Due to the overwhelming positive response that Brian Dennis has had in his newly-formatted 10-Day CCIE Routing and Switching bootcamp (take a look here at his new format here and what students have to say about it here and here), we have decided to completely change our CCIE Voice 10-Day bootcamp to the same, highly-acclaimed format. We now no longer offer just a 5-Day course, as we feel that one simply cannot possibly prepare students fully for the CCIE Voice lab exam (especially with complex, in-depth topics like troubleshooting) in that short amount of time. Instead we are now offering only a 10-Day bootcamp in which NO powerpoint slides are used at all. Actually that’s not entirely true – I do have about 10-15 slides that are animations that help a student visualize a call flow – but that’s it – everything else is hands-on, live demonstration and in-depth discussion between me and the students of absolutely everything that is covered and testable in the CCIE Voice lab exam. This most definitely includes copious amounts of troubleshooting with debugs and UCM traces – an area most often reported by students both as being a contention point in the lab, as well as one that other vendors don’t seem to care much to cover. Students are allowed to work alongside me on their own rack of equipment if they like, or simply follow what I am doing while taking notes and asking many, many questions. There will be lively discussion and example for around 10-12 hours per day, and students are encouraged to work late into the evening on their labs after we are done for the day. There will then be Mock Labs that are designed to be taken home and worked on in the following weeks. If you like, you can work on those labs during the week, however most choose to simply follow along and ask questions as we work through every situation and permutation that can possibly be experienced in the actual CCIE Voice practical lab exam.

Finally, we added a new date in Bangalore, India in August and also decided to lower the price to this newly-formatted class style. Also, I will be teaching every one of these classes. INE doesn’t outsource any of our classes to unknown instructors as some care to do. Check out the very detailed course outline to this new style bootcamp.


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    13 Responses to “CCIE Voice Bootcamp Format Change, New India Location and Lower Price for 2012”

    1. ananth says:

      Hi Mark

      Any update on CCIE R and S bootcamp in Bangalore?


    2. Terrence says:

      Timing is all scrwed up. I just took a position as a Sr Voice engineer and 7 months would be kinda tight to be ready to benefit. But the pricing is so damn good.

      • Hi Terrence,

        7 months is plenty of time. Due to the new nature of the new hands-on intensive demonstration format, I think you will still benefit greatly from attending – especially in your new role (congratulations btw). Also, bear in mind that you can re-sit my course anytime at no charge, and we’ll most certainly be coming back to India.

    3. John says:

      Hi Mark,

      Would you be producing a recorded version as you did for the 5 day bootcamp course?

      This course i amazing!

      Thanks, John.

    4. John says:

      Hi Mark,

      Will you be releasing a recorded version as you did for the 5 day bootcamp which was brilliant.

      Thanks John Zang.

      • Thanks John for the kind words, but I do not think we will be recording this style of bootcamp. If people want this style – they have to show up in person, if they care for the older style – they can watch the recorded version (which is one of the reasons we recorded it!).

    5. Terrence says:

      Worked it out with my wife, I just need to come up with a reasonable study plan to stick to for 6 months to make sure I’m ready. Already a CCNP V, working on the written, but I always back up my studies with lots of lab time.

    6. John says:

      Can you give a rough time when you will be running the 5 day bootcamp specifically Troubleshooting (CCIE Voice level).

      This would be a great interest to me and fellow members.

      The 10 day bootcamp is a course which i am definitely interested in too:-)

      • Hey John,

        That depends on how much interest we garner about it. Anyone reading these comments, please respond with if you would be interested in a 5-day troubleshooting-only bootcamp.

        One thing to note, is that we will have time to cover as much troubleshooting in our new 10-day class – due to the new format – as we would in a 5-day dedicated troubleshooting bootcamp.

        • John says:

          I personally think, a dedicated 5 day troubleshooting class will be an instant success, especially as it would provide candidates the ability to focus solely on troubleshooting and the duration of 5 days would be perfect.

          Would be great to see what interest you receive on this particular class. Could you possibly highlight this on the INE blog and see whether candidates would be interested in pursing the course further?

          Thanks again for thinking of all the ways possibly to improve on the experience of learning voice.


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