Graded R&S CCIE troubleshooting lab 3 has been released. You’ll find that this lab has detailed walk-through breakdowns with me explaining how the fault/faults were discovered along with the solution. Additional I discuss other possible solutions and explain why a particular solution is used.

After we released the first two labs a few months back and got the feedback from the users we know that this is the future of INE’s Routing and Switching CCIE labs going forward. I’m going to start writing new labs that focus on a mix of configuration and troubleshooting along with labs that focus on a particular technology (i.e. IPv6 multicast lab, BGP lab, OSPFv2 lab, etc) so not only will they help you with the troubleshooting section but also the configuration section.

We will be pushing a new update out sometime this month that will allow you to compare your command output right alongside the solutions command output. This way if you missed a ticket you can go back and look at exactly why your solution wasn’t valid.

Lastly I’ve lowered the pricing of the TS graded labs to 30 tokens. This is more in line with the rest of the rack pricing. If you have any questions concerning these new TS labs or any INE product feel free to email me directly at

For those who are unfamiliar with the new Troubleshooting labs you can book them for 30 tokens in your members site account.

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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21 Responses to “CCIE R&S Graded Troubleshooting Labs Update”

  1. mhonsky says:

    Hi Brian, When can we use the TS topology with blank configurations?


  2. wayne downing says:

    Great news Brian! This further reinforces the reason folks should come to INE for training! I look forward to doing the TS labs here in the next 30 days or so.

  3. Deepak Arora says:

    Any update on Technology focused R&S and SP classes(2-3 Days format) ?

  4. Roger Perkin says:

    Hi Brian,

    Perfect timing, I can’t wait to try this one out, only 54 days to my lab so need to get as much troubleshooting in as I can!


  5. anna says:

    Hi Brian

    Any news of new online CCIE R and S classes.

    Missing your jokes.


  6. Godfrey says:

    How can this be accquired?

  7. Alessio says:

    Hi Brian,
    thanks for that. Are any further labs being prepared for the SP track?


  8. Daniel says:

    That’s great all the way. I will test Lab 3 this Saturday, and the reduced price is awesome.

  9. Manny says:

    Hello Brian, I went through the vSeminar for Troubleshooting it was amazing, Thank you.

    Just wanted to clear something, i never had graded labs, by booking graded labs, are we gonna have the TS lab 3 or we have to purchase the lab separately?


  10. Manny says:

    Also, Do you guys have any plan to lower SP rack rental price from 30 to something like RNS or Voice 10 or 12?


  11. Marc Jones says:

    Excellent news Brian.

    My lab is scheduled for the 28th May, and will be using the INE TS Labs as a part of my prep. I found the first one to be a real eye opener, so the more of these I can do the better.


  12. riripat says:

    Where I can find detailed Solution?
    I can only find the LAB3 final config.


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