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I’ve received a lot of emails in regards to the R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp that starts tomorrow so I’m going to post a quick FAQ here.

Q – What time does the bootcamp start?
A – The bootcamp will start at 10am (PST) on Monday Oct 1st and 9:30am Tuesday through Friday.

Q – What is the outline for the bootcamp?
A – Monday morning – Introduction and overview. Monday afternoon – Building a 28 router 4 switch topology from scratch. Monday evening – Lab 1 Tickets.
Tuesday morning and afternoon – Lab 1 breakdown and walk-through. Tuesday evening – Lab 2 Tickets.
Wednesday morning and afternoon – Lab 2 breakdown and walk-through. Wednesday evening – Lab 3 Tickets.
Thursday morning and afternoon – Lab 3 breakdown and walk-through. Thursday evening – Lab 4 Tickets.
Friday morning and afternoon – Lab 4 breakdown and walk-through.

Q – How do I join in on the bootcamp?
A – The link to join the live session will be in your members site account.

Q – What about the material for the bootcamp?
A – The material will be available for all AAP subscribers and anyone who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp.

Q – Can we rent the TS racks for the bootcamp?
A – The TS racks are reserved for students who are attending the R&S CCIE TS Bootcamp and this bootcamp is sold out. We currently have 16 racks but are going to up it to 24 over the next two months. We have just opened up seats for the RTP TS Bootcamp later this month as we’re adding 4 more TS racks by the start and 9 overall. If you attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp and would also like access to a TS rack after the bootcamp just let me know.

Q – Can we do these TS labs in GNS3?
A – Yes but I’m going to rework them slightly by the time the first TS lab starts tomorrow evening around 5 or 6pm. I’ve been beating my head in all weekend trying to verify the labs in GNS3 but it’s 11:30pm Sunday night now and I’m just going to rework the topology slightly to work around some of the issues.

Q – Can we rent the TS racks after the bootcamp?
A – Currently most of the racks are being used by students who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp but after the RTP TS Bootcamp at the end of this month we’ll open 10 or so to be rented. A TS lab will come with each of the rental sessions.

Q – Will you be covering tips and tricks for the TS lab?
A – No. I don’t teach tips and/or tricks. I leave those gimmicks for others to teach. I will of course cover strategy for the TS lab but the main focus is once again to understand how the technologies work. When you know how the technologies work, troubleshooting just comes naturally. This is why I spend at least 45 minutes to an hour covering each ticket.

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Just about an hour ago, Cisco made the CCIE Data Center written exam available to be both scheduled and tested. So stop reading this and go schedule your written exam!
Assuming you are now back from scheduling your written, purchase and begin watching our CCIE Data Center Nexus Switching course to prepare for your lab exam, as those videos are now available for streaming and download (the page still notes they are coming, and we will get that updated today, but be sure they are indeed ready for your viewing pleasure). All Access Pass (AAP) customers can view the videos direct via this URL or via the link in their members account. To prepare for the written, get busy reading everything on the CCIE Data Center Recommended Reading List. Also don’t forget that the CCIE Data Center Storage class kicks off next week!

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This past week Mark Snow and I completed the first of three of our CCIE Data Center Live Online Bootcamps – Nexus Switching. This class focused on the core Layer 2 Switching and Layer 3 Routing features of Nexus NX-OS on the 7000, 5500, and 2000 platforms, and the Data Center specific applications of the platforms with technologies such as vPC, FabricPath, and OTV, just to name a few. The videos from class are now in post-processing, and will be available both for download and in streaming format, both of which have cross platform support (Desktop, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows phone, etc.) Also as usual our videos are DRM free, so once you purchase them they are yours to do with as you please.

All Access Pass subscribers will get access to the videos in streaming format for no additional fee, and can also purchase the download version at a discounted rate. The download version can be purchased standalone here for people who are not AAP subscribers. Our next two classes, CCIE Data Center Storage and CCIE Data Center Unified Computing are coming up at the end of September and October respectively. All AAP subscribers can attend the live online classes for free, while anyone who want to purchase the download in advance also gets access to attend these classes.

Below are some excerpts from the class relating to the new FabricPath technology. FabricPath is a new alternative to running Spanning-Tree Protocol in the Layer 2 DC Core, and is a pre-standard version of the TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) feature. The videos below cover the underlying theory of FabricPath, it’s basic configuration, it’s more advanced configurations and verifications, and its integration with Virtual Port Channels (vPCs) with the vPC+ feature.


CCIE Data Center :: Nexus :: FabricPath Overview

CCIE Data Center :: Nexus :: FabricPath Initial Configuration

CCIE Data Center :: Nexus :: FabricPath Configuration & Verification

CCIE Data Center :: Nexus :: FabricPath & vPC+

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