According to the 2018 CIO Survey many organizations are having trouble finding and retaining talent with the necessary skillset to fill positions related to some of today’s most popular and cutting edge technologies. Organizations point to education program’s inability to keep up with rapid changes in modern technology, as well as a general high demand for certain positions as the culprit (Florentine).

Luckily, at INE we add new courses every week on a variety of topics, including those that are considered among the newest and most cutting-edge. Continue Reading to see which IT jobs the CIO report has dubbed the highest in-demand.

This blog post is based off of an original CIO article by Sharon Florentine. To read the original article click here.

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One Response to “2018 State of the CIO Report Reveals the 10 Most Difficult IT Jobs for Employers to Fill”

  1. Lukas says:

    is it really a problem to fill, or just the unwillingness to pay a competitive salary as long as there is no direct business-revenue associated with the position?

    I’m getting a quite a few LinkedIn messages daily from recruiters asking me if i’m interested to fill “interesting/challenging/etc.” positions, when I reply “yeah but my current package is quite good so you would have to convince me”… long story short – most companies lack the understanding that an InfoSec/Cyber security role is not cash-generating, it is loss-preventing and are not willing to put a proper price-tag on it/offer potential for growth or even a good training package…


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