I’m in the process of finalizing new updates to the Service Provider CCIE racks and publishing the new hardware specification. I’m going to be using the new hardware specification for my London SPv3 Bootcamp in two weeks before releasing it to the public. I’ve already replaced the two CE 2600XMs with four 1841′s running IOS 15.1T for the CEs. This allows for additional IPv6 VRF support along with many other newer features on the CE devices. Also having 2 extra CE devices is nice.

For VPLS we now support large scale VPLS implementation by adding a four port OC3 POS card to each SDR. This is great for the bootcamps so that students can interconnect their racks. Also if someone wants rent two racks they will be able to interconnect them to test larger scale scenarios. As far as interconnections between the racks I’ve added in a backbone GigE connection between the racks so we can do BGP peering.

From my understanding we are the only training company that offers SPv3 rack rentals and workbooks much less VPLS support. Also I’m fairly sure we’re the only training company that’s offering a dedicated rack now for each SPv3 bootcamp student. I can’t verify this since I don’t have a rearview mirror but this is just what our customers are telling me ;-)

Below is the new POS interconnection diagram.

After my London SP bootcamp in three weeks I’ll publish the new hardware specification along with finalizing our new graded Service Provider Mock Labs. These new graded SP mock labs will use two full SP racks which means 4 IOS XR SDRs, 12 7200VXRs, 4 ME3400 switches, and 8 1841′s for CE devices. These labs will be fun!

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7 Responses to “Service Provider Version 3 CCIE – Rack Updates and Mock Labs”

  1. Emm says:

    Now that is real talking :)
    Great Work Brian !
    Bring on the SP Operations as well :)
    You rock !

  2. Raymond says:

    Hummm, so, we will have “Mock Labs” for SPv3 within three weeks?

  3. Hammer time says:

    Hi Brian,

    Great to see updates for VPLS really need it this is awesome!!!

    Just want to share/suggest what am using in my lab. I am simulating about 20×7200 router in GNS3 connect all of them to EtherSwitch 3725 with advanced-Entreprise code and connect this switch to GNS3 cloud that connects to real 3750 switch XR also connect to this switch. I use sub-interfaces dot1q to simulate your topology in version 3 workbook and it works great. I am just wondering if the same can be done without purchasing extra 1841′s plus will be close to real lab?

    Just an FYI, Sub-interfaces works only on ubuntu latest version with GNS3 Cloud.

  4. hudson says:

    This is awesome.

  5. Iamjeffvader says:

    Curious, did the mock labs go live? I only see RS ones.


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