Due to the positive reaction that we had giving free access away to our CCNA Voice video streaming product during the month of March, and our belief that once you watch that product and use it to pass your CCNA Voice exam that you will come back to us for all your CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice needs, we’ve decided to leave it as a free product indefinitely. We hope this is just one more way that we can both give back to our community, as well as showcase what’s in store for you with the rest of our Voice line of products.

To access the CCNA Voice video streaming product, simply visit the playlist page, register and enjoy!


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    20 Responses to “INE’s CCNA Voice Product Left Free”

    1. kim says:

      This is great news ! Thanks

    2. Joseph says:

      As always, INE being awesome. Thanks a ton, guys!

    3. Brandon says:

      Fantastic! I have already purchased CCNP Voice!

    4. bumi akin says:

      INE does it again! Thank you so much!!
      INE all the way!!

    5. Deepak Arora says:

      Return my CCNA Voice COD money back (Since I buy it)….hehehe

    6. Arif says:

      WOW !!!

      INE did it again………keep on inspiring all of us !!!

    7. kim says:

      i dont think any one else could have done it except INE .

      their offerings are so wide that they dont mind letting it free. basic one !

      so that the ones who are wondering about voice can get in touch with foundations and i am sure they will go after CCNP voice after getting ccna voice because of quality .

    8. Jeff says:

      You’ve just earned yourself a new customer. I’ve purchased multiple video training series from other vendors but when I saw how confident you are in your content that you’ll give one away knowing people will come back, it really impressed me.

    9. Daniel says:

      Wow! Great job!

      I wanted to watch it for some time.


    10. seth says:

      This is an excellent offering to recruit new customers. I am beginning the CCNA free streaming training for 640-802. Will that course be left free indefinitely as well? I want to make sure I have time to complete the 25 hours before the faucet is turned off.



      • Hi Seth,

        We plan to leave the CCNA Voice product free, because we believe that once you see the quality of training provided, you will come back for CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice (which we don’t offer for free :P ).


        • vikas thorat says:

          HI mark,
          will you plz tel me that CCNA voice is cool kind of platform where i can get in……………….kindly replay…..

    11. Steve Di Bias says:

      What?? Wow! I love INE! This is so awesome! Thank you for this!

    12. tom says:

      once again a very good initiative taken by INe. BTW I have already purchsed CCNP voice.

    13. todd says:

      Thanks again, now if getting my lab was this easy.

    14. Jeff says:

      Is the CCNA Voice still free?

    15. Ibere L.Di Tizio Jr says:

      Hi, is this course (ccna voice) still free ? (I logged on site, and start course, but it allow me to watch only the first video)


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