Below are the links to the INE CCIE R&S TS Lab 1 GNS3 files. If you are familiar with GNS3 it shouldn’t be too hard to get up and working. The IOS image needs to be referenced and the idle PC values set for your machine. I would also highly recommend tuning up any protocol timers to their max values as this eases the load on GNS3 with such a big topology.

Note that in the ticket 4 isn’t an issue for the GNS3 topology.

Download Link

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9 Responses to “CCIE R&S Troubleshooting Lab 1 for GNS3”

  1. Keller says:

    What product is this from? Is there a whole set of these we can get? It would be nice to simulate some of the larger-scale troubleshooting labs that take more than just the standard 6 routers, 4 switches!

  2. Dennis Day says:

    Link for the non-GNS3 initial configs for Lab 1 when you get the time :o )

  3. Pablo Lucena says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t port 61 of SW99 have to be a dot1q port instead of an access port?

    If it is configured as an access port on vlan 1, how can SW2′s trunk connection to it (trunk configured on SW2 interface connecting to port 61 of SW99) split vlan 102 and 201 going to R10 and R11?

  4. Minh says:

    Awesome, I’m a fan of dynamips CLI but able to run the whole topology in GNS3. The CPU is around 60-70%.

    Thank you Brian Dennis.

    Happy troubleshooting everyone!

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  7. Stephen Morgans says:

    The link to the GNS3 topology is not working… Please advise….


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