INE’s CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Workbook is now available in initial beta release. The RSv5 Workbook combines our previous four volume format into a single product, offering Advanced Technology Labs to learn new technologies in a step-by-step approach, Advanced Foundation Labs to increase your speed and accuracy at core configuration tasks, Advanced Troubleshooting Labs to help you master a structured troubleshooting approach, and Full-Scale Practice Labs to simulate the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam.

The RSv5 Workbook is delivered in an online format that allows you to instantly access the content in both HTML and PDF format. The format also includes advanced features such as bookmarking and notations that can be added and accessed from your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, and has no restrictions on access, printing, or time limits. A sample of the online format can be seen here. The RSv5 workbook uses an updated topology which includes IOS version 15.4 and Catalyst IOS version 15.0. Rack rentals are available for the v5 workbook here.  I would recommend to start booking your sessions now for v5, as they are currently 1/2 priced during the workbook beta, only 3 tokens per hour.

Right now about 200 new and updated Advanced Technology Labs are available in the beta release. During the beta period, updates will be continue to be posted on a daily basis, so keep an eye on the release notes section of the workbook for new updates. During the beta period new customers who purchase the RSv5 workbook will additionally get access to the RSv4 Workbook Volumes 1 – 4. Upgrades for previous RSv4 Volume I & Volume II Workbook customers are free, and should already be posted to your members account.

Additionally we now have a hard timeline for the CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Advanced Technologies Class. The RSv5 ATC will run as a live online class over the course of about 3 – 4 weeks, starting immediately after Cisco Live. All Access Pass members can attend the live class for free, and will have access to the recordings in streaming format afterwards. If you purchase the current v4 ATC download, you will also be able to attend the new v5 class live, and get access to the videos in both streaming format and download format afterwards. Special bundle pricing is available which includes the RSv4 & RSv5 Workbooks, RSv4 & RSv5 ATC, and Rack Rental Tokens.

Specifically the RSv5 Advanced Technologies Class has the currently planned initial schedule:

  • Saturday May 24th at 09:00 Pacific – RSv5 ATC Kickoff
  • May 27th – 30th 08:00 Pacific
  • June 16th – 20th 08:00 Pacific
  • June 23rd – 27th 08:00 Pacific

The first class session on May 24th is free for anyone to attend. In this session I will be covering introductory and overview topics such as key changes to RSv5 vs. RSv4, scope and depth of topics that will be covered, initial preparation strategy, initial preparation resources, etc. Initially I’m budgeting 3 weeks for the class, but it may run more or less depending on how the flow of topics go, as the scope is seriously immense – more so than ever before. Also note that if you have an AAP membership or you buy the class you don’t have to attend all sessions. Feel free to drop in and out as you like, but remember that when you attend the class sessions live you will be able to ask me questions in real-time, which you obviously don’t get when you’re watching the videos in recorded format afterwards.

I look forward to seeing you all in class!

About Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13:

Brian McGahan was one of the youngest engineers in the world to obtain the CCIE, having achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching at the age of 20 in 2002. Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE training courses for over 10 years, and has assisted thousands of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification. When not teaching or developing new products Brian consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in the midwest region of the United States.

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66 Responses to “CCIE RSv5 Advanced Technologies Class, Workbook, & Rack Rentals”

  1. JK says:

    Will this mean that INE is moving towards to give an access to both download and streaming product if customers who purchased downloadable videos in multiple technology train? For example, someone purchased CCIE R&S v4 ultimate bundle download (minus CCNA/CCNP portion), CCIE SP bundle download and CCNP/CCNA Security bundle download.

  2. Jesse says:


    My only complaint with the online workbook is that there isn’t the breakout of just questions and then questions and solutions. I like to have only questions in one PDF / window and solutions in another PDF / window. With only the solutions I always find myself glancing down. It’s like having a delicious cake in front of you and not swiping your finger through icing for a taste while no one is looking :)


    • Just click on the word “Configuration” and it’ll collapse that whole section. This way you can look at only the questions without the solution. I’m going to have my dev team add this as a default option if you always want to have the configuration section hidden.

  3. Les says:

    Hi Brian,

    Did I read it correctly, that if you purchased the current v4 ATC downloads you get to attend the class. Does it matter when you purchase the current ATC download?


  4. timaz says:

    Hi. I’ve purchased RS WB vol2 (version 4). now I have the online version of “advanced technology lab v5″ in my account. as I understand, the V5 WB is the single book that consists of 4 section, ” Advanced Technology, Advanced Foundation, Troubleshooting and full scale labs”. but I have just “advanced technologies lab” in my account. what about other parts? do i need to buy other parts? you see that I’ve got the “full scale labs v4″ but now I have just advanced technologies. I need to “full scale labs V5″ to be added to my account. tnx.

    • Right now it’s still in the initial beta release. The other sections will be added shortly. In the meantime if you want to work on full-scale labs then work on the full-scale labs v4. We still have the rack rentals available for v4 and will continue to host them for a while until everything is converted over.

  5. Ankit Thakrar says:

    Hello Brian,

    I have All Access Pass am i eligible to attend RSv5 ATC?

  6. says:

    Hi Brian once the update process regarding the new V5 books will finish, the books are going to remain online or it will be possible download as the previous V4? i ask you that because i havent internet connection to my rack and it’s necessary for me have the book in pdf format to work on the scenarios. Can we have an option to download them as PDF?

  7. GioPierb says:

    just to finished up with the previous question.The live sessions will be available to whoever owns the ver4 , does it include the recorded version streaming downloading or both ?
    Thank you

  8. mike says:

    Hi Brian,

    this is fantastic.

    One question though – is the scale of the v5 Workbook the same as all the combined v4 Workbooks? The quantity of exercises in the v4 Workbooks (especially full scale labs) is really quite massive. Does the v5 Workbook compare?

  9. Brannen says:

    Brian, looking through the beginning of the workbook, you reference the initial config’s, but I can’t find them anywhere. could you provide a link to them? Maybe link to them from the workbook? Thanks!

    “Load the Basic IP Addressing initial configurations before starting.”

  10. FatokunAnu says:

    Hi Brian, Can Cisco IOU be use to lab the topologies including the switching. This is my plans, i plan to use GNS3 v1 which has switching incorporated with cisco IOU. I have IOU images for L3 ios 15.4T & L2 ios 15.0. Will this work perfectly for the workbook.


  11. ukwill says:

    Hi Brian

    Re: the ATC live streaming. I have the previous ATCs on my dashboard. How do I go about arranging to attend one of the upcoming v5 ATC classes? (previously I’ve only streamed them after the event – this time I’d like to attend if poss).


  12. timaz says:

    Hi Brian; I want to thanks to the INE team for great works. but since the time I was your customer and started to learn the Cisco with you, your rack rental price is getting high and high month by month. as I remember, 2 or maybe 3 years ago, at the beginning of my journey of CCIE, your prices was about 3 tokens per hour (for RS 4sure) and even I got that with 50% off (1.5$ per hour) because of special limited offering from you. and now, you will charge us 6$ per hour for RS track, as soon as the migration process is completed in the near future! I know that INE spends a lot of money for getting the hardware and software, but regarding to the fact that someone which wants to prepare himself/herself for CCIE must spent 400 or even more hours working on labs and this will be very huge amount of money that maybe 80% of your customers, (like me, which does not lives inside the countries like US with high incoming and high-value currency), are not able to afford that. so my suggestion is: if it is possible for INE it might be better to reduce the new V5 rack rental price to a level that was applied to RS V4 racks, so we CAN afford to rent a rack. believe me I really want, but with the limited budget cannot :( …. and at the end, please excuse me, if this post is about our problem not yours. thanks.

    • Hi Timaz,

      I understand your frustration. Unfortunately our hosting costs are fixed, with expenses such as space, power, cooling, support staff, development, etc. At the end of the year we actually lose money on racks. We host them only as a service for customers, not as our primary business.

      If you can’t afford the current pricing then I would recommend to look into building the topology yourself with GNS3, IOU, IOL, or CSR1000v.

      We’re not trying to force you into using rack rentals. If that were the case I would be telling people how to build the topology in other formats besides our own ;)

      • timaz says:

        again thanks for your reply as quickly as possible. despite there are many topics regarding GNS3 and IOU and even I worked with it and build my own topologies, I think there will be really great if you publish a topic or series of topic about building ccie home lab specially for your new RS v5 with IOU. these topics can include step-by-step explanation about some core topics, like hosting switches and IOS 15.x and even running CSR1000v, etc. and at the end, I wish the demand for your services grow and then, hopefully, someday the prices of the new racks fall down a little bit so we can practice with INE, because the quality of the materials which makes you geek is really outstanding. tnx for your time.

        • I’m in the process of writing up a detailed topology document. There will be a post on the early next week once it’s ready.

          • timaz says:

            great! I’m waiting for the posts. and another thing; regarding to the fact that the CCIE lab is going to be completely virtualized and as you mention, the students can use IOU to practice at home, if your topics include some IOU training (e.g how can be obtained or purchased, installation process, hardware requirement, etc ..) it maybe be the everything-in-one solution for your customers like me who want to know how they act and what they do to start the learning process at home. thanks again.

          • Technically IOU is still Cisco internal only, so no we won’t be offering any training on it.

  13. ETONDE says:

    Dear Brian

    I still have some tokens from a previous v4 track purchase, can they be used with the v5 topology ?

  14. Mbiswas says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have RS workbook II (v4). I still don’t see the v5 workbooks in my profile. Shouldn’t I be getting free upgrade?

  15. Andrea says:

    Hello Brian,

    I’ve been checking the work book and the diagrams. All i can find are logical diagrams. Is there any layer 1 / 2 diagram so i can build the lab somehow already and start studying ? thanks

  16. AlphaBeta says:

    I am currently finishing studying for the CCIE written Exam. I am probably going to take the version 5 format. Once completed, I would like to purchase version 5 material for lab training.
    My question for you is how do you go about studying for the lab material.
    can you provide me with a explicit and efficient way for this exam?
    I understand we have workbook I-IV; is the suggestion to start with I then work your way in series to IV or do some parallel studying between the workbooks. Thanks

  17. Kamran says:

    HI Brian,

    thank you! I only see the individual technology labs for my v5 workbook. The other sections on full labs/TS etc are not there. Am I looking at the wrong place?


  18. Tarun says:

    Hi Brian
    I have just few months experience in Networking.For CCIE it needs years experience as Cisco recommends.I am passionate about CCIE DC and currently into DC management.Do you suggest to try for CCIE DC within a year?

  19. Kamran says:

    Thank you Brian. The v5 ATC sessions, what time will they be starting and ending? and would it be daily?


  20. Dmitri says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve started using v5 Workbook, BGP section for my training and I need to admit I find annoying the fact that new initial configs need to be loaded for each task.

    I think it’s not really optimal because:
    1. You either wipe the config on all devices and load the new initial config or needs to go compare the configs to find out that only one static route was added in the next section -> both tasks consume too much time and are distracting.
    At the end you realize that there was a minimal change on 1-2 routers.

    2. I didn’t use INEs rack rental for v5 but as I know it from v4 it would take 15 mins to load the config. That would consume way too much tokens

    • Config load with our new rack rental sessions will only take about 30 seconds. There is a simple way to switch between configs with config replace that I’m going to be outlining in detail shortly. The idea with the additional sets of initial configs is to make each each lab independent, so you can start or pickup the workbook in any task without having to configure previous ones.

  21. @FatokunAnu says:

    Hi Brian… I will like to ask some questions.
    1) I noticed i did not see some topics added in CCIE RSv5 in the new v5 workbook lab outlines. Topic such as BFD etc.
    2) Also going by the new IOS requirement, there are some features i see that is not included in your workbook labs. For instance on Eigrp, I see features like Maximum-Prefix, Neighbor Maximum-Prefix, Redistribution Maximum-Prefix, Ip FRR, a lots of features in the IOS that does not appear in the v5 workbook labs. I want to ask, is me that is reading out of scope or ???
    3) Also the section of Diagnostic… How do you intend to incorporate its training in the workbook.

  22. john says:

    Hi Brian,

    I just purchased the starter kit and I do understand that v4 workbooks 1 to 4 will be there with v5 beta. I am just a bit worried that I can only see Advanced Technology Labs v5 but I am really interested with Full Scale Labs v5. I understand that updates will be included for those who buy this bundle but would it include Full Scale Labs v5 as well? I just want to make sure I bought the right thing as not seeing other beta workbooks other than Advanced Technology Labs made me worry.

    Also, if you release the full scale lab workbook, would your racks cover it as well? Because there will really be no way for me to simulate those things and I do not want to end up doing things in notepad.


  23. Matt G says:


    Any word on Mock Labs for the v5 blueprint? I will be attending the Seattle bootcamp June 16-27th and was hoping to do some mock labs between then and my exam in the end of July.



  24. HIkmat says:


    Are there any plans to add Advanced Troubleshooting VoDs to the CCIE RSv5 ?


  25. Ragesh says:

    Hi Brian,

    I purchased the CCIE security whole bundle before 3 months. I was focusing on the ASA part. It seems that i couldn’t understand the few technology due to less knowledge in Firewall . I have very good knowledge in CCNA R&S.Now i am realizing that i am building my carrier without any strong foundation. Now i wish to continue CCIE R&S path first and then let think about the security . what is your suggestion. Is it possible to change the ultimate bundle and to get the R&S bundle


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