INE is proud to announce a brand new 62+ hours of the latest v8 CCNP Voice bootcamp. Rerecorded completely from scratch using only UC v8 servers, this in-depth video series covers absolutely everything you need to know for the 5 CCNP Voice exams, with each exam clearly indicated by video title in the playlist. Also, don’t forget about our Bookmark and Note-taking feature in our streaming playlists, as this will help you in your studies.


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  • About Mark Snow, CCIE #14073:

    Mark Snow has been actively working with data and traditional telephony as a Network Consulting Engineer since 1995, and has been working with Cisco Call Manager and voice-over technology since 1998. Mark has been actively teaching and developing content for the CCIE Voice track since 2005, and the Security track since 2007. Mark's story with both data and voice technology started out quite young, as he began learning around the age of five from his father who was a patented inventor and a research scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mark started out on Unix System V and basic analog telephony, and went on from there to large data networking projects with technologies such as Banyan Vines, IPX and of course IP, and large phone systems such as Nortel 61c, Tadiran Coral, Avaya Definity and of course Cisco Unified Communications Manager in both enterprise and 911 PSAP environments across the US and internationally. Mark is also an accomplished pilot and punched his ticket in 2001. When Mark isn't learning, labing, consulting or teaching, he can be found either piloting or possibly jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, hanging off a rock somewhere or else skiing out west. He also might just be enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his wife and two wonderful young kids, Ryleigh and Judah.

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    8 Responses to “Completely New CCNP Voice v8 Bootcamp Released!”

    1. Paul B says:

      Is this included in the All-Access Pass? I can’t find it there.

    2. Fred King says:

      I sat in on this boot camp and it was great! The knowledge that Mark supplies in these videos will most definitely get CCNP Voice students through the Exams. Personally, I participated in these classes to help “fill in the gaps” in my CCIE Voice Studies. It was well worth my time and money.

      Mark’s videos have been instrumental in helping me to achieve success as a Voice Engineer. These videos serve as proof that INE and Mark Snow are on top of their game.

    3. Vignesh says:

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks for the new version of CCNP Voice Bootcamp. I was not able to wait, so purchased this new one :) and listened to the 1st video now.
      Hopefully first person to buy the new version :)


    4. Vignesh says:

      Hello Mark,

      If I listen to CCNP V8 Videos, will that be enough to prepare myself for “CCIE Voice written”. Or should I need to read any other extra topics.


    5. Deepak Arora says:

      Hi Mark,

      Any plans for CCNA/CCNP V audio bootcamps in something similar format in R&S ?

    6. Wendell says:

      Hello Mark,

      I’ve purchased the 80+ hous ccnp voice videos about three to 4 months ago and I’ve noticed you guys have some new ones. Are you able to give me the break down of what videos belong to what exams.

      I like the new videos where it break down each topic to a specific exam.
      The videos I have now is all over the place and I would like it some how organized to each exam. Can you help?


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