Just a couple slides to show everyone from Cisco’s OpenFlow presentation that looks interesting for just about everyone reading this post.

The CSR1000v is here now. IOS XR4U (XR VR) has been around for a while. Is vIOS IOU? How about vNXOS, is it Titanium or something new? Seems that vIOS will be IOU and vNXOS is Titanium.

From what I’m hearing this is being delivered as an “appliance”. A web interface is used to deploy topologies simular to GNS3 and web IOU. The future looks bright!

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33 Responses to “Cisco’s Virtual Internet Routing Lab – When?”

  1. Daniel Dib says:

    That’s my guess as well. I tried XR4U via Cisco PEC. It works well. vIOS is probably IOU as you said.

    Future looks very bright indeed. What’s interesting is why Cisco changed their mind? They were very restrictive before when we had a petition for educational IOS.

  2. Mahdi says:

    So it will transforms expensive home racks to just a simple appliance.
    If Cisco doesn’t restrict the communication with out of the appliance, it will defeated in this baffle battle …

  3. Aliou says:

    Thanks Brian. This is interesting especially for network folks in Africa where to get hands-on experience in NXOS or IOS XR ain’t easy. Thk God we have GL to rely on ;) Can’t wait to see this available to public.

  4. Jason Lunde says:

    This is great news. Long time coming, but it must have been finally realized that to have new product adoption, you must have some sort of viable training out there for people who arent partners, or have an employer that doesnt help with materials/equipment.

  5. David says:

    Is it me, or are they using the Biohazard symbol for their VIRL application? What in the world possessed them to do that?

  6. Rob Coote says:

    The key question is; will it be affordable?

  7. Mirek Burnejko says:

    This is amazing marketing/sales move from Cisco. Take it, use it, have fun, make good business decissions. Finally, buy a licenses that can allow it to transfer more than 1-5Mb/s.
    Engieers will love that, CIOs will love that and Cisco will make a profit. Life’s good.

  8. Evans Mutiti says:

    Great news. It should cut down on the cost of training.

  9. Joe Astorino says:

    The question of course is will it be priced reasonably for the common man to enjoy

  10. Anonymous Coward says:

    This has been in the works internal for quite a while. It’s still very much a work in progress to get the GUI to work internally.

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  12. Sajjad says:

    “IOS XR4U (XR VR) has been around for a while.”
    but not available publicly right??

  13. Bob says:

    Good to see the Cisco documentation team using GNS3 to build sample configs:

    Goes to show how overdue an official IOS emulator is if Cisco guys are turning to GNS3!

  14. Stanley Jason says:

    I have read all the above and totally agree with your post. Nice and helpful information.

  15. Chris Racaza says:

    For sure there will be restrictions on this software…

  16. 4thwrite says:

    I desperately want this to happen. How far are we from the release?

    • Schoutentl says:

      I was in an all day lab with the openPK and ONE products. It is supposed to be released some time within the next month. Having had the chance to play around with it for a day it was truly awesome. It runs on linux and will be called their IOL. They are working on getting a stable switching platform for full release. Or at least that is what the developers were saying. They even showed a preview of a plug and play device service. Which allowed you to pre-configure devices based on their SUID. It was rough around the edges but looked pretty cool as far as mass deployment type of items went.

  17. Schoutentl says:

    Here are some places to look for it and other items in relation. In my lab they had it running on Ubuntu.

  18. phiz says:

    Use of the biohazard symbol here is an incredibly bad (verging on irresponsible) choice, I hope that won’t be included in any shipping product.

    How many years of customer demand has it taken for Cisco to consider providing a (legal) virtualised instance of their OSes? A slow step forward, wait until you see the licensing fees..

  19. andrew says:

    I think they use the biohazard image because if you say VIRL out loud, it is “Viral” .. as in virus.

  20. Steven says:

    I test drove VIRL at Cisco Live this year and several different Cisco reps said this product would be availale for FREE and the only thing that would cost would be technical support. They explained that you could use the software for free and only pay if you needed tech support.

    They may change their minds and decide to charge just for the software.

    I was also told the Cisco Learning Network wants to leverage this software for certification purposes.

    Just my 2cents

  21. Chris says:

    I wonder if they will offer this as a cloud service for people to subscribe to. It could work well for partners, training companies and individuals.

  22. Amir Tahir says:

    I came to know that Cisco Mobile lab will offer SP now and i guess this product is already in action…

    I look forward for this one ….. I hope it will be out soon.

  23. Tom says:

    Everyone expects a free service and free rentals… Example should be Juniper’s Junosphere.


    $50.00 for 10 virtual machine units (VM unit). One VM unit allows you to run most virtual machines in Junosphere for a period of 24 contiguous hours. (advanced virtual machines may consume more than one VM Unit)

    Junosphere Connector

    Junosphere Connector is an optional application that allows you to connect your Junosphere topology to a physical lab environment. Ordering quantity 1 for $10.00 gives you the ability to transfer up to 1Mbps of data for one day (24 hours)

    Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for ordering processing

    So I am assuming the pricing should be similar with Cisco as well.. Considering how all products from Cisco are already overpriced.


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