Starting tomorrow, September 24th 2013 at 10:00 PDT (17:00 GMT), I will begin the running the new CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class for the newest version 4.0 blueprint. Online streaming of tomorrow’s class is free for anyone to attend. Simply login to and then browse to the streaming url of  A link to the streaming page is also located in the members dashboard.

Tomorrow’s class will start with an introduction about the scope of the CCIE Security v4 blueprint, including the hardware and software versions, as well as the specific technologies within the scope, and then will continue with the technical topics of IOS Firewall, including stateless ACL filtering and stateful filtering with both CBAC and ZBPF.

The format of this class will be a little different than previous iterations of ATCs for Security, R&S, SP, etc.  Instead of running a 5-day class with 8 – 10 hours per day, the class will be spread out over the next 4 – 6 weeks in smaller increments.  This will allow you to plan your study schedule more accordingly, and ideally not have to take a full week or more of vacation time or PTO in order to attend the sessions.  More details of the specific class schedule will be discussed during the class intro tomorrow.

Beyond tomorrow’s class, anyone with a currently active All Access Pass subscription or that has previously purchased the CCIE Security ATC Download will be able to attend the live streaming sessions.  Streaming and download versions of the class recordings will be available sometime around November, but more updates will be posted as the live class progresses.

I hope to see you in class tomorrow!

About Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13:

Brian McGahan was one of the youngest engineers in the world to obtain the CCIE, having achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching at the age of 20 in 2002. Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE training courses for over 10 years, and has assisted thousands of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification. When not teaching or developing new products Brian consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in the midwest region of the United States.

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18 Responses to “CCIE Security v4 Advanced Technology Class Kickoff Tomorrow”

  1. Bryan says:

    Finally :)
    1. How many hours and how many days a week with it run?
    2. Is there a fixed schedule or calendar schedule? eg. Mon, Tue and Thr 10:00 to 14:00 or will the time vary?
    3. Is there a course outline so we can know in advance what will be taught on specific days in case there are topics one might not want to stream but be available for the live class? ( is obviously old and not yet updated with the topics)

  2. Manish Salaria says:

    Hello Brian

    Can You please confirm the if the below mention topics will be covered in the bootcamp.

    Troubleshooting Videos
    IP ARP Insepection on Switches
    Hair Pinning
    DNS Doctoring
    Packet Tracer & Capture Commands
    Integrating GET VPN with a DMVPN Solution
    VRF-Aware IPsec

    Enabling Reverse Route Injection (RRI) on Cisco IOS Software and the Cisco ASA Security Appliance

    Enabling NAT-T on Cisco IOS Software and the Cisco ASA Security Appliance

    High-Availability Stateful Failover for IPsec with Stateful Switchover (SSO) and Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

    High Availability Using Link Resiliency (with Loopback Interface for Peering)

    High Availability Using HSRP and RRI

    High Availability Using IPsec Backup Peers

    High Availability Using GRE over IPsec (Dynamic Routing)

    Understanding RADIUS Attributes (Cisco AV-PAIRS)

    Cisco Secure ACS – Using Network Access Profiles (NAPs)

    Cisco Secure ACS – MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) Using NAP

    Implementing RFC 2827 Antispoofing Filtering

    Implementing RFC 2401 Antispoofing Filtering

    Unicast RPF (uRPF) With or Without an ACL (Strict and Loose Mode)

    Understanding and Interpreting Packet Capture Outputs (Sniffer, Ethereal, Wireshark, TCPDump)

    Understanding and Interpreting Syslog Messages

    Adding little more :

    DMVPN design based issues, DMVPN with Dual Hub, Potential NHRP issues, DMVPN troubleshooting using “debug dmvpn ” command set.

    VACLs, Catalyst Security

    NAT Load Balancing

    Control Plane Policing

    Control Plane Protection


    QOS over IPSEC Tunnels/VPNs

    IPSEC interacting with other technologies like CBAC, IOS NAT, ASA NAT, ZBF and how order of operation can potentially break things


    Detailed Walkthrough of ACS and various options

    IPSEC HA in Multihoming Scenarios

    Custome AAA attributes and their use

    Looking forward to your Reply.

    Manish Salaria

  3. jmachone says:

    Brian, what about wireless stuff? Any bootcamp/ trainings coming?

  4. Flyner Portugal says:

    Very Nice!!!! Ine Rocks!

  5. Tarun says:

    Hi Brian,

    This is more of a request for the next gen ATC videos. Can you guys create the videos with a cap in the duration. For example each video chunk is limited to 30-45 minutes? this helps out quite a bit when planning study sessions due to the fact that some of the videos can be 5 minutes others can be 2hrs

  6. oakintade says:

    Hi Brian,

    I don’t know if you’ve published the list of recommended books to read. Can you please post them here when you can?

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  8. Pablo Costa says:

    There is any topic cover about ASA X and CX series?

  9. Jon says:

    Hi Brian,

    Will the streaming/download version be made available after you have conducted all the classes or will they be released incrementally?


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