Congratulations to Brian McGahan on passing the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam today on his first attempt!  This makes Brian a 4 x CCIE (R&S, SP, Security, DC) and CCDE!  Brian will be writing up a follow-up post on his way back from San Jose with more information on his journey to passing the CCIE DC.  Congrats BM!

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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110 Responses to “Congrats to Brian McGahan on Passing the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam!”

  1. M.Othman says:

    Congrats….you deserve it…

  2. Allan Zawadowicz says:


  3. Carlos Galunza II says:

    Wow, just amazing! Congrats Brian M. You’re an insipiration to all of us.
    So tell me, are you into PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) or something? =P

  4. Wayne Downing says:


  5. Brian says:

    Congratulations Brian,seems like you been very busy with studies (CCDE and Data Center)

  6. Mik says:

    The man, the myth, the legend…

  7. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Amazing.. I wonder how you accomplish so many things so perfectly.

  8. Vibeesh says:

    I think you need to share your secret on time management , you seem to be doin hell lot of things… Congrats mate !!

  9. Dragons & Faeries says:

    I think BM actually stands for Beast Master because he’s certainly very beastly when it comes to knocking out these exams! Congrats! By the way, why does the status say “re-certified” for both DC And CCDE? Is it another of Cisco’s long list of features?

  10. Ismail Elshalh says:

    Congratulations Brian. You deserve the best!

  11. Diogo says:

    That is amazing!

    Congratulations, Brian!

  12. Manish Salaria says:

    Brian Mcgaghan is a mystery.. Congrats Brian..:-)

  13. Manoj Shukla says:

    Congratulations Brian, You deserve it. Your INE products indicate the level of dedication and hard work you have put on it !!!

  14. Reddy says:

    Congratulations Brian.

  15. Sham says:

    Congrats Bri….! :-)

  16. ovais says:

    Congrats Brian, you are the man

  17. Arwin says:

    You’re the man BM! Congratulations! :)

  18. Arun Mohan says:

    very happy to hear the news.Congrats Brian

  19. Arwin says:

    Certifications never stop!

    Congratulations BM, you’re the man! :)

  20. Narayan Neupane says:

    Congratulations Brian!

  21. Alexander Lim says:

    Congratulations Brian! You rocks man! When I heard Mark Snow passed the exam, I knew that the time for you was near.

  22. Manouchehr says:

    WooooW. Simply speechless. when Mark passed the lab, i remember one of your comment either on this blog or on online study list. something like “”"”"”"”"more seats has been added, thinking i should book one of those”"”"”"”"”"”" You just went with that idea. Amazing man. Congratulationsss.

  23. Hassan says:

    Congratulations Brian , this is a very good news .

  24. timaz says:

    congratulations … I’m using your material for RS prep. When will I get my own number ?!

  25. Dani says:

    Top man! Great job!

  26. Antonio Soares says:

    Congratulations for your 5th big title !!!

  27. Muhammad Nasir says:

    How could you compare these CCIE’s persons:
    Brian McGahan and Brian Dennis

  28. Olushile says:

    Congrats Brian. You’re an inspiration!

  29. Dennis Day says:

    Congratulations Brian.

  30. Aral says:

    Congrats Brian! That is truly awesome :-)

  31. Marcio Costa says:

    I’m working to have these tittles one day

  32. YS says:

    Wow….finally, congrats Brian, so proud of you guys. I’m glad I could say my DC instructors are officially certified

  33. AJN says:

    Amazing achievement Brian, congratulations!!

  34. Brannen says:


  35. dayoojediran says:

    Welldone Brian…Congrats! !

  36. Eric P says:


  37. Nick Bonifacio says:

    Amazing, great job!

  38. USMAN says:

    Sir now it is time that you are not Brian McGahan
    you are now The Brian McGahan

  39. Zakir A. Khan says:

    Congratulation Brian! It is a great achievement.

  40. etonde says:

    Brian McG=Networking on Steroids!!!

    I believe there’s nothing more you have to prove on the IE level from now on, Should consider the CCAr now as next Challenge, What do you think about that ?

    In french we say Felicitations Monsieur Brian :)

    • Hi etonde, I actually attended the session BRKCRT-8862 – “Cisco Certified Architect: How to Complete the Journey from CCIE to CCDE to CCAr” by Dr. Bill Parkhurst this year at Cisco Live. The program right now has very limited bandwidth for the number of candidates they can test per year. Right now it’s only 4 total per year, and they already have more than that on the waiting list. So in the near future no, maybe in the next five years or so it would be a nice goal to work towards. Thanks!

  41. kenyonej says:

    You guys clearly have a strategy! to pass CCDE then pass CCIE DC months later? Totally awesome!

  42. Huck says:


  43. Paul says:

    Legend !!

  44. Bassam Alkaff says:

    Congratulations Brian! It was amazing that you have passed CCIE DC which is a new track in your first attempt just a few months after passing CCDE which less than 100 people around the world have! I think that you have said once that it is hard to compete with petr );, but here you are man! Now INE have two CCDEs and Two DC CCIEs. What is next guys?!

  45. Manish Salaria says:


    Congrats Once Again….!!
    When the write-up for how to pass the CCIE DC LAB Exam would published. Hope to see your success story as well..


  46. krishna says:

    Congrats Brain… I think CCAr is your next move isn’t it…? After your CCAr, would we see Brain working for INE ;-) … you’re truly inspiration to geek guys… Hope to see you soon in the CCAr list….

    Krishna (CCIE Voice)

  47. Orhan ERGUN says:

    Congratulations Brian and I would like to ask Which one was harder for you ; CCDE or CCIE DC ? And Why its hard to compete with Petr ?

  48. zeus says:

    Brian… you rock man! I am just following you for last 5 years. Passed my 3rd CCIE after you passed yours. Now you are putting lot of pressure on me ;-) one more CCIE and CCDE…ok the game is on :-) Please don’t pass anything anymore ;-)

    on a side note is there any CCDE bootcamp planned in SJ for Nov test? Are you recording the London bootcamp?

  49. Deepak Sharma says:

    Congratulations!!!! Brian, can we have your strategy for preparing CCIE DC exam. Like what you studied and in what order.

  50. Tom Loran says:

    Congratulations Brian!! Well deserved. Look forward to your DC bootcamps.

  51. mhonsky says:

    I knew it that you will get you IE on DC because you did a great job on DC VOD and Online WB’s! Brian, you rocks and congratulations!!!

  52. Oladeji Fagbewesa says:

    Congrat Brian, You need that vacation, too much is going into that brain in a short period of time. Please combine with Mark Snow to make update to the workbook based on the your lab experience without breaking the Cisco NDA.

  53. Rob Riker says:

    Congrats Brian! It’s obvious why your the Master and we are your students. One day (next summer) hopefully I will earn my number. Thanks for all you guys do!

  54. Tommy says:

    Congrats Brian!
    What next? Collaboration or Wireless? :)

  55. Hassan Besher says:

    Congratulations Brian! you are amazing :) you should give us the study
    plan of DC track from zero to hero :D

  56. Indra PN says:

    Congratulation Brian, you are Rock :)
    No Wonder you can nail the DC exam ;)

  57. Jasper Arevalo says:

    Congratulation Brian M. for passing the lab!

  58. Andre Laurent says:

    You are an animal! Congratulations Brian!

  59. AndiS says:

    Impressive, outstanding, fantastic, incredible…..congratulations !
    INE is leading 2:1 …awesome.
    INE is the BEST because double Brian M & G, Mark Snow and great INE employee and memberss that always push each other to the limit.

  60. Jimmy Idemudia says:

    You truly inspire me Brian! I hope more seats open up for the November DC course.

  61. Dion says:

    Well done man; I reckon he’s got the nootropic drug, NZT-48 from the film Limtless! :-)

  62. Dave says:

    Well done Brian, you have so many Cisco CCCIE exams, do you have any Juniper exams as well or are you a one trick pony?

  63. yousifalyousif says:

    After congratulating I can not be the oldest description you deserve more than his others God bless your age

  64. YS says:

    Is CCIE Wireless and CCAr gonna ever be on INE’s roadmap? I guess not too many demands for these…

  65. Yaser says:

    Congratulations Brian , this should put some pressure in Dennis

  66. Yanjan Acharya says:

    Hello Guys,
    Please don’t compare Brain Mcgahan and Brain Dennis. Both are best at their own places. They are the guys who makes us crazy on CISCO certification..

    Brain Mcgahan,
    Oh my god…One more CCIE added,
    Amazing….Speechless.. I think there are Cisco router and switches, firewalls, Nexus on your brain..How can you remember all those Command Line..

    Amazing Amazing….

    When do you get time for studies??You are really my inspiration and I love the way you make people understand the technology which is very very difficult..It a very difficult job to teach and make people understand the technology at the fundamental level
    Please don’t stop teaching..You are inspiration for all CISCO LOVERS..

    Congratulation Once Again….!!!!

    Life is CISCO Now….!!!

  67. Nick says:

    Congratulations Brian, you deserve it.

    Thanks for the advice you gave me for the CCENT, which I have passed. Now going for the CCNA via ICND 2, which is very difficult! next stop CCNA Voice, so will be pestering Mark Snow (or is it Brian Dennis?!)!!

  68. kenyonej says:

    I am seeing more and more that I need to start labbing and practicing on my speed and learning how to browse the docs. This is making me realize the actuality of taking the R&S LAB! Thanks Brian, good write up!

  69. Nuno Marques says:

    Well Done!!! congratulations on the great achivement!

  70. Mauricio Carral says:

    What an achievement! congratulations Brian!!

  71. Subhajit paul says:

    Congratulations.GOD bless you…

  72. kennyg says:

    Great to hear! you are really an inspiration! please don’t rest on your oars! if I may ask, any plans for ccna/ccnp DC materials?I want to go ground up.

  73. Adnan Khan says:

    Big man Brian, Congratulations:) so whats next……?:))

  74. TERWASE says:

    Just so you all know, I’m CCIE R&S, Sec, SP, Voice, Wireless, DC, Collab, CCDE, CCAr.
    The only thing is I need to prove to cisco I am by passing the labs and interview.
    (˘̯˘) (˘˘̯)

  75. Abid says:

    inspired, i really want to work with you as an assistant.

  76. Binary says:

    wow! Congratulation for passing the exam, God bless and more power. :)

  77. Romani says:

    Congratulations Brian… well deserved!!


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