Bellvue)? I’m very excited to attend one of your camps, i’ve heard amazing things, but i don’t think i’ll be ready by the december bootcamp.

  14. Mohammed says:

    Hi Brian Dennis,

    you really rock, i really like your this post, just i need update from you, do you also visit for Malaysia for bootcamp?

    curently i am working in Malaysia, but i belong to India. so its hard for me attend any bootcamp which offer. actually i want to take bootcamp for R&S for CCIE. so please update me is there any of plan for Malaysia?

    Thanks & best regard

    Mohammed Sanaullah
    Network engineer in HP.

  15. Ahmed Muhi says:

    Whenever I read a book I search for the Author, see if I can get more information about him (work, other books, maybe a picture, anything), this way I feel I can understand more, you have done a similar thing that I was really happy to see in your new material you filmed the instructor while he is teaching, this way I can imagine myself in the same classroom, thank you and best wishes for you.

    You, Brain, Mark, and Petr are inspiration for me.

    My question is Mr. Brain, are you going to provide this bootcamp for AAP users too :) ?

  16. Osama Tamimi says:

    Really great initiative MR.Brian, I’d love to be selected from Asia region(Middle east) and to get the scholarship :)
    waiting the updates to participate.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Osama Tamimi – Jerusalem
    IP Core Engineer- Wataniya Mobile

  17. Arif says:

    Thanks Brian for being an inspiration for all of us.

    I testify that above post is very correct, as I experienced in London bootcamp. Also I got free seat in Seattle bootcamp this June, very excited and looking forward for that….

  18. Dennis Day says:

    Looking forward two week of intense training at the DC Bootcamp. Been waiting forever for INE to have one in DC. Prayers answered.

  19. Rob Routt says:

    Nice write-up Brian. I am going to contact Stan about a possible audit of one of your upcoming Bellevue classes. I am in Spokane, so it should be doable.

  20. Ken Gonzalez says:

    I had the fortune of attending the bootcamp on the new format. Here is some feedback I can provide:

    The class is completely digital, Electronic whiteboard and the terminal on the screen.

    - This bootcamp assumes that you have an understanding of the different topics and focuses on the things that you would have never found on your own.

    - You will hear solution to issues that are poorly documented, he will also show you some that are simple incorrectly documented.

    - He will stay every day at least 2 hours after class so you can work your assignments and ask questions.

    - You have access to the racks during class and it is your choice to follow along what he is doing or listen and write later.

    Perhaps one of the most important pieces is that you will not be bored, Brian will sure keep you entertained and that is not an easy feat having a group of geeks for two weeks.

    If you are serious about becoming CCIE, this is a class you got to include in your plan. Along with the class you also get access to the material you need, the time and effort is up to us.


  21. Argennis Ramirez says:

    Brian, I hope to see in New York………

  22. HH says:

    Hello Brian,
    I was on the London bootcamp you mention and I can only say “THANKYOU!!!!!” a thousand times over. Everything that you teach, you can do and, more importantly, demonstrate, troubleshoot and fix. No excuses, the real deal! Definitely on another, higher level altogether! Best wishes to you and all the INE team, I am sure you will go from strength to strength. Thank you again and I think you will probably see me again in the near/medium future (for the TS Bootcamp). All the best, HH. :0)

  23. HH says:

    Hello Brian, All
    I just wanted to post this link to this video because Brian embodies these qualities. In particular I think that from 1:36 through to 4:33, i.e. the sections “There is no shortcut to success”, “Lay one brick at a time”, “Focus on making a difference” apply.
    Thank you again for the excellent instruction, generosity and humour on the London bootcamp. Best wishes, HH.
    URL =>

  24. Roger Perkin says:

    I was on the London Bootcamp in February and everything Brian says is true!

    Brian does stand up for 10 hours a day, he does teach you things you didn’t know you didn’t know, he does show you poorly documented technologies and how they actually work.
    He does make sure everyone has a rack, he is passionate about the CCIE and he does have a great sense of humour.

    Thanks again Brian for a great 2 weeks of learning.

    For my online review just google “ine bootcamp review”


  25. Nishad Dadhaniya says:

    I am Sure You Will Get Huge Response From INDIA as i am located hear i would love to become part of this Boot Camp But as I just Decided to take CCIE Path as i think i have to brush up my basic skills and make strong basics but unfortunately it will take some time for me to do all this things as my collage exams also going on it will not permit me study for cisco ;( as i got vacation i think i am ready with my skills but as i said it will take some time may be i will attain u r next to next boot camp in india for sure and for scholarship part is really great decision it will help ppl on earth who had no money and want to learn something from experts you guys are rock and wish you best of luck with your boot camp …

    With Warm Regards,

  26. Manouchehr says:

    Hi Brian, I hope it’s me from Asia… soo excited…

    Is there similar program for CCIE SP as well.


  27. Faisal Abdul Gaffoor says:

    Hi Brian , We are eagerly waiting for the INE Routing and Switching boot camp also troubleshooting

  28. Centronix says:

    What about Africa…

  29. mounir says:

    hi I am from Morroco-Africa-
    my bigest dream is to become a ccie voice certified
    I am the lead telephone technician in the Us embassy in Rabat
    and I am focused now on voice over IP and cisco product
    I need that scholarship

    best regards

  30. Dang Ngo says:


    i have also been to the Bootcamp in London. Really a MUST for every CCIE-TO-BE. We learned a lot and also had a lot a fun.

    Thx Brian!


  31. Suji Panicker says:

    Hi Brian,
    INE motivated me to take up my CCIE. I always feel that doing CCIE needs guidance. Whenever I get stuck in any of the topics I check INE and bet I will get answers. You guys ROCK. You dont see educating people as business rather its about the LOVE in teaching. I bet thats the reason you guys are the best in the field. I would like to know when you guys are coming in India for the bootcamp. It will be a pleasure to meet such great people in the field. Even when I cant afford to be one of those lucky people for the bootcamp, I will always consider myself so lucky if I can meet you Brian.

    Suji Panicker

  32. Ferzan Unlu says:

    Hi Brain ,
    Is there any option for Turkish students , i would love to be in this bootcamps as well as the friends that have written above..Do I have any chance for scholarship or do you have any plans for Turkey.?

  33. Wesen says:

    I do appreciate the invaluable concern of you to give scholarship for people like me who can’t afford. How do I apply for this scholarship? I want and madly desire to be CCIE in R/S. Thanks

    Wesen from Ethiopia

  34. Richard Evers says:

    Hi INE team,

    I was looking into joining the CCIE R&S bootcamp but wondered what sort of level i should be at before joining. I am due to sit my CCIE written tomorrow and hopefully this wil go ok but after that should i try and work through the INE workbooks myself before attending the bootcamp (i have access to all workbooks and video material like the ATC) or go straight for it. I am thinking it may be beneficial to use the bootcamp as final preperation for the CCIE R&S lab exam rather than something to get me going???

    Your feedback would be appreciated


    • You could attend it twice. Once kind of early in your preparation and then resit it towards the end of your preparation. If you are going to attend only once, consider attending after you’ve worked through the Vol I and ATC videos.

  35. Argennis Ramirez says:

    Hi brian, I’ll be in new york in your class, I can not wait to arrive that day. I hope to take your class to the fullest, any advice for me.

    Thank you.

  36. Qospf says:

    Hi Brian
    Ur post mentions students work hands on during the 10 days but the review says that students follow your cli…just wanted to know exactly how the format is? Also I was told that you have been out of touch with.networking and training for a while now and were more focused on biz aspects of things. Do you have ur mojo back now? :)

    Apologies for the blunt questions


    Plz excuse typos…using my phone

  37. [...] 2012 I read on INE blog that Brian Dennis offered the opportunity to resit the bootcamp, it was the sign I needed to focus again in the lab preparation. I got my seat in the London [...]


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