We just can’t stop! We’ve had such a positive response from you with all of our recent Voice program changes, that we just decided to keep it going! Now when you attend our newly formatted 10-Day CCIE Voice Bootcamp, you will receive absolutely everything you could possibly need to pass the exam – including Workbooks, VoDs, 2-Year All Access Pass subscription as well as 1500 CCIE Voice Rack Tokens.

It is a prerequisite that students have at least CCNA Voice level knowledge (you don’t have to have the certification- just that level of knowledge), however due to our new new bootcamp format, it is no longer a prerequisite that students must have a CCNP Voice level knowledge – as I demonstrate absolutely everything they might be tested on in the Lab with the students live in class. This style of teaching would certainly help out anyone that is currently pursing their CCNP Voice exams as well. Also, since students are allowed to come back and take our 10-Day course again at no charge, this would mean that someone studying for CCNP Voice could sit for my class, then come back and sit for it again when they are later pursuing CCIE Voice.

Based on a comment below I realize that I should add that as soon as anyone completes a purchase of any 10-Day Bootcamp, they receive all of the above material including rack tokens to get them started in their studies right away.

We’ve also added a new date in Dubai, UAE coming this Nov/Dec, as well as a date in London, UK in Sept, and we will be coming back to both Dubai and London regularly at least 2 times per year.

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    30 Responses to “INE CCIE Voice Bootcamp Now Includes Everything You Need To Pass and New Dates in Dubai & London”

    1. Bill says:

      Hello Mark,

      If I reserve a seat today for a 10-day Bootcamp on Augast 27th, will I have access to the package of 1500 tokens, all access pass for 2 years, ATC downloads and the 2 workbooks by the date that I purchase the bootcamp?

      Thank you,

    2. Terrence says:

      Mark are your Q1 2013 dates setup yet or are you guys still woking those out?

    3. Terrence says:

      Washington DC/Baltimore metro area works great for me.

    4. Terrence says:

      I forgot to add Q1 for 2013 not to be too picky :)

      • Yeah – I understood ;-)

        If there are any other specific location or date requests from anyone else, please make them noted here in the comments. We will definitely continue with locations such as Seattle, Dubai, Bangalore, and London – so if there are any date-specific requests for these – please make them known here and we will do our best to accomodate.

    5. AKM says:

      UK/Europe …. ASAP :-)

    6. Erik says:

      Metro D.C. area would also be of interest to me.

    7. ZY says:

      How about Singapore? You have neglected us for a long time :p

      • Hi Yeo,

        We will get there – I promise! Gather a group wanting a class and I’ll schedule one anytime.

        • ebZ says:

          i’m in singapore and really looking forward for this lab training. please let me know if i can join the group for the training… thanks. :)

          • We don’t have any classes scheduled in Singapore at the moment, although we have been considering this city specifically as an option for training. You are most certainly welcome to join us in Dubai or London or Seattle if you can. Otherwise just keep watching our blog for when we might bring classes to Singapore. Another option that is always available for anyone is that if you can get a total of at least 8 paying students together (maybe with friends and colleagues of yours) then we would be willing to make a trip to just about any city, because we can always add to that good base number of 8.

    8. Abdullah says:

      Guys @INE,
      I just wanna say WoW.
      You seem to listen carefully to your customers.
      In the past, People complained that there were no bootcamps in the middle east.
      Now I see bootcamps for RS and Voice in Dubai and India.
      That is great news and for sure will increase your customer base.
      Just keep going forward!

      Good luck!

    9. Ahmed says:

      The new format will surely pacify the test of learning the technology.
      Looking forward to your presence again in Middle East


    10. Ciprian says:

      Hi Mark,

      I have purchased some days ago the CCIE-V Ultimate Bundle cause now I’m going for CCNP Voice and I’m also following your already “shared” 1 year plan for CCIE-V. If my math is ok, then I should be asking for the 10 day bootcamp, in Europe, for the February 2013. Have you received enough messages for setting a bootcamp in Europe in the beginning of 2013 ( hopefully February-March :) ) )?


      • Hi Ciprian,

        I sent you a unicast email, but to answer your question more succinctly and for others benefit – Yes, we should be back in AMS or London around Spring 2013. Exact 1Q13 dates should be posted very soon to our site!

    11. Asad Yaseen says:

      INE Dubai boot camp FEB 2012 was amazing and i really appreciate marks efforts he has done to let his student to become a expert rather than only passing the exam. i personally think INE produces better experts and more focused on technology then just preparation for exams.
      This is a great decision by INE to host continuous boot camps in middle east as there a lot of potential in the middle east and aisa and i am sure INE will get more value add then other .

    12. Netsanet says:

      Metro D.C. area would also be of interest to me.

    13. Ciprian says:

      Hi Mark,

      Any news on dates and/or location for Europe Q1 2013 bootcamps ?


    14. Chris says:

      Hi Mark,

      Hoping you could have the dates already for Dubai..
      December would be great..



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