Edit: This session starts today – 2012/11/01 at 10:00 PDT at

On Thursday Nov 1st at 10am PDT I’ll be holding a vseminar to kickoff our much anticipated R&S CCIE Troubleshooting labs, grading and rack rentals to the public. What I’m going to offer is a FREE troubleshooting lab, rack rental and grading to ALL of INE’s R&S customers. This means everyone who has attended an R&S bootcamp, bought an R&S workbook or an R&S video product from INE will have the ability to register for one of the troubleshooting sessions via their members site account after the vseminar next week. This is my way of saying thanks for letting INE help you achieve your goals.

The first troubleshooting session will be Friday after the vseminar and we’ve allocated 8 of our 16 full scale troubleshooting racks for the free sessions and the other 8 for standard rental to the public. To sign up for the vseminar use this link. The link to sign up for the free troubleshooting session will appear in everyone’s members’ site account after the vseminar.

Additionally next week I’ll be announcing our new Nexus online course that will cover the Nexus 7000, 5000 and 2000 series switches. Students will have access to a pod consisting of a 7010, two 5548s, and a 2232 to do the labs used in this course. This will be the perfect course for anyone working on Nexus in their day-to-day job or someone just starting out on their journey for the Datacenter CCIE lab.

Lastly next week I’ll also be announcing my 2013 onsite bootcamp schedule and my brand new series of online bootcamps that will start in December.

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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43 Responses to “Free R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Labs from INE”

  1. Al says:

    And this is why I would never go to another training provider. If you guys don’t offer it, it ain’t worth learning about.

    Having said that, when are you going to offer M$ Windoze 2012 training Brian?? ;)

    Keep up the good work INE :)

  2. Enrique Perez Navarro says:

    Hi, will the free TS lab be offered for a fixed term or will it last for long?

    Keep up the great work you do!!!! Great stuff that yours!!!!

  3. Aryan says:

    Any update on pending New Vol 2 Troubleshooting Labs ?

    • I’m working on more of the full scale TS labs over the TS labs in Volume 2. In hindsight the Vol 2 TS labs would have been done on the full scale TS topology (28 router/4 switch) like we are using now over the 6 router/4 switch topology. In an ideal world the TS labs in Vol 2 get removed and people use these new TS labs for full scale TS lab preparation. That being said there is need for TS labs in the Vol 1/Vol 2 workbooks but these should be more of technology specific style TS labs over trying to emulate a 32 device TS lab on 10 devices.

  4. dayoojediran says:

    Brian, how soon are you going to release the TS online BootCamp video held early this month? keep up the good work :)

    • Nersas says:

      That’s a good one, because It’s supposed that the last recorded bootcamp would be available after a couple of week and….. 3 weeks later, still nothing.

  5. anna says:


    You surprise me always.

    This is the best new year gift.

    May INE grow and prosper.


  6. Aryan says:

    So either way, new 32 device ts topology based labs will be added in Vol 2 or Vol 4 ?

  7. Michael says:

    Brian, how soon are you going to release the TS online BootCamp video held early this month? That was excellent training (needless to say)

  8. anna says:

    One of the best training I have ever attended. TS online bootcamp-

    Brian please release the video.

  9. Mahdi says:

    I only bought rack rental tokens, can I use these troubleshooting labs too for free ?

  10. Delano says:


    Can’t wait for the details on the Nexus online class. What’s the pre-requisite level for this course?

  11. Mrbrabo says:

    @Brian, are you going to give any bootcamps in Amsterdam in the near future?
    My plan is that I want to be ready for the first attempt in May/June 2013.
    Is the lab with the new TS topology changed by then?

  12. Mrbrabo says:

    What is the lenght of the vSeminar?
    You start at 10am till?

    Then I know when I can go to bed :)

    • It starts Thursday at 10am PST. It should last about 3 or 4 hours max.

      • Pablo Lucena says:

        What will be covered during this vseminar? Will it be a technical seminar where you go over some trouble tickets and such or is going to be more of an introductory to the new troubleshooting INE products?

        I am trying to decide whether I should re-schedule my mock lab that I have on Thursday to watch this (if its a technical seminar that goes over some tickets then I will) or if its non-technical, in which case I will not re-schedule my mock lab.

        • I will go over our grading and how the real lab is graded in as far as the TS part is concerned. You might want to watch the recording if you have a ML scheduled.

          • Pablo Lucena says:

            When will the recording be posted though? Do you have a set date for the recordings taken of the live tshoot bootcamp you did about 1 month ago? I have my lab date coming up in about 1 month, so I would really want to watch as much of this as possible before my lab date.


  13. Deji says:

    This is quite timely. I will join you then.

    Brians/INE, Thumbs up!

  14. Matt82 says:

    Hi, how we can follow the Vseminar ? I’ve received your Subscription Confirmed‏ email but where can we see it ? There is a specific link ?

  15. Jit says:

    This will be 4am Sydney time – I am up for it :)

    Go Brian!!

  16. Alvin Galang says:

    coz INE cares :-)

  17. KH says:

    thank you Brian. Sounds exciting. What’s the difference between the course done by Brian M and Mark Snow on Nexus compared to what you’ll be doing later?


  18. Alex says:

    I’ve bought R&S video. Can I apply too?

  19. Dennis Day says:

    Got a link for the VSeminar yet?

  20. KH says:

    I just checked the account but I don’t see the registration link for tomorrow’s troubleshooting course with pod access. Please let us know when that would be available.
    ” The link to sign up for the free troubleshooting session will appear in everyone’s members’ site account after the vseminar.”

  21. ananth says:

    Great Session Brian.

    I really liked the idea of large scale ospf,Bgp networks.

    As a INE customer I am really happy :) about the prices.

    Waiting for the new way of online training.

    And I liked that joke a lot

    I have passed TS and I have passed config but still I am not a CCIE:)

    Also Routing and Swithcing virtualization Engineer

  22. Jit says:

    Awesome session! Loved it – thanks. Specially the following;

    1. The idea of configuring basic connectivity in a large network without any documents or special guidance.
    2. The pricing! You did say it will be cheaper as there will be no grading. Like to know the price in the coming days.

    In your opinion Brian…., how far is the R&S new version?

    Thank you again.

  23. MrBrabo says:

    Great session Brian,

    It really motivates me how you cover and explain the Troubleshooting section.

    Bit by bit the mystery of the unknown of the lab exam go away.

    Also the idea of building big scale networks is more challenging and a good benchmark for the lab exam.

  24. dayoojediran says:

    Brain, it will take how many days to get the result of the TS mock Lab?

  25. Nadeem Rafi says:

    I missed the Live session. Can i get recorded one?


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