The R&S CCIE Volume 2 workbook has been ported to our new web format (see below). This format allows you to add bookmarks, add notes (both private and public notes) and ensures you always have the latest version. Additionally you can submit feedback directly to the Development and Editing teams from within workbook. We are also working on integrating our IEOC forum directly into the workbook and plan on having it available late October.

For the notes, we are currently implementing a rating system that will allow you to rate a public note posted by someone else. This will allow you to filter public notes that are not above a certain rating if desired. This new public notes feature will be really popular based on the feedback we have received from the beta testers. The R&S Volume 2 in the new web format will be released next week.

R&S Volume 3 workbook has been updated. This updated version will be available later this week in your members site account. This is the last major update to Volume 3 before it is retired and integrated into the new single R&Sv5 blueprint based workbook we are already developing.

Q – Will I automatically get the new workbook when its released next week if I have the current workbook?
A – Yes. The workbook will automatically show up in your members site account next week.

Q – Will I be able to view it offline?
A – Yes. A PDF version will automatically be generated when a change is made to the workbook.

Q – Can I view it on my tablet?
A – Yes the new format is pure HTML5 which is support by all modern tablet web browsers. This is the first step before we release it as an iPad/iPhone app and Android app. The tablet app will allow you to take the workbooks “offline” and still make notes, bookmarks, etc that will sync up when you get back online.

Q – Does this include new material?
A – We had to freeze any development while the workbook was ported to the web. Now that the workbook is up we’ll start adding new content. We have 3 additional labs to add to the workbook now.

Lastly Volume I is currently being ported to the web and I’ll release it in chunks as each section is finished. Currently the IP Routing section has been ported. I’m reviewing it before release and adding more PfR/OER labs.

R&S Online Workbook

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25 Responses to “R&S CCIE Volume 2 and 3 Workbook Updates”

  1. Jay says:

    How will this work for users who work offline or on a network which has no external internet access? Will there still be a download option for those specific users?


  2. luis says:

    and the content? any big update? errors fixed? more IP services and security?

  3. Michael Law says:

    This is fantastic. Where will we see this content published on the member website? I checked under ‘workbooks’ and didn’t see the addition. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong area?


  4. Mdemetrio says:

    Hi Brian.
    I bought the Workbook in the old format …I have the right to receive this update in this new format?


  5. Indra says:

    Is the update also affected the Dynamips version for IEWB Vol 2?

  6. Tom says:

    Will errors we’ve submitted in the past couple of months still be incorporated or should we resubmit them if we still see them in the new workbooks (assuming there are any errors in the new workbooks :) )

  7. Andrew says:

    Great updates! When do you think v5 will be announced by Cisco?

  8. Jon says:

    INE, appreciate your effort for painstakingly reviewing and updating the INE materials. I’m so thrilled and looking forward to the new workbooks to be released soon.

    You mentioned Vol 3 WB will be retired and integrated into the new R&Sv5 WB eventually. Any advice on the expected retired date of Vol 3 and when will the new R&Sv5 blueprint workbook be released?
    What are the changes to be expected in the new R&Sv5 workbook?

    Will there be upcoming R&Sv5 classes (COD) to be released soon?

  9. Dion says:

    How do you envisage the transition from V4 workbooks to V5 working? Will there be an upgrade path and if so is this likely to be free or small fee etc.

    More importantly is the content; I guess for that we will just have to wait and see what Cisco announces.


  10. Ciprian says:

    Hi Brian,

    So i understand that workbook vol II has been ported to the new online format, but no updates,yet, regarding the content. As for the volume III, content has also been updated, but it’s not yet available in the members area.

    Is this corect ?

    Thank you very much for your efforts,

    • Labs 1 through 10 in Vol 2 were updated and its available in your members site account in the new web format. Vol 3 was also updated and its available from your members site account but its in PDF format as the Vol 3 will be retired soon so we didn’t port the content.

  11. Ciprian says:

    Thank you very much Brian !! More MPLS and IPv6, wow … that’s greeeattt !!

    Will start labbing right away !

    Thanks again,

  12. Gary says:

    Hi Brian,

    Since workbook 3 is going to be retired soon, will it’s contents be merged into the new version 5 in the online workbook format and how will this differentiate between those who had purchased the vol 3 now and those who had not?
    Also, any estimated time frame for the workbook vol1 to also be converted into the new web format?

  13. Gary says:

    Thanks Brian!

  14. Jonathan says:


    I’m in plans to purchase hardware to match INE’s topology for my home lab and want to plan accordingly.

    Are there any changes in your recommended hardware models with the new v5 workbooks that you guys are creating?

    Do you predict hardware change required to lab appropriately for R&Sv5 in the future?

    thanks in advance.

  15. Joe says:

    It looks like we may be a bit closer to finding out the changes for v5. Saw this on the Cisco Live! Milan site:


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