I will shortly be resuming the series I began on troubleshooting, but in the interim I have been getting a lot of emails from people regarding one of the newest sections of the CCNP Voice certifications (specifically it falls under the CIPT2 642-457 exam) dealing with Call Control Discovery (CCD) running over Cisco’s new Service Advertisement Framework (SAF) – a really cool new protocol with lots of potential. So I thought I would make public a new 6-part series that will cover every aspect of CCD over SAF.

This is something that I am sure CCIE Voice students will be interested in as well, because while we don’t know exactly when the change in blueprint is coming to our beloved lab, we all know it’s coming. Most of you I understand from your emails fear its arrival – even though there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, this is one of the biggest changes in UCM in v8. And it’s a good idea to learn it now, since there are far more changes coming in UCM v9 and you know that will be on the lab as well (there are way too many to go into and they’re still under NDA, but once I can I’ll begin outlining them). Might as well get the biggest change for UCM 8 out of the way now!

Here are the topics we will cover via video and in this order:

  • CCD via SAF :: Overview (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing (1h 32m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback (48m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM to CME Call Routing (54m)
  • CCD via SAF :: Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions (21m)

If you can’t wait for this series to be posted a video at a time, you are welcome to purchase my recently recorded CCNP Voice Bootcamp, where all 4.5 hours of this topic (along with the other 57 hours of content covering all five exams) is already streaming live or ready to download to any device.

So to begin with, today we will take a look at a half-hour overview of CCD via SAF. This video gets a bit more interesting around minute 15, but the dry concepts are important, so have a look. By the way, all of the future five videos will be actual hands-on demonstrations with clear pictures of the live phones – we just have to get the concepts understood to begin with.

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    3 Responses to “Call Control Discovery via Service Advertisement Framework – Part 1 of 6”

    1. Shawn Moore says:

      Woohoo! Thanks Mark, I need all the help I can get on this topic.

    2. Eduardo Elizondo says:

      Great!! I think most of us havent unlocked the potential of this new protocol.

    3. [...] bootcamp. I’ve also recently started a blog series on Call Control Discovery (CCD via SAF) here. It has 5.5 hours of video teaching you everything you need to know. Also I will begin another blog [...]


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