Continuing on in our series on CCD, today we’ll look at the 3rd video (the shortest) in that series (video #55) from our current 62-hour CCNP Voice v8 bootcamp.

  • CCD via SAF :: Overview (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing (1h 32m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback (48m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM to CME Call Routing (54m)
  • CCD via SAF :: Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions (21m)

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    9 Responses to “Call Control Discovery via Service Advertisement Framework – Part 3 of 6”

    1. Sham says:

      Hi Mark, are u preparing for CCIE Wireless? :-)

      • :-) And CCIE Data Center. Taking both written exams at CLUS!
        Teaching a live, online CCNA Wireless class next week, then teaching the CCNP Wireless classes shortly following.

        Sign up! :)

        • Terrence Battlehunt says:

          Mark do you get a chance to do much work in the wireless industry? And if so how have you liked it compared to voice? I’ve been thinking about whats next for me. I find a few of the other realms of networking to be rather boring.

          • Hi Terrence,

            I actually started working in the wireless field technically back when 802.11 (1Mbps) was still out (back in 1997), but I really began consulting heavily and deploying it around 2002 – in conjunction with Wireless Voice (VoWLAN) networks. I don’t think it’s really a matter of “compared to voice” as much as it is quite very complimentary to Voice. There are drastically different concepts – but then again, there are a lot of very similar concepts too (such as frequency correlation to wavelength and logarithmic decibels). I really enjoy both, and honestly I don’t see how anyone survives in today’s modern networking world without at the very least, a generalists view of the network – but at most desirable, an in-depth understanding of each and every component.

            So in short – I’d say “go for it!”. I can promise you one thing – wireless is NOT boring (in fact, my new 20 hour CCNA Wireless course may just make your head hurt – with math if nothing else ;-) ).

    2. Sham says:

      :-P …..I have all access Pass for 2 years Provided by my organization (MSKCC)…..But I really wanted to attend the 10 day CCIE Voice bootcamp in Bangalore (My Home Town)…. cuz I was planning to be there on vacation at the same time….But I don’t see that class in the Schedule anymore :-( ….Did you drop that Class?….will u be conducting that class in Bangalore anytime soon?

      Thanks & Regards….Sham

      • Hi Sham,

        At the moment we don’t have enough interest generated in that specific area for the class – so we did remove it from our schedule. We do have a class coming to Dubai, which is the closest there – but with you being in NYC – why not just come out to Seattle for a few weeks and take a break from all that sunshine you get there ;-)

    3. Sham says:

      Hi Mark, I did send you a PM on 18th, don’t know whether you received it or not, But yes, I am seriously thinking about attending the Seattle Bootcamp in October….

      Thanks & Regards….Sham

      • Hi Sham,

        Sorry, I thought I responded to that one. Maybe it’s stuck in my outbox (happens occasionally).
        At any rate – we’d be glad to see you there! Only hurry, that particular class is filling up quite quickly.

    4. Tim says:

      Great stuf the voice video’s first exam scheduled for 10 jun , :-)


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