Here is the link to the PfR/OER videos as promised.

This recording was taken during my 10 Day R&S Bootcamp here in our new Bellevue, WA classroom so if you ever wondered what one of my bootcamps were like, now you’ll know ;-) I did keep the jokes down since it was streamed live and being recorded. Also here is a picture of the bootcamp from the last day. A couple students had early flights and missed the picture but the gentleman on my right was the Bing employee that I was referring to in a couple of the jokes. Hopefully he’ll now be infamous ;-)

If anyone has any other topics they would like to see covered let me know. I want to do a session next week on how to prepare for the R&S CCIE Lab but I could also do an additional technical topic. Let me know what you all would like to see: IOS QoS, Layer 2 QoS, ZFW, Multicast Troubleshooting, MPLS VPN Troubleshooting, etc. I could take a lab from the new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp and walk through it. Here are a couple of the topologies we are using: Link

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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30 Responses to “CCIE R&S – PfR/OER Videos Available”

  1. AC says:

    Thanks Brian.
    Let me get the pop corn and start to watch it :)


  2. Maher says:

    Thanks Brian,

    Is it available for offline? Possible to download for existing INE customer?

  3. Manouchehr says:

    I wish i had the chance to attend :)

  4. Sreekanth says:

    Thanks Brian for taking time to make these videos ,

    I would like to hear Layer 2 QoS / Basics of MPLS TE from you .

  5. Laurent says:

    Hej Brian,

    It will be nice to see some Troubleshooting topics and a lab from the new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp will be great!


  6. leminh says:

    Thank you. It’s gonna be another awesome vod.

  7. Daniel Dib says:

    Very nice job Brian!

    The new TS topologies looks great. Personally I would be interested in QoS and some more advanced MST scenarios.

  8. Akos says:

    Hi Brian. Almost 8 hours on PfR, it’s gonna be a long weekend – hope these VoDs play on tablets OK… Many thanks for publishing this series! I think Catalyst QoS, maybe with a focus on queue configuration and management would be a great candidate for another seminar.

  9. timaz says:

    as I remember from your previous post, this video must contain all aspects of PfR, from basic to advanced. is this video complete PfR source, as you said or just a small demo? thanks brian for your great videos…. I always wish that could work with someone like you. believe me or not, this is great dream of someone like me. good luck. I’m always waiting for new events from INE.

  10. ElieR says:

    troubleshooting is nice. Thanks Brian for these free technical materials :)

  11. ElieR says:

    yes troubleshootng :) . Thanks Brian

  12. Jochen Bartl says:

    I’d vote for IOS/L2 QoS and R&S Lab preparation

  13. AKM says:

    will u also be uploading the 10 day bootcamp in VOD format? Will be great to see this new format bootcamp in VOD.

  14. Terrence Battlehunt says:

    I tuned in last night to see what all the fuss was about and end up staying up till midnight. There are some serious uses for this, glad you got these Vids up Brian I will be spending some time with these over the next few weeks, as a voice engineer, there is a lot of use I can get out of this series.

  15. Lucho says:

    Hi Brian,

    Certainly on time for this rainy weekend. I would like to see something related to Multicast Troubleshooting. MCast is a complex enough technology that looking at it from a troubleshooting angle would help to understand it.


  16. Gavin says:

    A full scale Troubleshooting lab would be good, I’d like to see what we can expect with this new format.

  17. Deepak Arora says:

    Any plans to revise older TS Bootcamp COD ?

  18. Simon says:

    PFR session was great.

    Troubleshooting would be v useful, please.


  19. CarlosG2 says:

    “Let me know what you all would like to see: IOS QoS, Layer 2 QoS, ZFW, Multicast Troubleshooting, MPLS VPN Troubleshooting, etc.”

    Are we supposed to pick one only? Or can we just say “all”? d=

    I would love to see an intense Troubleshooting walkthrough by Brian Dennis. ; )

  20. ananth says:

    Hi Brian

    My wish would be

    1) Record Troubleshooting bootcamp

    2) Record 10 day R and S bootcamp

    Hope you fulfill our wish.


  21. KIM says:

    Addition of brains new TSHOOT bootcam and 10 day bootcamp to AAP will be a great idea !

    Brain can you give aap customers streaming access ?

    offcourse not every one can attend a bootcamp as they do not have bootcamp in their preferred locations

  22. tarun says:

    Hi Brian,

    Can we possibly have a full 10 day boot-camp / 5 day troubleshooting boot-camp recorded and streamed in a similar fashion??

  23. Sidney says:

    I am famous!!!

  24. JenShen says:

    Hi Brian,

    How would you compare PfR to those ADC/LB available out there such as F5 or Citrix?


  25. Mahdi says:

    Hi Brian,
    I see your vSeminar videos, they are just best.
    I like a sentence that you said “whole bunch is technical term that it is not defined” :)

    Thank you


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