Prepare to pass your CCIE Security v5 Lab Exam with confidence. Join 5-time CCIE, Rohit Pardasani, for 20+ hours of intensive, hands-on training that will set you up for success.


Why You Should Watch

Not only will you refine your skills and expand your knowledge of the blueprint technologies, you will also learn to change the way you think about problems and how to derive solutions. In addition to helping you pass your exam, this course gives you real-world practical knowledge to carry you past the CCIE lab and into everyday applications that you’ll use as a CCIE in the field.

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This course is taught by Rohit Pardasani and is 22 hours and 35 minutes long. You can view the course on our streaming site, or purchase it at

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19 Responses to “We’ve Added a CCIE Security v5.0 Lab Exam Review to Our Video Library!”

  1. Nabil says:

    Good stuff! When can we expect to get v5 workbook?

    • jdoss says:

      We do not have an exact release date set for the V5 workbook, however, it will likely not be ready before late 2018.

      • Nabil says:

        Perfect! Also i cannot seem to find anywhere if there is expected CCIE Security renew date meaning v6 or 5.1 but do you think workbook will be released well enough in time to take v5 exam?

        • jdoss says:

          Cisco has not informed us when the renew date will be either so I can’t give you a definite answer on that. We try our best to stay ahead of the curve so we’ll roll out the new version of the workbook as soon as we can, which will hopefully be before the renew date.

  2. Mohammed says:

    The WSA sections and the ISE section has VPN’s as its contents. Why so ?

    • jdoss says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      This is actually a mistake on our end. We are aware that the videos are in the wrong order and our production team is working to resolve this. I apologize for any confusion this issue may have caused.

      • Mohammed says:

        Thank you jdoss for your prompt reply and the action your team is taking. What about the people who have paid and downloaded these videos?
        Also, when will the correct course be released ?

        • jdoss says:

          The SC Lab Exam review should be updated by early next week at the latest. For those who purchased the course before the updates were made, the corrected course will automatically be added to your account once we have the correct version finalized.

  3. Robert Cahill says:

    Is there a possibility that I could get a PDF or document of the network topology diagram for this course? I don’t see it included with the rack resources and the video is slightly blurry for my eyes.

    • jdoss says:

      Hi Robert,

      Your best course of action would be to contact one of our training advisors, who would be happy to discuss this with you. You can call them at +1-877-224-8987 / +1-775-826-4344 (Outside US), or email them at

  4. Shyam says:

    Hello INE

    Many of the tasks are not shown in the videos. For example Rohit was making references to Active/Standby failover task in the Active/Active failover video.

    Task 1.16 to 1.21 are not shown in the videos. I am sure many more are missing. Can I understand why these are not shown? Aren’t they a part of the Lab exam?



    • jdoss says:

      Hi Shyam, we had an issue with some of the video’s being out of order/missing in this course, but our production team is fixing it. Once the issue has been resolved the updated course will be automatically added to your account.

  5. Daru says:

    The CCIE Sec V5 was implemented in 2016 and still i do not see the CCIE sec v5 workbooks ready from INE.

    I feel its really very slow development within INE, although different other courses are coming out.

    Many Thanks,

    • jdoss says:

      Hi Daru,

      I understand your frustration, however, we are working on updating those materials and appreciate your patience.

      • Anthony Esdaile says:

        What a lame excuse i have been hearing this disgraceful excuse for 2 years now

        Your quick enough to bring out garbage and other courses how about concentrating on bringing the goods out that we INE students originally joined you for

        SHAME ON YOU

        • jdoss says:

          Hi Anthony, I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts to our instructors who are working to get those v5 security materials out. Have you tried discussing your concerns with one of our training advisors? They can add you to a notification list to call, or personally email, when the SC V5 materials are ready. If you’d like to speak with them they can be reached at +1-877-224-8987 or +1-775-826-4344 (Outside US) or

          • Anthony Esdaile says:

            Hi Yes i have written to them 4 times in the last 2 years which is why i am not at all happy with INE commitment to students on this track

            You seem to be concentrating on everything EXCEPT CCIE

            Half finished mediocre videos and no workbook i mean what can you say as there is no excuse

            Simply put you have forgotten your roots and the students that put you at no1 but let me say i am constantly in touch with quite a few student form the bootcamps i participated in and we all feel the same INE is definitely not the no1 choice now

            I am sad to have to say this as we all relied on INE for quality training

  6. Daru says:

    Many Thanks Jdoss

  7. tony ilorah says:

    hi jdoss,
    the security v5 workbook would be appreciated as we wait to practice with it, except ine now wants us to rdp to their office before we can practice…lol

    thank you


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