It’s rumored that the announcement for the R&S CCIE v5 update should be coming soon (November timeframe) and the switch over for the lab sometime around March 2014. Cisco Live Europe has a R&S v5 Technical Breakout scheduled for anyone attending. The update to version 5 is rumored to be a 100% virtual lab environment similar to how the troubleshooting section of the lab is done now. The major benefit of the lab going virtual is that the topics covered will be platform independent. You will not need to buy 2911′s or 3750x’s to prepare and can use any relatively newer router or switch to prepare or use a virtualized environment (IOL/IOU/VIRL, GNS3, CSR). The goal of the v5 appears to be to focus on the technologies themselves and less on the hardware and a specific topology. This is the best move Cisco has made for the R&S CCIE program in years as candidates will need to focus more on the technologies themselves and not worry about IOS versions, hardware platforms, physical topologies, etc.

Allegedly the R&S CCIE v5 blueprint will see legacy topics like Frame-Relay removed. Additionally it’s possible some of the more lesser used features of the IOS like Zone-Based Firewall, WCCP, IPv6 multicast, and PfR could be removed from the lab. A few of the topics we could see added are IPSec, DMVPN, and Embedded Packet Capture. We may see ISIS added to the written at least if not the lab. This could be the last version of the R&S lab that isn’t IOS XE based so we could see it added to the written.

Currently the lab has a 2 hour troubleshooting section and a 6 hour configuration section. The new lab may contain, in addition to the troubleshooting section, a new diagnostic section. This means the lab could have a troubleshooting, diagnostic and configuration section. I would assume the points for this new section would come from the configuration section and the troubleshooting section would remain the same or possibly even slightly higher in points.

So what does this mean for someone currently preparing for the R&S v4 blueprint? If you feel you are close to taking the lab but do not have to scheduled, you should schedule a date ASAP. Once the official v5 announcement comes out from Cisco, it will be hard to schedule a lab date. If you have a date scheduled before March 2014 then you should be fine. If your date is after February 2014 then I would recommend you move it up ASAP. The longer we go into November the more likely the new blueprint date has been pushed back by Cisco.

Additional v4 bootcamps will be added to the schedule before the March 2014 changeover. We will start transitioning the current bootcamps over to version 5 around the first of the year. For the self-paced products we will start releasing labs and videos covering the new blueprint in November. 90% of the material from the version 4 blueprint will carry over to the version 5 lab blueprint. Topics you can skip for the routers will be Frame-Relay, PfR, WCCP, Zone-Based Firewall along with technologies that are not supported in IOU L2/IOL L2. Here is a list of features we may not see for the layer 2 section since the switches will be virtual.

1) QinQ Tunneling
2) ISL trunks
3) DHCP Snooping
4) Layer 3 Port Channel
5) Private VLANs

Post any questions you have about the new blueprint changes and I’ll start creating a FAQ below:

Q) I purchased the version 4 self-paced material so will I be covered for the version 5 products?
A) Yes.

Q) Will I have to pay anything for get the new version 5 material?
A) No.

Q) I attended an R&S CCIE v4 bootcamp so can I resit a v5 bootcamp for free?
A) Yes.

Q) Will INE offer racks for the new blueprint?
A) Yes. Although the lab is virtual it is still good to spend part of your preparation using real hardware as that is what you use in your day-to-day job. Towards the end of your preparation you can hone your skills using virtualized environment. We will be using the CSR along with real switches for the virtualized environments.

Q) What about my tokens?
A) Your tokens will carry over.

Q) I’m currently schedule for the lab after the v5 update. Can I still take the v4 lab?
A) No.

Q) Do you feel strongly that the announcement will come out in November?
A) I do feel confident that the announcement will be in November but it could slip since they are trying to align the Cisco 360 update to the lab release.

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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244 Responses to “Rumored Routing and Switching CCIE Version 5 Updates”

  1. Marcin Kurek says:

    Hi Brian,

    “Q) I purchased the version 4 self-paced material so will I be covered for the version 5 products?
    A) Yes.”

    Does this apply to people who purchased their materials let’s say in 2011?

  2. Dennis Day says:

    So, you guys believe they will implement quicker than six months after announcement. Meaning you think March as apposed to May.

  3. Ali says:

    Looks Interesting .. I hold a CCIE in Security and have plans for R&S . Love the visualized part and I hope cisco makes changes in such a way that people cant brain dump the lab – they can introduce 100+ labs and keep on changing them so it becomes difficult for newbies to pass such kind of lab .

  4. ccie99999 says:

    what about the 6 months notice?

  5. Sidi Ouedraogo says:

    I am glad there are removing FR.. I hate it …….Hourra !!!!

  6. Sidi Ouedraogo says:

    I am glad they are removing FR.. I hate it …….Hourra !!!!

  7. William Carter says:

    I have the bootcamp scheduled in January. Will it be v4 or v5?

  8. Nish says:

    Definitely going to be more IPv6 and RIP also might go…

  9. Huck says:

    My lab booking @ March 28 2013, so I need to reseat before Feb 2013?

  10. N1x ( Rati Jokhadze ) says:

    If your date is after February 2014 then I would recommend you move it up ASAP.

    Hi brian , what you mean your date is after feb 2014? if i schedule lab today for example for a 2014 june , i’ll not be able to take V4?

  11. Diego says:

    “The R&S CCIE v5 blueprint will see legacy topics like Frame-Relay removed.”
    Is this confirmed?

  12. Jamie Grive says:

    It’s not completely unreasonable for IOS-XE to appear in v5

  13. ilorah nwachukwu says:

    Those that bought adv tech vod, would there be any discount for the addition videos that would be added

  14. Julio Subero says:

    When you say “For the self-paced products we will start releasing labs and videos covering the new blueprint in November” you meant November this year 2013?

  15. kenyonej says:

    Wow, now I really feel caught between a rock and a hard spot. My bootcamp is coming up in December and I will have to save up before scheduling lab. Bomber.

  16. William Carter says:

    I wonder if a possible diag section will be successful unlike the open ended question fiasco?

  17. Paul Blakeslee, CCIE #2197 says:

    Frame Relay should have been scaled back years ago IMO!
    Would like to see 802.1aq (Shortest Path Bridging….and the IETF variant TRILL if the standards bodies can get it worked out).
    Would also like to see meaningful MPLS along the scale of how FR was used as the core transport for most of V4.
    MPLS QOS is cool, and applicable to CCIE R&S also.
    RIP? No way….it is so easy as it is there is really not much you can test with it. It stays the same IMO.
    V5 also needs to up-the-ante on redistribution scenarios. V4 is so easy it’s silly.
    Also summarization scenarios could improve.
    Multicast is another area which could really improve the test. There is so much to know about it which has not been covered deeply in V4.
    Some Layer2 tunnel or L2VPN challenges, involving odd MTU problems could be interesting.
    One last thing that I expect will increase is PBR. Very powerful tool for those in the know….on the flip side if the Teir2 and below guys dont understand it your network is hosed during the first PBR in which the resident PBR expert is not around. ;-)

    I expect V5 will get away from the static labs of old (V4 uses the same physical lab used for all of lab “flavors”) into one that is of course virtual, but also more dynamic in the content and topology which the student is being tested on.
    V4 was not fair to all test takers, in that the people who sought out lab “dumps” have an unfair advantage over others. A dump-proof V5 hopefully will level the playing field and reward those who actally know the material (vs those who memorize dumps) with their earned CCIE#s.

    Best of luck to all V5ers. Looking forward to seeing what Cisco has up their sleeves.

    • Don says:

      Look at your ccie # in the 2k’s. You must have gotten your IE several years ago and have be working with these technologies for a while now. Why wont V4 be be so easy for you :)

      • Paul Blakeslee, CCIE #2197 says:

        I got my # in the mid 1990s.
        V4 is 10-times harder than V1 ever was!
        That idea that V1 was harder because it was a two-day lab is a total myth. I passed V1 and V4 labs and know first hand.
        V1 written: I only studied some “nutshell” books for one night before the written and passed with less than 70%…….V4 took me months to get up to speed.
        V1 lab: NO SWITCHES! Just a rack of 7 routers with IOS 11.x. Blueprint had like 1/5th of the technical content.
        My V1 home lab was a rack of 4-5 2500 routers and some hubs (BIG$$$ at the time).
        My V4 lab was the v5 INE workbook baseline (About 1/2 as much as V1 lab).
        What makes V4 harder: SO MUCH CONTENT, and test time management is much more critical that V1.
        What makes V1 harder: Absolutely no online-resources other than USENET. No bootcamps, no training. Even CCIE-specific books were weak and few and far between. With V1, you were totally on your own. Also, my boss had no idea what V1 CCIE was, so he would not pay for it.

    • strangerq says:

      RIP? No way….it is so easy as it is there is really not much you can test with it.

      ^ RIP is really used to generate loops in the lab.

      It’s great for that!

      • Paul Blakeslee, CCIE #2197 says:

        Indeed….that will play right into more complex redistribution challenges that V5 would benefit from IMO.

  18. Umino says:

    Thanks for the support for the V4 students, INE.

    The drop of PfR will be mourned by many. #not

    Brian, are you planning a 3 part bootcamp – 1 for tshoot, 1 for config, 1 for diag?

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  20. Ratan says:

    Can I assume once they have announced V5 officially I still have 5 or 6 months to take V4 from that day?

  21. Andrew Stub says:

    If i have passed the v4 written will i be allowed to attempt the v5 lab?

  22. Gary says:

    I thought ISIS was being removed from v4 and now they are going to put it back in v5? Also, if the lab exams are 100% virtualized, will Cisco be offering a non-cost solution for learners to use their virtualized software or still need to rely on the online rack rentals for lab practice? What’s the big difference between the two?

  23. Rato says:

    What will the last date for appearing R&S V4 ???

  24. Tom says:

    Is there going to be any change in the INE R&S topology, or just the same but virtualised? Is there going to be any significant change in number of routers in the configuration section?

  25. Gary says:

    Was about to start learning on the Frame-relay stuffs and now this big news is telling me not to learn it but to drop it. Well… what could I say? One sentence, “Just in time!” :D

  26. Mihai Catalin says:

    I am planning to begin the study for CCIE written in January 2014 and attend the exam around May or June.

    Along with this change to v5, there will also be new documentation released (like an official study guide, lab manual etc.)? I mean until January or February…

  27. Rich says:

    Most of the funky config scenarios aren’t relevant in real world design anymore. Who in their right mind uses RIP to the service provider?

  28. wail ahmed says:

    how about the preparation? i have the same INE hardware and topology.. can i carry on studying and practicing on current devices (2800 routers , 1800 routers , 3750 switches)? i felt sad if i spent the money purchasing the hardware 5 months ago and now they are useful anymore,, please advise

  29. John Orr says:

    Of course this all depends but once v5 is out and INE updates the workbooks, how likely is it that your racks will change? I’m REALLY hoping to not have to update my home lab to match it to use your new workbooks? Approximately how many weeks/months will it take INE to update the workbooks once v5 is officially announced?

  30. CasperV says:

    Any update on when VIRL will be released, hopefully it won’t be too expensive…

  31. Diya' says:

    Hello Brian ,
    i sat for your bootcamp in RTP almost like these days , so i can sit for RnS v5 For Free ?


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  33. Vitali says:

    Guys @INE,

    What are you planning to do with all the equipment you currently have? Are you going to keep the same topology/equipment but update workbooks per v5 blueprint or move to fully virtualized labs?


  34. Parag Bhavsar says:

    I have cleared my CCIE R&S in Feb-2013 means its Version-4. Can i still appear for Version-5 Lab ?

  35. Joseph Carnival says:

    Cisco is just giving us less than 4 months to complete the CCIE lab exam in which we’ve been training for 3 years. If we dont pass within the next 4 months, then it will take us another couple of months or year to get the written, then training again for V5, bootcamp. etc. This is not good!

  36. Will says:

    If i have passed the v4 written will i be allowed to attempt the v5 lab?

  37. Johnny says:

    I will be attending the March San Jose boot camp will this be V4 or V5?

  38. Nathan says:

    For someone that has a lab date of 3/31/14 and is currently seeing great progress from doing vol2/vol3 labs but knows they have a way to go in areas like:


    should they consider to push harder in study and take the test before 2/28/14 or take the gamble of the 3/31/14 v5 lab, with this im assuming that the materials for v5 from INE will be ready sooner than later?

    • The materials will be ready sooner than later for sure. Personally I would not take the exam until you feel you’re ready though. Once the blueprint change is “official” we’re going to post a detailed checklist of what’s being added and removed.

      • Nathan says:

        Thanks, i think my major worry is that either way i need to take something before 3/31/14 to be within my 18 months.

        • Or you could just take the written exam again to extend it.

          • Nathan says:

            yeah i agree with you, but im on such a roll with the schedule on the “how to pass the INE R&S v4.0 blueprint” (20-30 hours a week after work) i would really hate to put that down and lose my momentum just to re-pass a written. I’d almost rather just fail on the v5 and continue onward but make the switch from R&S v4 to R&S v5 as soon as i have seen the blueprint/INE has the materials available for study.

  39. David Grant says:

    How about the WRITTEN exam? is there a time frame for it?

  40. Sourabh Mishra says:

    I have two questions :
    1. What if i am appearing for CCIE written exam this month . would it
    be considered valid for CCIE V5 Lab exam?
    2. Based on the blueprint you suggested & if i am flexible enough in
    my preparation , Shall i go for V4 or should wait for V5? what would
    you suggest? (FR has never been an issue)

  41. Andy Goodley says:

    Why remove PfR? I know this is not the easiest thing to learn but this is where everything is moving right? SDN and all that. Also will you be running any live classes for new meteral?


    • Yes we will be running live classes on the new material starting next month.

      • Andy Goodley says:

        Excellent, look forward them. Do you know why Cisco would remove a topic like PfR though? This seems more relevant than ISIS for a enterprise route switch expert, or am I missing something?


        • IS-IS has other applications in today’s networks, such as FabricPath, TRILL, and OTV just to name a few. It’s not a bad idea to have a solid foundation of IS-IS so you can then extend it to these other applications.

          As for PfR, it probably is a good candidate to remove from the exam, because it’s essentially SDN version 0.01. The idea of separating the control plane and the data plane is good, and this is mainly what things like OpenFlow define, but doing it on the router itself with PfR isn’t a good solution. With the new Insieme announcement coming up soon for Nexus 9K I think there’s going to be a major shift with how Cisco as a whole approaches SDN, and it won’t be through PfR.

          • Andy Goodley says:

            ok thanks for the info Brian, very interesting (thought they was taking a step backwards but guess not). Would you recommend against deploying PfR at all in the real world? (looking at doing this to manage flows between VPN and MPLS connections at work, will only be a small rollout).

            I wasn’t aware about the other uses of ISIS… I best get studying then :)


          • PfR can and does work if you get the correct code trains. The problem mainly is supporting it. If something goes wrong do all of your engineers know how PfR works?

        • Paul Blakeslee, CCIE #2197 says:

          ISIS is here to stay…..CCIEs will see it in a big way in the future, especially for CAMPUS networks and maybe even enterprise carrier ethernet applications.
          Look at IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging….its pretty cool.
          Look at IETF TRILL RFCs.

  42. David says:

    I have the *written* v4 exam scheduled for early December, which sounds like it will be after the official announcement.

    Will I still be able to take the v4 written exam at that time, or will that be immediately retired?

    And assuming I pass it, will I be able to take the v5 lab based on those results (or do I have to take a v5 version of the written?)

  43. [...] O blog Internetwork Expert (INE) divulgou em primeira mão informações importantes sobre o exame CCIE R&S. A versão 5 do exame escrito deve entrar no ar já em Novembro deste ano, enquanto a alteração no exame prático (lab) deve ocorrer em Março de 2014. Seguindo uma linha semelhante às mudanças vivenciadas no CCNA, o novo blueprint do CCIE R&S deu uma enxugada nos tópicos, aposentando a cobrança de tecnologias mais velhinhas, como Frame Relay e ISL. Também foram removidos alguns tópicos que já são cobrados em outros pilares do CCIE, como Zone-based Firewall, WCCP, IPv6 Multicast e Performance Routing (PfR). Outros tópicos, como DMVPN, IPSec e ISIS podem vir a ser adicionados. [...]

  44. APF says:

    What is going to be the switching equivalent of IOL/IOU/VIRL, GNS3, CSR? To the best of my knowledge there isnt one.

    Will those of us with home labs need to fork out for some new hardware to train for this aspect of the exam?

  45. David says:

    Let me rephrase that question more simply:

    If I pass the v4 written exam *after* the v5 announcement comes out, am I eligible to take the *v5* lab exam based on those results?

  46. MOH says:

    Luckily or Unluckily, I cleared my CCIE R/S written yesterday. Please suggest if its advisable to sit for v5 lab only now after preparing for my Lab for next 5-6 months on updated blueprint. I am hoping that 90% of the blueprint will be similar to V4 only and we can continue to ramp up rest of 10% in 5-6 time frame.

  47. Ciprian says:

    Hi Brians and INE,

    I’m very confused with your words. On one hand you say that we may have 5-6 months to test on v4 after official annoncement, which from this moment is at least 31st of March ( 5 months), and on the other hand a 3-4 months period is being presented.

    Copy paste from the list above :

    Can I assume once they have announced V5 officially I still have 5 or 6 months to take V4 from that day?
    Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 October 31, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    I must admit that my frustration comes from the fact that I have my lab booked on 17 of March 2014 :)

    …but I’m attending the December bootcamp which is awesomeee !!

    If possible from your side, please clarify the above for me !!


  48. Trace says:

    Does this mean we will have to resit the v5 written before we can take the lab? I have just finished the v4 written.

  49. Andy says:

    Great… I knew I should have spent more time studying for my written! This is not unexpected though, I’ll just keep up the study, take the written when I am ready, them prepare for the v5 lab.

    Just a same I spent $500 on two 3650s earlier this year… I guess I can still use them though.

  50. Tommy says:

    Lab scheduled for November 29th in Toronto :-)
    Hope to pass it, but im in good hands with INE.

    It seems the topics i hate the most will be removed in V5 though. So if i fail in november, should i just wait the v5 to come out for my 2nd attempt coz i’m already a DMVPN savvy.

    Will still try to pass it the 1st time and save 2500$ :-)

  51. SuntailedShadow says:

    Will you be adding an AoD again for V.5? I would love something to listen to during my commute..

  52. Ciprian says:

    Thanks for your input Brian !!

    Well, if that’s the case, I shall be waiting for the updated blueprint and study material from INE as soon as possible :)

    No worries here, Brians will bring the light on my path for sure ;)

    Thanks again,

  53. pgallo@trimnet.it says:

    …….The goal of the v5 appears to be to focus on the technologies themselves and less on the hardware and a specific topology. This is the best move Cisco has made for the R&S CCIE program in years as candidates will need to focus more on the technologies themselves and not worry about IOS versions, hardware platforms, physical topologies, etc.

    Brian im not sure i understood that well. You mean the lab will test more over generic technology processes and less on specific release “dependent” topics?

    Thank you

    • Hardware specific topics would be like Catalyst QoS, Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS), 7600 Ethernet Services (ES+) cards, etc. The exam has historically tried to stay away from it being a hardware specific exam and test the software features in general. Now that IOS and IOS XE are virtualized, there’s no reason to say that the exam uses XYZ platform, but instead just that the exam uses IOS 15.x. Any platform, whether physical or virtual, that can run that version should have feature parity across the non-hardware dependent topics.

      In other words, don’t worry about the hardware or virtualization, just focus on how the technologies work.

  54. Ben says:

    My exam is booked for the 3rd December would I be able to reschedule this to say June 2014 so that I can take the v5 exam instead ?

  55. Keith says:

    Since FR is getting the boot from the CCIE R&S track do you think it will be dropped from CCNP level soon?

  56. Ben says:

    So lets say they announce tomorrow and I do the v4 on the 3rd December and fail would I still have time to retake v4 again or so I have to take v5?

    This is why I think it’s sounds a bit unfair that you can’t move the date even though there is less than 90 days. I would rather experience the v5 first and if I have to retake them I do v5 again

  57. David says:

    I’m already booked mine for March. I was tempted to reschedule, but being my first test I have more than a decent chance of failing. I’d rather fail the new one so I can know what to expect for my retake if I have to. After all failure is part of the learning process.

  58. fereidoun says:

    I was really worried, but it sounds to be better than what it is at the moment.

  59. Tommy says:

    Yes please add mp3′s for the ATC video’s. Another request would be to have the file name that is downloaded be the actual name of the topic on the site/table of contents. Instead of “ccie-rs-atc -v45-003 high”, maybe “003 Cisco Documentation”. Easy to listen to in order on the iphone this way.

  60. Richard Fisk says:

    If your v4 written is in force normally to take the v4 lab will it also qualify for the v5 lab?

    Thanks Rich

  61. Benjamin Wright says:

    So if I have my home lab set up I assuming that all the equipment is useless now? or can I use it to study for the new Blueprint? or how much of the current lab equipment can be used in the new blueprint? I guessing throw away the 2651xm keep the 2811?

  62. Shervin says:

    I am schedule to resit the CCIE written V4 in Jan. Should I continue with this or should I wait? This is also for my Certification renewal.

  63. Not saying says:

    I have also been told that NBAR2 seems to be a hot topic of discussion by the committee.

  64. Darren R. Starr says:


    I wouldn’t count out the IOU features you have mentioned. Not all of them anyway. While trying VIRL at Live! I played with the emulator and it felt more complete than in the past. I didn’t try Q-in-Q but switching has definitely come a long way. For example, duplex issues were finally cleared up on Etherchannels (long time bug) and I think I recalled trying Layer-3 port channels.

    I’ll likely have access to a VIRL session next week. I’ll try to confirm my statements.

    - Darren

    P.S. I’ll mourn the loss of FR since after this much time studying with it, troubleshooting and configuring it has become one of the easiest parts of the exam.

    P.P.S. I have on good word that either diagnostic or troubleshoot will be designed as a dump-deterrent. At least some parts of it will be generated by a script and therefore it will make it so you can’t just memorize a dump. I know that once I get my number, this will be meaningful to me.

  65. Tatan says:

    Hi Brian,
    All the topologies have FR involved.. Will the topo be change in v5 ?. If so, would the entire INE topo be simulated on IOL.

  66. Álvaro Solano says:

    I have the bootcamp scheduled in February 3 (Reno,NV) Will it be v4 or v5?

  67. Brandon Unger says:

    I’m actually happy a new v5 blueprint is coming out. Majority of the technologies the v4 blueprint is testing on are NOT aligned with what the industry is using in the enterprise environment. Like who uses WCCP, PfR, and Zone-based firewall in today’s networks? I would dare to say about 20%. This is the age of Nexus, VPLS, and 802.11ac. The CCIE R&S test needs to keep up with today’s networks. At least this is the case in USA.

    Just my 2 cents,

  68. Nabeel Haider says:

    You mentioned the INE workbooks for the new v5 tracks are currently being developed for November release. How is this being done without the official blueprints? Are they going to be essentially 90% the same as the v4 workbooks with the additional 10% tweaking as last minute changes once the blueprint is released?

    Also, how will you guys gauge the difficulty level, suitability, and similarities of the new workbooks pre-v5 official lab testing experience? Especially for the new diagnostic section? Will this put us at a disadvantage until enough time has passed for you guy’s to release more targeted and directed lab study materials?

    Last question, does the deadline for the CCIE v4 written also extend 5-6 months post announcement?

    • We said start releasing in November. We don’t need to wait for them to say OSPF, BGP, etc is going to be on the blueprint to create content. If you are planning on skimming by and barely passing the lab then you should wait until everything is released. If you are going to be rock solid with the technologies then you’ll be fine. If you focus on learning the technologies and not what level or style of questions then you’ll be fine.

      • Nabeel Haider says:

        P.S. I am not trying to be difficult here, I do appreciate all that INE does. I have essentially been studying for the past year (written and lab) and don’t feel I will be ready by the March timeframe. I do however need to move on to other pursuits and cannot keep this up indefinitely, so I will probably end up taking the v5 lab in the early months post release when I feel I have thoroughly prepared. I just want to ensure that I am preparing with material that is transparent along the lines of format, familiarity, strategy etc. so that I can additionally apply good testing taking strategy as an enhancement to solid mastery of content.

  69. Deepak Arora says:

    I mentioned earlier as well that FR doesn’t stand much chance in new blueprint though people though its exiting to use for OSPF fun though.

    RIP and PFR should be removed as well.

    But even Ver 5 doesn’t seem to be close to what I would personally expect to see like Cat 6500/6800 (Perhaps something you can find in every enterprise/campus). Part of equation probably is that Cat 6500 is though one of most popular switches in Cisco history but still not documented very well in terms of hardware architecture and configuration guides for public use.

    Also stuff Like IP-FRR & BGP PIC/BGP Add Path should have been included by now to meet modern networks requirements.

    Also stuff like L2 VPNs and EVC does have lot more importance these days than they use to be having in past.

    Perhaps even SPv3 needs big refresh to meet real world networks with ASR series & Unified MPLS Architectures.

  70. Sandeep Grover says:

    When is INE going to come up with complete v5 material ? ( any time frame ? )

  71. Denis Leonard says:


    I see in this link that CCIE new version should be eligible for testing on CCIE six months after general release


    will Cisco change that policy?

  72. Mohammed says:

    Well, while that was expected since last year I am totally disappointed because I bought a lab gears 5 months ago and it really cost me a lot, I nearly sold everything I’ve got to buy it. The problem is my gears (2611XMs, 1841s, 3550s & 60s) will not support IOS 15T obviously and now I don’t know what to do with it nor how to practice for the new version.

  73. Jack the Reaper says:

    Is the written part removed? I recall that once upon time Cisco added a mini-written exam in the practical lab exam, which was absolutely out of whack. Is it fixed now?

  74. Ricky Hines says:

    Hi Guys,

    If I take the V4 written exam before Jan, will I be able to sit the V5 lab?


  75. Motasem says:

    Hi Brian,

    if I schedule right now my lab to be in 30 March, 2014
    will I be able to attend the V4 ?

    I couldn’t understand the deadline policy.

  76. Osama Tamimi says:

    Thanks for your updates!
    But what about RTP bootcamp next February, will it be V4 or 5?

  77. Duncan Foulger says:

    Will you be published an updated lab schematic once you have an idea what the v5 one will look like?

    I built one for the v4 blueprint earlier in the year. (2610xm is my lowest spec router and 1841 is my highest) It would be nice to know if I could re-use some of the kit for the new blueprint.

    I may have to make a sculpture out of the WIC-1Ts though due to their sentimental value.

  78. Shuja says:

    Hi Brian

    So if some has started preparing for CCIE v4, should they stop and wait for the new version, and if they should carry on. Which technology ares should they focus. Please relpy asap.

  79. Dave Gwatidzo says:

    I have a good feeling about V5, we will learn some of the technologies that we are actually using in industry today and not FR, pfr etc etc. The lab virtualization will work out great also, way cheaper to set up home labs that way. My man Ahmed Aden helped me virtualize my security lab already…..kudos to him !

  80. Chris says:

    I’m also wondering if i should wait to write the new V5 written, when will the v5 written be available?

    thanks guy!

  81. Diesel says:

    INE Team

    If i have the typical setup with 4 3550 switches and gns3 server(ubuntu) with 3 nic cards etc.. is this setup still valid? or is the switching portion going to be completely virtualized as well?
    (for studying)

    basically, my network is mimicking INE’s v4 setup, for the best learning scenario, would it be best to somehow migrate to a new setup, or can i continue to learn all of the v5 stuff on this lab?

  82. Murad says:

    Hi Brians,

    Thanks alot for your nice contributions.

    As most of the discussion regarding V5 is focused on virtual environment. Will you come up with a suggestion for minimum hardware requirement to test the new V5 or Some switches plus virtual routers will be the only option?


  83. Renzo says:

    Since FR will be removed and part of videos and material on OSPF deals with OSPF over FR, do you recommend to skip studying OSPF until new material is released?

  84. Umair says:

    Dear Brian

    If someone pass the CCIE R&S Written Exam two weeks before. Is it valid for CCIE Lab V5 too ? or in case if i not appeared in the lab before March 2013 then needs to be appear again in written exam for v5?


  85. Cristian says:

    Hi Brian

    Can you share with us your expectations in regards to the complexity of the new lab topology ?
    We all know that Cisco uses scripts to grade the labs. Despite of the total freedom offered by a virtual lab in respect to lab topologies there must be some standardization in order to use scripts for grading the lab results.


  86. William Carter says:

    What is the recommendation for routers and switches? I currently have 2500 BBs, 2600s, and 2811s instead of 1841s along with 3560G switches. I suppose when you release a preferred topology you will address this? I think my 2811s can use IOS 15??

  87. CCIE v5 ! says:

    [...] yayınlanır. Brian Dennis in dediği gibi bencede Cisco nun attığı en dev adım olmuş. Routing and Switching CCIE Version 5 Update AEM ( Ağ Eğitim Merkezi ) http://www.agegitim.com http://www.agegitimi.com http://www.agegitimleri.com [...]

  88. Dave Soper says:

    I recently purchased the v4 CCIE lab. Since Frame Relay is being removed, it would only make sense that all the equipment along with it will have to go as well. What will be the additional components if we want to stick to a hardware lab rather than a virtual one.

  89. paul says:

    Hi guys,

    can you please advise if the London bootcamp in January will be based on v4 or v5?

  90. Ed Leatherman says:

    2 questions
    1) I see from the FAQ and comments that the workbooks are getting updated and that we’ll have access to the updates, which is awesome, thank you! Will the ATC and other videos also be brought up to date where necessary for new topics, and if we’ve purchased those will we also have access to that new material?

    2) Any thoughts about a blog post along the lines of “how to build a CCIE rack” that has suggestions for building with CSR?


  91. maziar says:

    I want to know can I use 5 router 2811, 3 router 2621xm with 2 switch 3560 and 3550 for version 5.

  92. David says:

    If you have a written v.4 exam currently scheduled, do you know if Cisco and/or the testing companies will allow you to change that cost-free) to a CCIE written *v.5* exam?

    I guess it doesn’t matter too much either way, but all things being equal I guess I’d rather take the v.5 written than the v.4, since the material should match up with the new lab better.

  93. Samuel says:

    I must agree with the statement that was made pertaining to being grading the use/implementation of the technology. I never liked the idea of being confined to a certain hardware platform when I’m working with a newer technology. With that said, my question is about the protocol ISIS. I have not used any of the INE training as of yet but would to know if your videos cover ISIS?

  94. [...] and we don’t know exactly what will be included, but INE seems to think they’ve got a pretty good idea. Key points from their post: 100% Virtual Environment, so no reliance on specific [...]

  95. Jorge Almazan says:

    If I purchase the CCIEv4 training bundle sometime in the near future. Will I still get the v5 training material for free? Or will that only apply to those who have already purchased the v4 material prior to the release of this post?

  96. Yek Fernando says:

    Hi Sir Brian

    I’ve been studying for almost a year now. I have practiced Volume 1 workbook thrice now. And now I am working on Volume 2 now. I feel I am still not gonna be ready to take the test on the proposed date (Last day of Feb for the v4 exam assumption). Ï have made an excel sheet of the my ccie preparation but it looks now that I may have to do a revamp of my study planner. Is it still worth to take the Mock lab exams or should I just extend my studies and wait for the update on the new wB and training vids. Thanks sir.

  97. FECNserious says:

    So I guess IPv4 multicast will remain on the blueprint? If that’s the case then I better get off this blog and back to the CLI troubleshooting AutoRP issues.

  98. bert says:

    I’m currently planning to take CCIE written this December and laboratory by next year. Is it possible to take the Lab version 5 after I pass the Written exam (version 4). Or its required that my written exam is in version 5 also.

  99. reza says:

    in v5 exam if i practice for lab exam i need rack rental or iou is fine ?

  100. maziar says:

    I want to know when I have 2 switch cisco 3560 and 3550 I have to change 3550 or not?


  101. timaz says:

    Hi Brian. As I know, if there was a blueprint change, we have a period of 6 months after official annoncment to pass the old blueprint; like recent changes on CCIE Voice and Sec. but it seems that Cisco wants to break this rule and give life to new blueprint ASAP. why?

    • It seems that Cisco wanted to get an advantage for their 360 R&S program with the release of the v5 blueprint. By timing the cut over faster they would have had a big advantage if they were the only vendor in the market with v5 material. Think of it not from a certification perspective but from a business perspective.

  102. Larry Leatherwood says:

    Hip hip horray! I get get rid of all the equipment eating up my electric bill! Ok, well I will keep it around just in case but it will rarely be turned on! :) Looking forward to subscribing to version 5 once INE releases it!

  103. marc says:

    hello Brian ,

    the last time cisco Announce about the New CCIE Collaboration and CCIE Voice retiring it was on may 2013 , and The last day to take the CCIE Voice Lab exam is February 13, 2014.

    So I hope that at least Cisco will give the same 8 montes to take tha exam in CCIE R&S V4.0.


  104. Taku says:

    Hi Brian

    do we have to wait to write the Version 5 blueprint written exam ?

  105. Sie says:

    My current CCIE written qualified me for the v4 blueprint. Will I have to take another written exam to qualify me for version 5?

  106. Dennis says:

    Good day,

    There is a quite big discussion here and I had no chance to read every single post. I have a question if you don’t mind. Will INE provide virtual topology (based on IOU or GNS3) with new workbook or it is still necessary to rent a racks?
    Thanks in advance.

  107. Greg G. Cervantes says:

    I see this posting was on Oct 31. I hope this is just another Horror Story! (someone pinch me).

  108. Ratan says:

    Let say if they announce it on 28th Jan, I can count 5 or 6 months from there on?
    If yes..so why is it advised to book v4 before 28th Feb’14…I am confused.

  109. That is the Cisco Live session not the announcement date. Cisco has never announced at Cisco Live. It’s always been before Cisco Live.


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