With the CCIE SCv5 blueprint now being live, we’re in the process of updating our Security product line in order to meet the new exam requirements. First of all, the following products will be released:

  1. Advanced Technologies Class
  2. Workbook


Advanced Technologies Class

The Advanced Technologies Class will run live online, starting 1st of May.  This course series is now available for preorder here, and the full schedule is shown on the product page.  The live course is also open to any All Access Pass subscriber.  Given the current blueprint, which includes pretty much all Cisco Security products, most probably this will be the biggest video series we have ever released so far across all CCIE tracks; expect more than 150 hours of CCIE level training.  First and most important, we’re going to deep dive into all core technologies:

  • ASA Firewall
  • IOS Firewall
  • FirePOWER
  • FirePOWER Threat Defense
  • FMC
  • WSA
  • ESA
  • AMP
  • IPsec VPN’s (IKEv1 and IKEv2)
  • SSL VPN’s
  • TrustSec
  • ISE
  • ACS

At the same time we’ll cover all the remaining topics (small but many), including technologies which will be tested mainly in the written exam (like CWS, SMA or Lancope). Oh….of course we’ll also cover in detail interesting topics like APIC-EM.

For the Evolving Technologies section, which is tested only in the written exam but it’s common across all CCIE tracks, we’ll be releasing a common and separate video series which will be attached to all ATC’s.  We’ll be announcing a timeline soon for it.

The CCIE Security v5 Advanced Technologies Class is now available to preorder here: link.  Preordering allows you to participate in the live classes as we’re recording them, and also allows you to download them shortly after they’re recorded.

So, see you in class :)



There will be a single unified workbook, containing:

  • Technology Labs (aimed to learn technologies)
  • Troubleshooting Labs (aimed to simulate the troubleshooting section of the lab exam)
  • Diagnostic Labs (aimed to simulate the diagnostic section of the lab exam)
  • Configuration Labs (aimed to simulate the configuration section of the lab exam)
  • Mock Labs (aimed to simulate the entire lab exam)

A timeline for the workbook will be announced soon, here on our blog.


Rack Rentals

By the end of this month, we’ll have the Security racks upgraded to meet the new blueprint requirements. Expect an upcoming blog post with details on the rack build and rentals.

About Cristian Matei, CCIEx2 #23684:

As a solutions architect for Datanet Systems, the most valuable Cisco Gold Partner in Romania, Cristian has designed, implemented, and maintained several large enterprise networks covering Cisco’s security, routing, switching, service provider, and wireless portfolio of products. Cristian’s journey started in 2006 with Microsoft technology, focused on the MCSE Security and MCSE Messaging tracks. He then joined Datanet Systems, where he quickly obtained his Security and Routing & Switching CCIEs, among other certifications and specializations, such as CCNP, CCNP Security, CCDP, CTA, IronPort CICSP, Comptia Security+, and ISACA CISM. Cristian has been a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) since 2007, teaching official CCNA, CCNP, and CCNP Security curriculum. He has been working with INE since 2010, initially focusing on technical development of the Security and Routing & Switching workbooks, and then adding Security Bootcamp instruction. You may contact Cristian Matei at or find him helping others in INE’s IEOC Community Forum.

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36 Responses to “INE’s CCIE Security v5 Content Updates”

  1. Wraydroth says:

    Hello Cristian,

    thanks for update regarding SEC track.
    Looking forward to V5 ADV TECH class, also for workbooks and mainly for rack rental.

  2. Walter Lopez says:

    Hello Cristian,

    What will be the cost of the workbooks? Is there a pre-sales option as well? When will these books be available (ETA)?

  3. Anuoluwapo says:

    Any tentative timeline the workbook will be out.

  4. Andrew says:

    Will this class be recorded and be made available for AAP?

  5. Ivan says:

    Hi, Cristian.
    I’m interested in “CCIE SECURITY V5 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES SERIES”. Does the workbook included in this course or I have to order it separately?

  6. Reginald says:

    Hi guys,

    looking forward to build a home lab to practice the SEC V5 , what can you guys recommend me as Workstation ?


  7. SecAdv says:

    Hi Cristin,

    When shall I expect actual schedule for the class?
    When all recorded videos will be available to start the preparation?

  8. Narayan says:

    Can’t see any course details / live on dashboard for CCIE Sec ver5

  9. Christian Prados says:


    Did you canceled the Advanced Technologies Class? Now i dod not see it in the calendar
    Christian prados

  10. Ebbnflow says:

    Hi Christian,

    It’s May 2nd and not seeing the v5 Advanced Security Class. Is there a delay? Much appreciated!

  11. Chris says:

    Hi, Is there an approx. date available, for when the workbooks for CCIE security v5 will be live?

  12. Walter Lopez says:

    Did you change the dates for CCIE Sec v5 tech class? It was supposed to start on May 1st and now it says May 18th, also all topics changed to TBD, can you give us some updates about this?

  13. daniel says:

    Hi All,
    do we know the target release date for the workbooks?

  14. omotayo olaolu says:

    Hello Cristian,

    When can we expect firm schedules for this course; workbooks, ATC, etc

  15. mulhollandm says:


    any sign of this update

    I have an all access pass but there’s been no v5 update nor any update on the Juniper content

  16. Jon Woodall says:

    Do you have a timeline for the workbook yet?

  17. Harpreet says:

    Any updates on CCIE Security v5 workbook?

  18. Vishal Bhugra says:

    Hello INE

    Any update on Security V5 Videos and Workbooks?

    Waiting for So long, this wait has killed all the motivation.

    Awful experience ;(

  19. cwvargas says:

    Any updates on CCIE Security v5 sessions and workbook?


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